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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Keith Sweat (Feat. Joe) - Test Drive (Video)

“Paranormal Activity 2″ Trailer

The first  Paranormal Activity was made  for $15,000 and gossed more than $190 million worlwide.
The anticipated follow up will open to theaters on Oct. 22nd, the exact same day as Lion gate's Saw VII, which basically owned the Halloween season for ther past few years..

Craig Ferguson Chat's With Lost's Rebecca Mader on teh Late Late Show

Twilight's Nikki Reed Punches Jimmel Kimmel In The Gut..And He Likes It!

First there's some freindly banter where Reed smells Kimmel

The Kimmel encourges Reed  to punch him in the stomach

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Katy Perry's Goes Topless in Esquire UK Magazine (Cover) August 2010

The UK Version of Esquire Magazine, features the soon to be Mrs. Russel Brand in their

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows” (Part 1) Trailer

The Deathly Hallows part 1 will hit cinemas on Nov. 19, part 2 which will be the the final Harry Potter film will be released on July 15, 2011.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Ben Stiller/Robert Deniro: 'Little Fockers' Trailer'

Video: DJ Khaled - All I Do Is Win (Feat. Rick Ross, Jadakiss, Busta Rhymes, Diddy, Nicki Minaj)

Agelenia Jolie Vanity Fair Cover (August 2010)

On a potential Mr. & Mrs. Smith sequel:

“People have tried. And it’s strange: do we have kids in the movie? We’ve thought about that, but it becomes personal now that we actually have kids. And if we work on it, we pull from our own life, which is funny to us, but you feel strange sharing too much. We did ask somebody to look into Mr. & Mrs. to see if they could crack a sequel, but there wasn’t anything original. It was just, Well, they’re going to get married, or they’ve got kids, or they get separated. Never great.”

Read more:

Jennifer Love Hewitt Plays Prostitute In “The Client List” (Trailer)

The Lifetime movie premieres at 9 pm on Monday (July 19).

BET Awards 2010 Prince Tribute with Janell Monae, Alicia Keys and Patti Labelle

Prince's Acceptance Speech

Reality TV! Chris Breaks Down at Cries During BET Awards's Michael Jackson

Its been a tough year for Chris Brown. Following his public disgrace for beating his ex-girlfriend Rihanna, Brown's career has been in the toilet. His latest album performed poorly, his tour did even worse and weeks ago, Brown was not allowed to enter England due his domestic abuse case.

However, this might all change soon.

During his surprise tribute to Michael Jackson during the 2010 BET Awards, Brown strated crying as he tried to sing Jackson's mega-hit "Man in The Mirror". The tears seemed genuine on TV and even moreso backstage. Accrding to Hollywood Life:

"In addition to his onstage meltdown, the REAL waterworks occurred backstage, can exclusively report. “This night saved my life, and my career. Thank you for everything,” he told pal Ray J backstage. The men hugged twice before Chris started welling up once again. Our eyewitness adds that his tears were genuine, and he seemed both relieved and elated to finally have his career back on track."

During any type of scandal, where an artist or athlete is looked upon as a pariah, there is always a watershed moment, where starts to support that person. Although Chris Brown will also be looked upon as the man who beat Rhianna, his meltdown at the BET Awards will probably lead to more opportunites and assistance from artists and executives who did not want to be associated with him.

But everyone at some point deserve a second chance and it seems like Chris Brown's second opporunity began last night in front of millions to see.

2010 BET Awards: 5 minute Recap with Queen Latifah, Kayne West, Eminem, Chris Brown

Kanye West Performs "Power" at the 2010 BET Awards 2010

El DeBarge Reappears and Peforms at 2010 BET Awards

If it wasn't for Chris Brown's breakdown on stage, the biggest surprise of the evening would've have been the reemergence of 80's R&B legend El DeBarge.

After fighting alleged drug abuse and landing himself in jail, a slender, but fit looking El DeBarge shocked the BET Awards with a string of DeBarge classic hits "I Like It," "Rhythm of the Night," and "All This Love" and the first single from his upcoming album, "Second Chance."

Although his vocals are not as strong as they use to be, El DeBarge vocals has not severly harmed by drugs like Whitney Houston.

Only time will tell if El DeBarge can find his back onto the stage again, but in the meatime, its always great to hear "I Like It" in all its glory.

Friday, June 25, 2010

25 Stars Remember Michael Jackson (Billboard Magazine Video Tribute)

Thriller Vision! EW's Michael Jackson TV Tribute Guide

Do you want to see all things Michael Jackson this weekend?

Entertainment Weekly put togther an extensive guide of all of the television programs marking the anniversary of the "King of Pop's" death.

Here are some of the highlights:

TV Guide Network: Gone Too Soon (Friday, June 25, 9-11:00 p.m.) Ian Halperin, New York Times’ No. 1 bestselling author of Unmasked: The Final Years of Michael Jackson, spent five years researching Jackson and declared in December 2008 that the King of Pop had only six months to live. He was only off by one day. Halperin directs this documentary about the factors that he believes contributed to Jackson’s untimely death.

NBC Dateline NBC (Friday, June 25, 9-11 p.m.) The first hour of Dateline will include Michael Jackson coverage.

Animal Planet: Michael Jackson and Bubbles: The Untold Story (Thursday, June 24, 8-9:00 p.m., 11 p.m.-12:00 a.m.) For those who’ve absolutely exhausted all other aspects of Jackson’s life and career, this one-hour special, about MJ’s primate compadre, was probably inevitable, right?

CNN: Michael Jackson—The Final Days (Friday, June 25, 8-9 p.m.) CNN’s Don Lemon talks with Jermaine and Tito Jackson about their brother’s death and drug abuse. Also on hand is Jackson crony Dr. Deepak Chopra and famed choreographer Travis Payne, who shares details about working with Michael Jackson on preparations for his “This is It!” tour.

Read More:

Unreleased Photo: “Michael Jackson’s Blue Eye”

(Via Only Kent)

".....Many of his fans will be thrilled that a photograph of Jackson taken in 1999 has been released for the first time. An article by Anthony Benigno on NY Daily News, reports that according to the Daily Mail, the photograph will be sold at a memorabilia auction this December. The image is entitled “Michael Jackson’s Blue Eye” and is a quite beautiful portrait with the singer looking unusually serene.

He looks fit, peaceful and full of health which is undoubtedly the way his fans want to remember him. The artful image was captured by French photographer Arno Bani and almost made the cover of the singer’s “Invincible” album in 2001."

Vanity Fair : The Making of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" Video

In the recent issue of Vanity Fair, writer Nancy Griffin commemerates the one year anniversary of Michael Jackson's death , with a behind the scenes of Michael Jackson's "Thriller".   The piece takes us from Ola Ray's flirtation with the MJ to John Landis asking Joe Jackson to leave the set:

"More than once Landis found himself caught up in the twisted dynamics of the Jackson family. One night when Joseph and Katherine Jackson visited the set, the director recalls, “Michael asked me to have Joe removed. He said, ‘Would you please ask my father to leave?’ So I go over to Mr. Jackson. ‘Mr. Jackson, I’m sorry, but can you please … ?’ ‘Who are you?’ ‘I’m John Landis. I’m directing this.’ ‘Well, I’m Joe Jackson. I do what I please, and I want to be here.’ I said, ‘I’ll have to ask security to remove you if you don’t leave now.’” Landis had a policeman escort Joe Jackson off the set."

Melanie Fiona's Michael Jackson Tribute on CBS The Early Show

While Alicia Keys and Maxwell was battling it out on ABC and NBC, the CBS Early Show did a special tribute for Michael Jackson, where lovely Melanie performed the Jackson 5's "I'll Be There".

Watch CBS News Videos Online

Alicia Keys Peformance on GMA (Full Episode)

While Maxwell was tearing through his set on the Today Show, Alicia Keys did the same on Good Morning America.  Hard to believe she is almost five months pregnant?!?!

Alicia Keys-Intro

Alicia Keys-Interview with Robin Roberts

Alicia Keys - Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart

Alicia Keys - Unthinkable I'm Ready

Maxwell Woos The Ladies During Today Show's Toyota Concert Series

Maxwell -Pretty Wings (even though Meredith Viera called it Pretty Ladies)

Maxwell -Bad Habits

Maxwell -Ascension

Maxwell - Brief interview with Matt Lauer

PROFILE: Black Thought & Questlove (The Roots)

PROFILE: Black Thought & Questlove (The Roots) from dee vazquez on Vimeo.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ciara Ride (Remix) Featuring Outkast's Andre 3000 and Bei Major

Kid N Play Rollin With George Lopez On Lopez Tonight

Hard to believe its's been 20 years since House Party!?! But before Kid N Play hits the road for their reunion tour, the duo rapped and danced their way onto  Lope Tonight performing "Ain't Gonna Hurt Nobody" and "Rollin with Kid N Play".

Dr Dre and Timbland Perform at California's Culver City High School

(Rap Radar) "The students of Culver City High School in California recieved one helluva graduation present last night. Inside the school’s gymnasium, Dr. Dre and Timbaland made a surprise appearance. Dre didn’t perform, but Timbo recited cuts like, “The Way I Are,” ”Promiscuous Girl,” and “Say Something”. The concert was recorded for an online documentary and was sponsored by Hewlett Packard and Interscope Records. The label also plans to donate $10,000 worth of computer equipment."

Jay-Z and Eminem on Late Night With David Letterman (Preview)

The actually show airs n Friday, but here's a sneak peak where Hov talks about Lebron James and Marshall does a Top Ten list.In related news, the duo has added additional shows to their concerts in Detroit on September 9 and and New York September 9. If you live in either area, tickets goes on sale on Friday!

Nicki Minaj Black Men Cover (Official)

L.A.Lakers Ron Artest Talks Championship and Tries to Woo Chelsea Handler

Chris Rock Promotes Grown Ups on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Fresh Music: Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue - "One Night Only" on Late Night With David Letterman

Straight outta Nawlins is Trombone Shorty and his crew. If you looking for the next era of New Orleans music, this just might be it. A smidgen of The Neville Brothers here, a dash of Harry Connick there mix it up with a little Dr, John and a hint of Cash Money and welcome to the new sound of jazz.

Sean Garrett (Feat. Nicki Minaj) - Get It All (Video)

Slam Magazien Covers: Lebron James as New York Knick / DeWayne Wade as a Chicago Bull

Could these scenarios actually happen? Probably not in DeWayne Wade's case, he'll probably stay in the sunshine, but for Cleveland fans, even if LBJ does not go to the Knicks, he can still sign elsewhere.

Dame Helen Mirren as Ron Artest’s Psychiatrist on Lopez Tonight

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lady Gaga Rolling Stone Cover (July 2010)

Lady Gaga has been creating a lot of non music news lately from going to her sister's graduation with a bee keepers mask to wearing to going to New York Yankees locker room in a jersey and underwear.

In the latest issue of Rolling Stone LG declares "The message of the new music is now more bitter than it was before," she told Rolling Stone. "Because the sweeter the cake, the more bitter the jelly can be."

As talented as Lady Gaga is, do you think she has overexposed herself to a point where  might actually harm ta career that she took years to create?

Jay-Z and Eminem Peformance on NYC’s Ed Sullivan Theater Rooftop

Jay-Z performs “On to the Next One” (via RapRadar)

Jay-Z and Eminem performing “Renegade” (via RocksOffYC)

Jay-Z “Can’t Knock The Hustle” (Letterman Taping)

Thanks to Miss Info and Rap Radar

Jada Pinkett Smith's Nude Essence Magazine Cover

The Big Willie's wifey and star of the TNT nursing show Hawthorne got butt naked for the July 2010 issue of Essence Magazine. Which cover do you like best?

Green Hornet Trailer

Seth Rogen's Green Hornet, opens Jan. 14 2010

Monday, June 21, 2010

Star Trek/Ke$ha Mash Up Video: Tik Tok Enterprise Style

Thanks to Guy Kawasaki for the  heads up!

Mad Men Season 4 Poster

Don Draper and his1960's crew returns to AMC  on July 25.


N.E.R.D. - Hot Fun (Video)

The official video for N.E.R.D.'s "Hot N Fun" from their upcoming Nothing album due out later this year.

Diddy-Dirty Money - Hello, Good Morning (Remix) (feat. Rick Ross & Nicki Minaj) (Video)

The official video for Diddy-Dirty Money's "Hello, Good Morning" featuring Nicki Minaj & Rick Ross from the upcoming album Last Train To Paris .

Uffie - ADD SUV (feat. Pharrell) (Video)

The Roots-Dear God 2.0 (Video)

The official video for The Roots' "Dear God 2.0" from their forthcoming How I Got Over album due out in stores everywhere tomorrow!

Amanda Bynes Tweets that She's Quit Acting/Reaffirms Love for the Brothas

Amandas' Recent Tweets:
I know 24 is a young age to retire but you heard it here first I've #retired about 23 hours agovia web

I don't love acting anymore so I've stopped doing it about 23 hours ago via web

If I don't love something anymore I stop doing itabout 23 hours ago via web

Being an actress isn't as fun as it may seem about 24 hours ago via web

I've never written the movies & tv shows I've been apart of I've only acted like the characters the producers or directors wanted me to play about 24 hours ago via web

I like black men I'm very attracted to them just fyi Saturday, June 19, 2010 12:23:07 AM via web

I hate perverted dudes ew Friday, June 18, 2010 11:41:18 PM via web

i love everybody that understands me Saturday, June 12, 2010 8:09:53 PM via web

so don't worry and let everything fall into place the way God has planned for us Thursday, June 10, 2010 12:17:05 AM via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Who Knew? Lupe Fiasco Made Nothin' On You with Bruno Mars First! ( Original Version)

Lupe Fiasco with Girlfriends' Tracey Ellis Ross

Producer Jim Jonsin MTV News told that Bruno Mars production team The Smeezingtons production of Nothin on You"  was originally meant for Lupe Fiasco.
 “I was actually working on a session in Chung King [Studios], and [Atlantic Records chairman] Craig Kallman called me during that session with that particular track, to work on it for Lupe Fiasco,” Jonsin told MTV News. “I told Craig, ‘I like the song a lot. It’s a smash and could be somebody’s single. But it’s not Lupe’s record. I need this record for B.o.B. Please give this record to B.o.B.’ I guess they went through whoever they went through, convinced whoever they needed to, and it got to B.o.B.”" (quote via Rap Radar)

In a Complex Magazine article, Bruno Mars said "So, Me, Phil & Ari [of Bruno's production crew, The Smeezingtons] did the track and we submitted it to Atlantic Records and they asked us, ‘What do you think about B.o.B on this?’ I was like, ‘Perfect, let’s see what happens" 

Which version do you like?

Bobby Ray's Version

Neo Soul: Marsha Ambrosius (From Floetry) -" I Hope She Cheats (With a Basketball Player)

When Snookie Met Snoopy: “Oh Sookie” (Video)

Here's a promo for the HBO series True Blood  where Snoop Dogg professes h is admiration for vampiring loving mind reader Snookie Stackhouse. What do you think?

Comeback 2.0? Lauryn Hill Performance At the Harmony Festival 2010

Sure her outfit is a bit wacky, but L Boogie seems to be hitting all cylinders. Ms. Hill  (who will be performing at the Rock The Bells later this year), wowed the Harmony Festival patrons in Santa Rosa, CA with  “Doo Wop (That Thing)” and her verse from ”Fu-Gee-La” 

While Whitney Houston's comeback has been sad and disastourous, maybe the equally troubled  Hilll has finally tackled her demons and is now on a path to thrill us once again wh her wonderous talent.

The Roots Performs "Dear God 2.0" w/ Yim Yames from My Morning Jacket onn Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

Usher Performs O.MG. on So You Think You Can Dance

Dr. Dre - Under Pressure feat. Jay-Z (Unfinished Detox Track)

Thanks to Miss Info and Nah Right for the heads up!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Los Angeles Laker's Ron Artest's NBA Championship Press Conference


Best presser ever!

Kobe Bryant and Lakers on Jimmy Kimmel Live

After beating the The Boston Celtics , Kobe, Derek, Ron, Shannon, Josh, Sasha, and DJ were guests on Jimmy Kimmel Live, while Pau Gasol was on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Dude, what's with Ron Ron's pants? Definitely from the John Daly (golfer) Collection..

Lebron James Appreacitation Day at Univesity of Akron's Infocision Statdium

(Plain Dealer)  Just as some of the 3,500 people who came to the LeBron James Appreciation Day were heading for the exits, the object of their affection made an appearance.

With a number of security people accompanying him, James strode onto the football field at InfoCision Stadium, accepted a "hometown hero award" and told the crowd: "Akron is my home. It's my life. Everything I do is for this city. I love every last one of you."

And with that, the likely NBA free agent departed.

Read More HERE

See More Photos Here:

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Rock: Flyeaf's Missing -A New Era of Christain Rocks Lands on MTV

I'm a Hip Hop loving, neo soul embracing fool, but rock is also a heavy part of my DNA.

Yesterday I DVR'd MTV's AMTV's moring video show and I came this video by Flyleaf called "Missing". Right off the bat I was intrigued becasue the video is reminscent of Smashing Pumpkin's "Tonight, Tonight", but the song itself is very compelling. I

 don't know much about the band, except they are a christain rock band fom Texas and lead snger Lacey Mosley great refreshing voice, in a fuller sounding Gwen Stefani   way.

The last Christain rock-ish band they hit was probably Creed back in the 2000's, but Flyleaf might be the first full bore Christain Rock to top charts in the 2010's.

Padma on Lopez Tonight " "I've Eaten a Lot of Testicles in My Life"

Get your mind out of the gutter, the Top Chef queen was merely talking about eating bull and duck testicles...but its still a funny line.

Beautiful as she is engaging, Padma Lakshmi talks to George Lopez on the new season of Top Chef, (which begins on Bravo tongight at 9pm) and wishing the Emmy death of the "Amazin Race".

Press Conference: Tom Izzo Spurs Cleveland Cavaliers Stays With Michigan State Spartans

Although Izzo seems to be at ease staying with the Spartans, the deal breaker seemed to be that he couldn't he get in contact with Lebron James (Hey King James, pick up the phone and call somebody! Until LBJ decides what he want to do, the Cleveland Cavs and their owner Dan Gilbert will have a hard time filling their coaching vacancy.

Thanks to the Big Ten Network

Padma Carl's Jr. Commercial - Padma, Extended Version!

Padma Lakshmi gets up close and personal with a Carl's Jr. Western Bacon Cheeseburger. Created by Mendelsohn Zien advertising.

New Kelis Video-– ‘4th of July’

Really? Rihanna New Album To be On The Same Level as Michael Jackson's Thriller?

Recently on, Island Def Jam A&R Bu Thiam, Island Def Jam A&R rep Bu Thiam said that Rihanna’s will be on same level as Thriller:

"Rihanna is coming along incredibly. I’m trying to push her to where every song will be a hit from 1 to 12. I’m talking about NO album fillers. Our bar for this album is Michael Jackson’s Thriller. We got smashes from Stargate, Ester Dean, Mel & Mus and Rock City. We’re definitely going in with Ne-Yo, The-Dream and other writers and producers that have always been a part of her creative process since day one. She’s great to work with and very hands on with every song that’s being written and produced. She has visual concepts for just about every song. It’s already giving me the feel of a timeless album, and right now is her time"

I really do like Rhianna, the only person that has come close to carry on Janet Jackson was Aaliyah who died prematurely, but Rhianna, has done a lot with limited singing skills and tenacity...HOWEVER!

Michahel Jackson's Thriller was cultural album that comes only once in a generation.

It crossed racial and generational lines,("Thriller" is the reason Rhi Rhi can be played on MTV today, because videos by black artits were not played on MTV in the early 80's)

MJ also totally changed the video game, but most importantly, he set an standard that many artists, but most will never acheive.

This is not to say that there won't be another game changer.

Before Michael Jackon it was The Beatles,

Before the Beatles it was Elivs Presely,

Before Elvis Presely it was Frank Sinatra.

This is not to say Rhianna can't do it,

but game changing albums usualy are not proclaimed,

they usually just happen.

(Thanks to

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

B.O. B Featuring Hayley Williams(From Paramore) - Airplanes Official Music video

Pharell Williams Talks Eduction Reform with Steve Perry on CNN

Cee Lo performs 'What Part of Forever" On The Tonight Show With Jay leno

Katy Perry's Colorful "Califorina Gurls" Video with Snoop Dogg

Its like Katy Perry was in a smoked filled room with Snoop Doog, watched Tim Burton and Johnny Depp's "Alice in Wonderland", then busted out the box set DVD of Sid & Marty Kroft's whacked out 70's kid series "H.R. Pufnstuf" and told Snoop, "let's do this"! Cool, but crazy video for sure.

I Want My MTV: Pat Benatar Talks About Memoir on Today Show

Pat Benatar who crafted hits like "Love is A Battlefield" and "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" in the 1980's talked to Anne Curry (where was Meredith Vierra?!?) on the Today Show about her new memoir, "Between a Heart and a Rock Place".

The former Brooklyn classical singer turned rock queen talks about her 29-year-marriage, sexism in music, what happened when her she was no longer a hot artist.

Eminem and Rihanna Perform's “Love The Way You Lie” @ Staples Center (Video)

Eminem  and Rihanna perfomed their song “Love The Way You Lie” during the Activation E3 Preview Concert at The Staples Center in Los Angeles on Monday night.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Nicole Scherzinger Crushes on Halle Berry in July Maxim (Cover)

The Pussycat Doll lead singer and recent winner of ABC's Dancing With The Stars who is is dating race car driver Lewis Hamilton, she admits that "I Have A Girl Crush On Halle Berry” ...join the crowd sista!  

Nicole Scherzinger's Maxim issue hits  newsstands on June 22nd.

Cavs or Spartans? Tom Izzo Tells Kid "That's a Bad Question" @ Basketball Camp (Video)

Cool Boycott! Flash Forward Fans Create Their Own Blackouts

To voice their displeasure over the cancelation of "Flash Forward", fans are created mock worldwide blackouts in major cities like New York, London, and Los Angeles mass to convince the suits at ABC to bring back the series, which starred Joseph Fiennes, Courtney Vance and Gabrielle Union.

Blackouts also took place in Britain, Ireland, Canada, Italy, Atlanta, Seattle, Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles for a total of two minutes and 17 seconds, which was the length of time the blackout took place in the series.

Where Are You: Lacy Chabert?

Recently there was news that two "Mean Girls inspired movies were being cast. Mean Moms and Mean Girls 2.

I looked at the picture of the original "Mean Girl "cast and my eyes went  immediantly to Lacey Chabert.

When Mean Girls debuted in 2004, Chabert had the most clout because of her work on the 90's Fox series "Party of Five", but after the film hit, Lindsay Lohan got the most notice, but you still thought that Chabert would at least score a few movies or even a TV show like "Army Wives".

Five years later, Lacy Chabert seems to be the only "Mean Girl" not be successful.

After the success of "Mean Girls", Lindsay Lohan became a star, a sex symbol , then quickly burned into out into the world amidst bad movies, failed relationships and allegeded drug use.

For all her talent, Lindasy Lohan is nothing now but tabloid fodder for the gossip mags 

On the other hand, Canadian beauty Rachel McAdams became a bonafide film star with  hits films "Notebook" , "Wedding Crashers", "Red Eye", "The Time Traveler's Wife" and  "Sherlock Holmes".

Tina Fey who wrote and starred in "Mean Girls",  created the Emmy winning comedy "30 Rock", while her SNL buddy Amy Poehlor went on to "Park and Recreation" (both on NBC).

The last of the ""Mean Girls" crew, Amanda Seyfried has became Hollywood's new "It Girl" in Hollywood with films "Dear John", and "Choloe" as well as her continued sellar twork on HBO's "Big Love"  

But what happened to the Chabert?

Even her former cast members of "Party of Five" achieved success: Mathew Fox ("Lost"), Jennifer Love Hewitt ("Ghost Whisperer") Neve Campbell ("Scream") Scott Wolf ("V").

On the IMDB, the most consistent work she had was in 2009, voicing the role of  "Gwen Stacey" in The Spectacular Spider-Man"  cartoon.  For comic geek like myself  that's preety cool, but when Rachel McAdams is making movies with Vince Vaughn & Robert Downey Jr. and  Tina Fey is scoring back to back Emmy's, it seems a bit sad.

Lacy if you''re out there, holla at me, so I can find out what happened.

Then maybe we can hit the bookstore and read how sad Linday Lohan's life is in the tabloids.

New Lil Wayne Video "I'm Single"

If you are old enough to remember, when 2Pac died, it seemed like to had at least five videos made before he died. Taking a cue from the Hip Hop great, Lil Wayne shot 20 videos befor he went to jail earlier this year.  The "I'm Single" isn't the greatest video, but it's decent and video model is hot, so mission accomplished.

Shanice Cover's Lady Gaga's “Alejandro”

Let's play American Idol for a minute.  What do you think of Shanice's ("I Love Your Smile") reneddition of “Alejandro”?

Ludacris (Feat. Trey Songz) - Sex Room [Dirty Version]

Luda's "Hangover" inspired video gets a bit raucchier in this unedited version of "Sex Room". Note to Trey Songz, if you are tired of people saying that you sound like R. Kelly, stop singing like him.

Chris Rock's Rips Jay Leno on The Tonight Show

A few months ago, Chris went on  Late Night  with David Letterman and playfully rip Letterman on his affair. Being a man who doesn't play favorites,  ock shows up on Leno and did  the same thing, which makes the big chinned one feel a little awkward.

Kirk Franklin Tears Up on Tavis Smiley

Gospel music superstar breaks down a bit while discussing his addiction to former pornorgraphic movies and the neglect he received from his  mother.

Eminem Freestyle On Tim Westwood (Radio 1Xtra) Video

Royce Da 5′9″ & Kon Artist joins a freestyling EM  over an Alchemist beat.

Jay-Z & Kanye West Perform "Run This Town" At The Isle Of Wight Festival 2010

Kanye West continues his slow path to the public eye with a surprise appearance at the Isle Of Wight Festival.

Glee @ Tony Awards: Lea Michele & Matthew Morrison Perfroms

While Morrison, sings, spins and hoof's his way through "All I Need Is The Girl" from "Gypsy,"  , Lea Michel recreates her Barbara Streisand moment on Glee, sining Bab's  "Don't Rain On My Parade from "Funny Girl."

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Breaking! Kid Cudi Arrested in New York

According to TMZ..."Kanye West's protégé Kid Cudi was arrested on criminal charges Friday afternoon in New York. Sgt. John Butorn says Cudi was arrested on charges of criminal mischief and criminal possession of a controlled substance. TMZ claims the rapper took a 24-year-old woman's phone, slammed it to he ground and allegedly ripped her apartment door off. Cops arrived at the apartment in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood and found a glass bottle of a controlled substance."

However according to Eonline, Cudi was able to make it to his scheduled performance at the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival in Tennessee early Saturday.