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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Melanie Fiona "Subway Series" (Canada)

I really do need to wife Melanie Fiona up.

She's beautiful, she's one the best singers in the game and she doing something creative by going to subways in the world and singing acapella.

This is great way to show her singing prowess and introducing herself to different cities.

If ML finds her way to Ohio, tell her I got a ring for her!!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween! Create a Costume for Under $5

Halloween is now upon us and given the recession, a lot of people may not have the funds to dress up like Shrek this year.

Here are some cheap ideas to put together a great homemade Halloween costume for under $5.


New Tracks From Usher

Thanks to our friends at Xclusive Zone, Check out three new tracks form Usher:
Daddy's Home, More and Blockin.

Tell me what you think.

[HD] Jay Z & Alicia Keys - Empire State Of Mind (World Series 2009 @ Yankee Stadium)

Jay Z & Alicia Keys perform Empire State Of Mind live at the World Series 2009 Game 2 in the Yankee Stadium on October 29, 2009.

'For Your Entertainment': Adam Lambert's debut single

American Idol" runner-up Adam Lambert debuted his single "For Your Entertainment" on Ryan Seacrest's morning show today. Tell me what you think.

Drunk Ewoks Invades NBC's Today Show

Holy Han Solo!

If you like watching drunk Ewoks kick each other, drink booze, molest pretty hosts , do Michael Jackson impersonations and hump Al Roker's leg on the Today Show, welcome to the world's best pop culture blog, "Music is my Soul".

Memo to Ann Curry: Sure the the little fellas got out of hand, but you didn't have act like their mom. If they want to act crazy and later get sued by George Lucas for embarrassing the "Star Wars" brand let them. This was reality TV at its zenith.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

For The Love Of Ray J 2 (Trailer)

Ray J is back for another season of his VH1 series, which includes appearances by his sister Brandy and his baby's mother "Danger" from season one.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Michael Jackson Finishes As 2009’s Third Top-Earning on Forbes Dead Celebrity

(via Access Hollywood)

Michael Jackson might be the King of Pop, but when it comes to bringing in the bucks even after death, fashion icon Yves Saint Laurent still tops the charts.

Forbes recently revealed their annual list of “Top-Earning Dead Celebrities,” with Saint Laurent – who died of brain cancer in June 2008 — grossing $350 million over the past 12 months.

The bulk of YSL’s earnings came in a three-day estate sale in February, run by Christie’s auction house, which sold off many of the French icon’s possessions, including expensive art, antiques and furniture.

Coming in second on the list this year was Broadway legendary duo Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein (who died in 1979 and 1960, respectively), who brought in a combined $235 million thanks to catalog licensing fees.

In the four months since Michael Jackson’s death, his estate has brought in $90 million, according to Forbes – placing the King of Pop third on the list.

Adding to Jackson’s total was the $60 million Sony shelled out for the rights to “This Is It,” which had its world premiere on Tuesday night.

Not to be outdone – Michael’s music also garnered huge profits since his untimely passing on June 25, selling an estimated 9 million albums worldwide, in addition to more than 5.5 million digital downloads.

While the King of Pop finished third on Forbes’ list, the King of Rock wasn’t far behind.

Elvis Presley’s estate earned $55 million between October 1, 2008 and October 1, 2009 – a $3 million boost from a year ago, thanks to licensing/merchandising deals and admissions to the Graceland property.

Of note, both Michael and Elvis out-earned several notable living music acts, as well. Bon Jovi raked in $50 million over the past 12 months and pop princess Britney Spears earned $35 million.

Rounding out the top five is “Hobbit” creator; author J.R.R. Tolkien, whose works brought in $50 million.

Tolkien, who died in 1973, earned the bulk of the cash after settling a long-standing lawsuit with New Line Cinema over the profits of “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy.

Forbes’ Complete Top 10 Top-Earning Dead Celebrities:
1. Yves Saint Laurent, $350 million
2. Rodgers & Hammerstein, $235 million
3. Michael Jackson, $90 million
4. Elvis Presley, $55 million
5. J.R.R. Tolkien, $50 million
6. Charles Schulz, $35 million
7. John Lennon, $15 million
8. Theodor Geisel (Dr. Seuss), $15 million
9. Albert Einstein, $10 million
10. Michael Crichton, $9 million

Adam Lambert Goes Glam on Debut Album Cover

Ahh to be young, talented and androgynous; Ziggy Stardust, Prince, Annie Lenox and every Poison tribute band in the U.S. would be proud.

For his upcoming debut album "For Your Entertainment", American Idol runner up Adam Lambert told his fans on Twitter "Thank you to those who appreciate and understand that the album cover is deliberately campy. It’s an homage to the past. It IS ridiculous."

He later wrote, “For those that don’t get it: oh well… Glad to have gotten your attention...Androgyny. Rock n Roll.”

Rock n Roll indeed, my mascaraed friend, Rock N' Roll indeed.

For Your Entertainment will be released November 23rd.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"Dexter: Early Cuts", Cartoon Hits Showtime Website

If you fan of the lovable, but demented charcter Dexter on Showtime, (not to be confused with the lovable, but demented charcter on the Cartoon Network), recently created "Dexter: Early Cuts", a three part webisode series focusing on three of Dex’s earliest kills.

Reminicent of HBO's fantasic cartoon Spawn back in the day, here's hoping that more graphic novel cartoons will make their return back to cable one day.

And Winners of Real Chance For Love 2 Are...

In the finale of "Real Chance For Love 2: Back in the Saddle", the fellas went for the two young'uns:

Real choose cutie pie "Doll" over supefreaky "Sassy", (but I have to say Pocahontas should've been in the final two over Sassy).

While Chance waffled a bit, but eventually chose the # 1 stunner "Hot Wings" over the sexy "Mamacita" (ooh caliente!).

Hot Wings and Doll

I wasn't sure about this season, since the last season was really good (Corn Fed and Bay Bay Bay where are you?). But the season 2 ladies were pretty engaging, (I still think trouble maker"Blonde Baller" was bounced too fast).

However, it really doesn't matter who they guys chose, because in reality Real & Chance probably won't be with Doll and Hot Wings anyway.

But hey ladies, if Real and Chance don't want you, give me y'all like Doubstacks and Frostys from Wendy's!?!

Monday, October 26, 2009

TVOne's Life After: Bell, Biv Devoe, Pretty Compelling

When VH1 premiered "Behind The Music: New Edition" last year, I cried foul because the show should've been on longer than an hour. As a guy who grew up during that era, the New Edition story was one that fans really never knew.

Sure we knew we loved their songs and Bobby Brown was basically an open book, but Ralph, Ronnie, Ricky, Mike and later Johnny has always remained mystery outside of their hits

VH1's recent Behind The Music with Bobby Brown, cracked the New Edition door a little bit more, but TV One's "Life After: Bell, Biv, Devoe" moved a few hinges.

As Ricky Bell, Michael Bivins and Ronnie Devoe spoke how they went from the background to one of the leading acts of the early 90's , you forget how musically intoxicating and influential their debut album "Poison" was, (keep in mind, this is before Sean "Puffy" Combs created Bad Boy. In fact this was prior to Combs working with Mary J. Blige and Jodeci at Uptown Records).

Couple of things that stood out from "Life After" includes how lead singer Ralph Tresvant wanted to leave the group prior to the "N.E. Heartbreak" album and that there is now a business divide with BBD one side and Ralph, Bobby and Johnny Gill one the other.

One thing that I also respected about rock acts like Fleetwood Mac and The Eagles is that even though some of these members may hated each other, they still understood that business is business and personal is personal.

Diana Ross and The Supremes has yet to figure this out, neither has Lionel Richie and The Commodores.

Hopefully New Edition will wake up one day before they turn 50 yeaqrs old, put their issues aside and make some money or better yet, make some good music.

Check out Life After: Bell Biv Devoe on TV One


Glee Scores Entertainment Weekly Cover

The Glee nation (aka Gleeks) continue to build as the the show makes the cover of this week's Entertainment Weekly. There's nothing really ground breaking in the article, but for people who want to know what the fuss is all about, it's a good read.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Friday, October 23, 2009

He's Dead Right? The Ghost of Chris Farley Joins David Spade in DirectTV Commercial

What in the Tupac Shakur is going on?

There I was in middle of the Anheim Angels and New York Yankees series, when I saw a very much alive Chris Farley twirling around as David Spade pitched for a Direct TV commericial.

But wait, didn't F arely die in 1997?

Yep! But I guess Spade was given an offer he couldn't refuse to dig his friends's image up from the grave, (couldn't they have used a clip from Spade's "Joe Dirt"?)

Although it was fun to see Farley again, the majoity of the blogs and tweets feel that Spade sold his old friend out for a piece of change.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Idle Warship & DJ Mick Boogie - Go Brooklyn (ft. Skyzoo) & Party Robots


On Monday, Idle Warship (Talib Kweli, Res & Graph Nobel) and Mick Boogie will release their conceptual mixtape Party Robot

…Party Robot follows the trials and tribulations of a girl making the journey from NYC to Cali, with all the pitfalls and successes that such a journey consists of…

Idle Warship ft. Skyzoo - Go Brooklyn

Idle Warship - Party Robots

Glee: "Mash Up" Season 1 : Episode 8

Featured songs:

Young M.C.-"Bust A Move"

Sisquo-"The Thong Song"

Neil Diamond-"Sweet Caroline"

"I Could've Danced All Night" (From My Fair Lady")

Dave Chappelle Stand-Up Comedy At The Laugh Factory

Here's a three minute clip of Dave Chappelle's 5 hour set at The Laugh Factory. In this clip Chappelle talks about depression and the book "The Secret". This is followed by a cell phone clip of Dave talking about President Obama.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Rick Ross (Feat. Robin Thicke) - Lay Back

I am not the biggest Rick Ross fan in the world, but I really do like this track..even though it would've been an even stronger track if its was Robin Thicke featuring Rick Ross than vice versa.

Trailer – Drool (Starring Jill Marie Jones)

Anytime I get to see the beautiful Jill Marie Jones (Girlfriends),
it's a good day!!!

I'm not sure how good "Drool" (co-starring Laura Harring) will be,
but the fact that she is playing a lesbian on the run after a murder,
I'm there in the front row!

Jill Marie Jones @ Chris Rock's "Good Hair" Premeire

The Clipse Feat Rick Ross - I’m Good (Remix)

ESPN Not Playing Fair with the Steve Phillips Scandal (Photo)

Another week, another sex scandal.

This time however we have a repeat offender.

ESPN Baseball Tonight analyst Steve Phillips and his family were being stalked by a 22 year-old ESPN employee named Brooke Hundley (pictured below), for whom he had an affair with this past summer.

According to the New York Post, after Phillips, 46 broke it off with Hundley, she pulled a "Fatal Attraction" and started doing odd things including:

* Pretending to be a high school classmate of his son on Facebook to learn more about the family.

* Leaving a letter for Phillips' wife Marni, detailing their affair from where the duo had their trysts to the birth marks on Phillips' body, (Marni Phillips has since filed for divorce)

The last time ESPN went through a public sex scandal was in 2006, when current MLB Network host and former ESPN Baseball Tonight co-host Harold Reynolds was fired for sexual harassment.

Reynolds sued ESPN and refuted the claim, saying that all he did was give a co-worker a hug.

In 2008, Reynolds reached an out of court settlement with ESPN.

In stark contrast, Steve Phillips has been suspended, but not fired by ESPN.

Ironically, before ESPN hired Phillips in 2005, the former New York Mets GM had an affair with a Mets employee Rosa Rodriguez in 1998.

But the question now is why was ESPN so quick to fire Reynolds with very little evidence, where Philips sexual indiscretion is not only well documented but he admitted the affair to the police?

I smell a double standard.

Did Steve Phillips do anything illegal? No.

But he did have sex with a ESPN subordinate, after doing the same thing with the Mets.

How does that not justify a swift dismissal like Reynolds who ultimately did nothing wrong?

Too bad we can't throw mics into the faces of ESPN executives like they do to athletes huh?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

San Franicsco Giants Pictcher Brad Penny Hooks up With DWTS' Karina Smirnoff

Major Leaguer Brad Penny is my new hero:

First he dated Alyssa Milano

Then came Dollhouse's Eliza Dushku

he's allegedly hooked with Dancing With the Stars Karina Smirnoff
(who may not may not have dated Mario Lopez, R&B crooner Mario
and recently dumped her DWTS fiance Maksim Chmerkovskiy)

I think Mr. Penny and Nick Cannon should write book together
on how to spit game at women in the entertainment field.

What do you think?

New Alicia Keys- Doesn't Mean Anything

Mya-Dancing With The Stars Week 5

New Rhianna -Russian Roulette

Leah Ignagni: Steve McNair's Other (Photo)

Sahel Kazemi was not the only woman slain NFL QB Steve McNair was seeing on the side. The former Tennessee Titan and Baltimore Raven was also seeing leah ignagni when Kazemi killed McNair on July 4th.

According to CBS News,Kazemi's former roommate, Emily Andrews, Kazemi knew that McNair was involved with another woman. Ignagni also told police that a car matching the description of Kazemi's black Escalade followed her home and that a woman was inside. READ MORE

Monday, October 19, 2009

Music Monday: Mayer Hawthorne - Green Eyed Love

If you don't know Mayer Hawthorne yet, get to know him. With his Motown influenced album "A Strange Arrangement", this Michigan former Hip Hop DJ turned R&B crooner has already gained a following including Justin Timberlake, Alicia Keys, John Mayer and Amy Winehouse's producer Mark Ronson.

Obama Dance With Latin Pop Star Thalia

President Obama showed off his dance moves with Mexican pop singer Thalia at White Houses' Fiesta Latina event. Unfortunately, the Prez might've had too much of a good time as First Lady Michelle didn't acknowledge him as he sat down.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Classic TV! Dave Chapplle "When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong"

When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong - Darius James
Chappelle's Show
Buy Chappelle's Show DVDsBlack ComedyTrue Hollywood Story

Glee "Throwdown" Season 1 : Episode. 7 (43:26)

Featured songs:

Jill Scott-"Hate on Me"

Jordan Sparks & Chris Brown- "No Air"

The Supremes "Keep Me Hanging On"

Nelly-"Ride Wit Me"

Avril Lavigne-"Keep Holding On"

Melanie Fiona "Subway Series" (NYC)

Mario - Thinkin' About You (Video)

Alicia Keys "Doesn't Mean Anything" Teaser

Lady Gaga Announces Monster Ball Tour Dates

Her tour was Kanye West might have been Taylor Swift'd, but
Lady Gaga is set to go on her own tour at the of November with Kaye's protege Kid Cudi on as her opening act.

The Monster Ball dates are:

» November 27 - Montreal, Quebec, Canada @ The Bell Center
» November 28 - Toronto, Ontario, Canada @ Air Canada Center
» November 29 - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada @ Scotiabank Place
» December 1 - Boston, MA @ Wang Center
» December 2 - Boston, MA @ Wang Center
» December 3 - Camden, NJ @ Susquehanna
» December 9 - Vancouver, BC, Canada @ Queen Elizabeth Theatre
» December 10 - Vancouver, BC, Canada @ Queen Elizabeth Theatre
» December 13 - San Francisco, CA @ Bill Graham Civic
» December 18 - Las Vegas, NV @ TBD
» December 19 - San Diego, CA @ San Diego Sports Arena
» December 21 - Los Angeles, CA @ Nokia Theatre
» December 29 - Atlanta, GA @ Fox Theater
» December 31 - Miami, FL @ Knight Center
» January 3 - Orlando, FL @ The Hard Rock
» January 7 - St. Louis, MO @ The Fox
» January 8 - Chicago, IL @ Chicago Theatre
» January 9 - Chicago, IL @ Chicago Theatre
» January 12 - Detroit, MI @ Fox Theater
» January 16 - Atlantic City, NJ @ Borgata
» January 20 - New York, NY @ Radio City Music Hall
» January 21 - New York, NY @ Radio City Music Hall

On November 23, a repackage version of Gaga's "The Fame" entitled The Fame Monster.


CD1 / The Fame
1. Just Dance 2. LoveGame 3. Paparazzi 4. Poker Face 5. Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) 6. Beautiful, Dirty, Rich 7. The Fame 8. Money Honey 9. Starstruck (feat. Space Cowboy & Flo Rida) 10. Boys Boys Boys 11. Paper Gangsta 12. Brown Eyes 13. I Like It Rough1 4. Summerboy

CD2/1. Monster 2. Bad Romance 3. Don't Call My Name 4. Speechless 5. New York 6. Bloody Mary 7. Take It Slow 8. Kiss & Run

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Video: American Music Awards Nominations

The nominees for the AMA’s were announced by Paula Abdul, American Idol alum Adam Lambert and Snoop Dogg. The show will be aired Sunday November 22nd, at 8 pm on ABC.


Kings of Leon
Taylor Swift
Lady Gaga
Michael Jackson

POP/ROCK - Favorite Male Artist
Michael Jackson

POP/ROCK - Favorite Female Artist
Lady Gaga
Taylor Swift

POP/ROCK - Favorite Band, Duo or Group
The Black Eyed Peas
Kings of Leon

POP/ROCK - Favorite Album
Fame - Lady Gaga
Number Ones - Michael Jackson
Fearless - Taylor Swift

COUNTRY - Favorite Male Artist
Jason Aldean
Darius Rucker
Keith Urban

COUNTRY - Favorite Female Artist
Reba McEntire
Taylor Swift
Carrie Underwood

COUNTRY - Favorite Band, Duo or Group
Rascal Flatts
Zac Brown Band

COUNTRY - Favorite Album
Unstoppable - Rascal Flatts
Fearless - Taylor Swift
Foundation - Zac Brown Band

RAP/HIP-HOP - Favorite Male Artist

RAP/HIP-HOP - Favorite Album
Relapse - Eminem
Blueprint 3 - Jay-Z
Paper Trail - T.I.

SOUL/R&B - Favorite Male Artist
Jamie Foxx
Michael Jackson

SOUL/R&B - Favorite Female Artist
Keyshia Cole
Keri Hilson

SOUL/R&B - Favorite Band, Duo or Group
The Black Eyed Peas
Mary Mary

SOUL/R&B - Favorite Album
I Am...Sasha Fierce - Beyonce
The E.N.D. - The Black Eyed Peas
Number Ones - Michael Jackson

ALTERNATIVE ROCK - Favorite Artist
Green Day
Kings of Leon

Jason Mraz
Taylor Swift

LATIN - Favorite Artist
Luis Fonsi
Wisin Y Yandel

New Black Eyed Peas: Meet Me Halfway (Video)

Shakira Performs "Hips Don't Lie" On Dancing With The Stars

50 Cent On Behind The Music [Full 42 Min]

Kiss The Baby 2.0: Get Ready for the Ochocinco Experience (on iTunes )

I've always been a favorite of Chad (Johnson) Ochocinco. From his outrageous boasts to his well thught touchdown routines to his confession on how he got his hot girlfriend's phone number on HBO's "Hard Knocks", Ocho is the best!

Now the Cincinati Bengals Wide Reciver has taken his social media skills to another level.

Anyone who has followed #85 on Twitter or his show on U-Stream knows that Chad is one tech happy athlete (the only one that comses close is former NBA star Stephon Marbury.

Now get ready for the Ochocinco Experience (via iTunes) which makes Chad, the “1st athlete with an iPhone app”.

The iPhone app provides provides exclusive video and photos of Chad, you can upload tailgating pictures, Ocho’s Twitter timeline is also included as well as his stats for the current NFL season; All for a tidy $4.99.

Ever Dream This Man?


In 2000, a psychiatric patient drew a picture of a man who appeared in recurring dreams. The picture was left out on the doctor’s desk, where another patient recognized it from his dreams as well! With a bit of investigation, other patients who saw the same face in their dreams were found. As of now, at least 2,000 people recognize the face as one they’ve dreamed about. How about you? Link -via the Presurfer

Is it me or does man this look like Neil Diamond?!?!?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mike Tyson on Oprah Winfrey (Full Interview)

During his interview with Oprah, the former heavyweight champ of the world becomes emotional when he talks about losing his daughter Exodus and his former mentor/trainer Cus D'Amato.

Mya On Dancing With The Stars Week 4

Mad Men's January Jones in November GQ Magazine

Jon Hamm's character Don Draper might sleeping with everyone in site on AMC's " Mad Men" , but judging by the looks of his TV wife Betty's pictorial, she will be doing the same REAL soon.

In November's GQ Magazine, MM's January Jones talks about various topics including how her ex-boyfriend Ashton Kutcher doubted her.

"Dear men of America, I like beer, I like football. I'm probably the most interesting girl you'll ever meet." --January Jones

Monday, October 12, 2009

Emmy Rossum gushes about Adam Duritz

I've been female Country Crow's Adam Duritz female hit list since the the mid 90's: Cortney Cox, Jennifer Anniston, Mary Lousie Parker, Winona Ryder, Christina Applegate, (there's more I have to move on!)

Now Mr. Durtiz has it another generation with The Phantom of the Opera's Emmy Rossum.

Dude, what is your secret?!?!

To paraphrase Spike Lee from the old Michael Jordan Nike ads: It must be the hair!

“I get why chicks dig him,” Rossum tells PEOPLE at the grand launch of the W Hotel in Washington, D.C. “He’s extremely kind, incredibly intelligent, thoughtful, creative and respectful.” --Emmy Rossum

Mike Tyson Opens Up On Daughter's Death on Oprah

A teary-eyed Mike Tyson told Oprah Monday that he doesn't want to know who or what might have led to his daughter's death because "if there's somebody to blame for it, there will be a problem."

How former Michigan star and NBA Player Rumeal Robinson Blew His NBA Fortune on Strip Clubs

(Via Miami New Times Blog)

"He (Rumeal Robinson) made more than $5 million in NBA salary alone, but blew much of it on a strip club habit that would have made Pacman Jones blush.

"He would go on binges of two whole weeks where he spent $20,000 a night at a strip club," Barrows says. "Not only that, but he'd also have a bunch of the strippers come back to his place, get buck-naked, and clean his house for $500 or $1,000 each."


Words of Wisdom from Will Smith

One of my social network buddies, Staci J. Shelton dropped this Will Smith video on Facebook today.

Will's always been a favorite of mine since he and DJ Jazzy Jeff dropped their first 12 inch "Girls Ain't Nuthin But Trouble" back in the day.

The video is a compilation of interviews, where Smith expounds on the journey for happiness and success.

Michael Jackson - This Is It (Single)


"Disc one features the original album masters of some of Michael's biggest hits such as "Billie Jean," "Smooth Criminal," "Human Nature," and "Thriller" arranged in the same sequence as they appear in the film. The disc ends with two versions of "This Is It," the original and an orchestral version. "This Is It" is featured in the film's closing sequence and includes backing vocals by Michael's brothers, the Jacksons.

Disc two offers fans a rare listen to the early demo versions of classics "She's Out Of My Life," "Wanna Be Startin'," "Somethin'," and "Beat It." This disc also features a recently discovered spoken word poem from Michael Jackson entitled "Planet Earth." Michael Jackson's This Is It also includes a 36-page, commemorative booklet featuring exclusive photos of Michael from his last rehearsal.

Disc 01
1.Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’
3.They Don’t Care About Us
4.Human Nature
5.Smooth Criminal
6.The Way You Make Me Feel
7.Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground)
8.I Just Can’t Stop Loving You
10.Beat It
11.Black Or White
12.Earth Song
13.Billie Jean
14.Man In The Mirror
15.This Is It
16.This Is It (Orchestra Version)

Disc 02
1.She’s Out Of My Life (Demo)
2.Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ (Demo)
3.Beat It (Demo)
4.Planet Earth (Poem)

Jay Leno Show Meredith Vieira's Shocking Past Revealed!

On recent episode of the Jay Leno Show, Jay poked fun at Today Show's Meredith Vieira's journalistic.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Chris Rock & Nia Talk About Their Blind Date on Wendy Williams

Before the release of the documentary "Good Hair", Chris Rock and Nia Long stopped by the Wendy Williams Show.

During the course of the interview, Chris and Nia talks about their blind date back in the 90's, when Rock gave Long a fake phone number.

I can't say I would have done the same, because Long was and still is beautiful, but this was during the time Rock was on "Saturday Night Live" so he probably had his fair share of women to choose from.

Lady Gaga Before She Was Famous

New Chris Brown-Transformer

New song from Chris Brown called "Transformer" featuring Lil Wayne and Swizz Beatz from Brown's forthcoming album called "Graffiti".

Toy Story 3 Trailer (Pixar)

Toy Story 3 will be released on June 18th 2010

Melanie Fiona - It Kills Me (Video)

Its a head scratcher why Melanie Fiona isn't a bigger star yet. Her vocals are just as strong or stronger than Beyonce's and Keyshia Cole and sex appeal wise, she doesn't have to resort to tricks like Keri Hilson or Ciara to prove how sexy she is.

Melanie Fiona has that thing that Toni Braxton had when she first started: a sly sexiness without being overtly sexual and a voice that can go from soft to strong back to soft again, while still displaying raw emotion.

Her latest video "It Kills Me" is directed by Armen Djerrahian features CSI Miami's Adam Rodriguez.

Joe Thomas - Can't Get Over You (Maze ft. Frankie Beverly Cover)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mylie Cyrus Says Good-bye Twitter

I'm a little bit too old for the Mylie Cyrus/Hannah Montana thing, but I'm all about social networks. In the YouTube clip below, Miley explains why she deleted her Twitter account. I wonder if "King of All Tweets" Aston Kutcher is next?

Raphael Saadiq - Let’s Take A Walk

Friday, October 9, 2009

Quincy Jones, QD3 & Others Talk Tupac (Video)

Quincy Jones, Quincy Jones III (QD3), Tyrese Gibson, Andrew Young, Jeff Johnson and John Hope Bryant talks about 2Pac at 5MK launch event.

Phantasm II Trailer

Don't me ask me why, I just felt like bustin' out the trailer for Phantasm 2! Where's all my Beta and Laser Disc people at?

Jennifer Lopez/Lola (Feat. Pitbull) “Fresh Out The Oven” (AUDIO)

Produced by the Neptunes' Pharrell Williams, “Fresh Out The Oven,” will be featured on Ms. Lopez's upcoming Greatest Hits album.

Lamar Odom Speaking Out For The First Time About His Marriage With Khole Kardashian

Marge Simpson Playboy Cover

Marge Simpson is seen on the cover of the November issue of Playboy Magazine.

New Toni Braxton - Yesterday

“Yesterday” is the first single from Toni Braxton's new album (which my be called Pulse), won't be released until February8, 2010 and is being executive produced by Harvey Mason Jr. and Damon Thomas (The production duo previously collaborated with Toni on the tracks “Supposed to Be” [co-written by Keri Hilson], “Finally” [co-written by Durrell “Tank” Babbs] and “I Wanna Be Your Baby” [co-written by Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds].

DJ Frank-E produced the Lenoa Lewis/Halo sounding "Yesterday", which written by Michael White/Jerome Armstong/Terrence Battle

Braxton told Michael Baisden that she wrote the song because of recent turbulent times with her husband Keri Lewis formerly of Mint Condition.

Club Mix

Funny! Slim Thug On Daily Show On How The Recession Has Affected Him & Rappers!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Glee: Vitamin D Season 1 : Episode. 6

Who knew you could mash up and Bon Jovi's "It's My Life" and Usher's Confessions, then follow that up with Beyonce's Halo and Katrina and The Wave's "Walking on Sunshine", but doggone they did it..with a little jealousy and baby drama mixed in.

New Usher-Papers

Much like his Confessions album, Usher incorporates parts of the his into his new song "Papers", which seems allude to his impending divorce form his wife Tameka Foster.

Mya On Dancing With The Stars Week 3!

Harry Connick Disgusted By Jackson 5 Parody

Really? We're still doing the black face thing in 2009???

The Today Show’s Natalie Morales Singer Harry Connick Jr., who was serving as a guest judge on an Australian TV show, is visibly shocked when a of group singers parodying the Jackson Five performs in blackface, they called themselves the Jackson Jive (Jive!?! Why not not just wear Dy-No-Mite T-shirts?)

Hey Hey Its Saturday (the Jackson Jive) American Insult (Original Video)

Kate Beckinsale Is Esquire's Sexiest Woman Alive (Video)

This month Esquire Magazine named Kate Beckinsale, not Transformer's star Meagan Fox as their "Sexiest Woman Alive". I can't really disagree with the choice.

The sexy Brit has been favorite of mine since Pearl Harbor and her subsequent roles in the Underworld movies and the underrated film "Nothing But The Truth".

When you see Kate Beckinsale interviewed on Conan O'Brien for instance, she comes across a woman not hung up on her looks and one who is up for a good laugh.

In essence, she's the woman whom you might not get, but she'll least give you the opportunity to try. Very cool

Not to be outdone, in their "More Women We Love", Esquire featured another favorite of mine Kerry Washington, which begs the question.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Former Bad Boy Rapper Rapper Shyne To Be Released from Prison Today

10/9 Update: According to Rolling Stone, Shyne says he never received a phone call from Mr. Sean Combs, even though Combs told Hot 97 in New York that he talked to him a few weeks ago.

Shyne said, " “I want it known that this supposed conversation is a figment of Sean Combs’ imagination,” he says in a statement. “He never spoke with me, he never visited me nor would I ever accept a phone call or visit from him. The only way I would do either of those things would be if he stepped up and did the right thing for the victims of the incident.”

10/8 Update (Via Miss Info) Shyne Update: High-ranking uncle speaks on deportation battle, and prepares home in Belize

5:37 PM Update: According to Global Grind, Shyne will be deported by Friday and US Immigration & Customs have given his family 24 hours to see Shyne before he is sent back to Belize. The family is heading to see Shyne now was we speak 5:25pm EST Developing.

5:15 PM Update: Shyne Remains In Custody Due To Immigration Status

(Via Sandra Rose)

Rapper Shyne is expected to be released from prison today according to online reports. Shyne, real name Jamal Barrow, was sentenced to 10 years in prison following a nightclub shooting involving music mogul Sean Combs and pseudo singer/actress Jennifer Lopez. Sean Combs narrowly missed going to prison on the same gun charges and Barrow ended up taking the fall.

It can be said that this incident took the shine off Sean Combs’ sterling reputation. His gal pal Jennifer Lopez unceremoniously dumped Sean after he was acquitted. Will Shyne return to prominence as one of Hip Hop’s most eminent MC’s? Or will he fade into the background of Hip Hop obscurity.

Jamie Foxx Interview On Jay Leno Show

Jamie Foxx Performis "Blame It On The Apple Juice" (Kid Version For Blame It On)

Glee's Lea Michele Interview on Late Night With David Letterman

The first show after David Letterman scandal broke, Glee's Lea Michele dropped by to promote Glee and show off her tatoos. If anybody know the lovely Ms. Michele, tell her to call me!

David Letterman - Dave's Apology To Staff and Wife on Late Night

Bonus: Craig Ferguson speaks about David Letterman on the Late Late Show

Howard Stern Discusses The David Letterman's Extortion Scandal on Sirius XM


Monday, October 5, 2009

Lady Gaga Perfoms Paparazzi & Poker Face on SNL

Lady Gaga is a perfect of melding of Madonna and Bette Midler. One part dance diva, another part soulful vocalist, Lasy Gaga's Saturday Night Live performance continues to show there are more to her than crazy costumes and crazy Hermaphrodite rumors.

Its a shame that her "Fame Kills" tour with Kanye West crashed and burned because it would have broaden her musical base, but if she continues to evolve as an artist, more people learn about LG's talent.

Paparazzi Performance

Lady Gaga's performs a mix of "Love Game" , "Bad Romance" Poker Face and an original song about New York on Saturday Night Live.

Lady Gaga & Madonna on SNL

The sketch was so-so, but watching Madonna and her heir parent Lady Gaga goof around on Satrurday Night Live was fun!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Raphael Saadiq: NPR Tiny Desk Concert

The former Tony, Toni, Tone leader performs "Love That Girl", "100 Yard Dash" and "Sure Hope You Mean It" from his highly acclaimed Grammy Nominted album album "The Way I See It"....It's still a mystery to me how Jennifer Hudson beat him out for best album R&B Album at the Grammy's earlier this year.

Men's Fashion: Orisue Fall Lookbook


Orisue releases Part 2 of their Fall 2009 Collection.

Cut and Sew remains a cornerstone of Orisue’s collection. Traditional silhouettes such as peacoats and hoodies have been met with innovative and refreshing fabrications. Orisue Fall part 2 is currently in stores and will be released on the Orisue Shop on October 2nd.

Read the rest of this entry »

Mariah Carey on The Today Show

Mimi performs "Obsessed"

"HATEU" Perfromance

"I Want To KnowWhat Love Is" Performance

Old school classic "Make it Happen"

Bonus: Mariah Carey on "The View"

Chris Rock on Jay Leno

Chris Rock Talks to Jay about Politics, Roman Polanski, Michael Vick,Good Hair & More

David Letterman's ex-intern Holly Hester is Second Woman Alleged to To Leep with 'Late Night' Host

(New York Daily News)

A former "Late Show" intern came forward Saturday to say she is one of David Letterman's former flings.

"I was madly in love with him at the time," Holly Hester told "I would have married him. He was hilarious."

The NYU alum said the relationship started when Letterman asked her on a date to the movies.

A year-long, secret romance ensued, she said, until the funnyman called it off.

Letterman, 62, admitted on air Thursday night that he had affairs with female staffers, but did not name them.

He made the confession while revealing that a CBS News producers had tried to extort $2 million from him, threatening to reveal the sex secrets.

The producer, Joe Halderman, is free on $200,000 bond after pleading not guilty to the blackmail scheme.

He returned to his Norwalk, Conn., home late Friday and left briefly Saturday morning for a trip to the bank.

It was unclear if he returned to the same Bank of America branch where he deposited a phony check Letterman gave him as part of a sting operation.

Halderman, 51, was desperate and debt-ridden after a divorce from his wife.

Until recently, he was living with Stephanie Birkitt, 34, a "Late Show" staffer believed to be one of the women Letterman bedded.

Letterman - who married longtime love Regina Lasko in March - has not spoken since his on-air mea culpa and Birkitt has not been reached for comment.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Rio de Janeiro wins right to host 2016 Olympics

Chicago Eliminated from 2016 Olympic Bid

In a somewhat shocking move, Chicago was eliminated in the first round for the 2016 Summer Olympics,(Tokyo was also knocked out). Rio is now vying with Madrid to host the games, (Investors see the Olympics generating jobs and investments in Brazil's second largest city).

David Letterman Extortion Details (Video)

10/3 Update Second Woman Comes Forward: Former Intern Holly Hester

October 02, 2009, (Sawf News) - One of his female staffers that David Letterman had a sexual affair with is Stephanie Birkitt, according to he search warrant obtained by FOX 5 New York.

Birkitt, Letterman's former assistant, was till recently living with Robert J. Halderman, the 48 Hours producer charged with attempted grand larceny for allegedly threatening to expose Letterman's sexual relationships with his female staffers.

The package that Halderman allegedly sent to Letterman 3 weeks ago, while initiating his blackmail attempt, containing "supporting materials" included copies of excerpts from Birkitt's diary and her correspondence, according to the search warrant.

Halderman told Letterman that he would publish a book with more incriminating details including photos, letters and emails.

Before the sting operation, Halderman met undercover agents twice, once on September 23 when he told them he would not divulge the contents of the diary in exchange for $2 million.

Recounting how the extortion attempt began, Letterman told his audience on Thursday that he found a package in his car as he got into it early morning three weeks ago.

An accompanying letter read:

"I know that you do some terrible, terrible things and that I can prove that you do some terrible things." He acknowledged the letter contained proof.

He recalled that the experience was terrifying "because there's something insidious about (it). Is he standing down there? Is he hiding under the car? Am I going to get a tap on the shoulder?"

He reported the threat to the Manhattan District Attorney's Special Prosecution Bureau.

A sting operation was planned and executed during which Letterman handed over a fake $2 million check to the extortionist, who was subsequently arrested.

Late Night Video

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Kanye West & Lady Gaga “Fame Kills” Tour Cancelled

This is too bad! How long do you think this hate for Kanye West is going to last?

See Official Tweet from Live Nation HERE