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Saturday, June 30, 2012

House Music! DJ Stout XTC Underland Mix

Follow Cleveland's DJ Stout here on the Facebook BeatMatrix Page.

Eminem Talks New Album , Art of Rap and Beastie Boys With DJ Whoo Kid on Shade 45

Dub vs Deep House 2012-06-21

Listen while   ZimOnline Radio Shows takes you through a musical journey of Dub, Deep House, Soulful House and Afro-deep House. Great stuff!

New! Ashanti Ft French Montana & Meek Mill-No One Greater

Lauren Hill Could Face Three Years in Prison For Tax Evasion!

(Via ABC)

Eight-time Grammy Award winning singer Lauryn Hill could face up to three years in prison after pleading guilty to evading federal taxes.
The former Fugees star made the guilty plea today in U.S. District Court in Newark, N.J., after being charged three weeks ago with three counts of failing to pay taxes on the more than $1.5 million she earned in 2005, 2006 and 2007 from recording and film royalties.
....One day after the charges against her were made public, Hill issued a statement on her Tumblr account to explain why she failed to pay the taxes, saying she withdrew herself and her family – including her five kids with Rohan Marley, the son of famed reggae singer Bob Marley – from the public eye to distance them from a lifestyle “that required distortion and compromise as a means for maintaining it.”
“For the past several years, I have remained what others would consider underground,” she wrote. “I did this in order to build a community of people, like-minded in their desire for freedom and the right to pursue their goals and lives without being manipulated and controlled by a media protected military industrial complex with a completely different agenda.”
......“Obviously, the danger I faced was not accepted as reasonable grounds for deferring my tax payments, as authorities, who despite being told all of this, still chose to pursue action against me, as opposed to finding an alternative solution,” she wrote.  “My intention has always been to get this situation rectified.”
After pleading guilty, Hill was released on $150,000 bail."

New! Wiz Khalifa Feat. 2 Chainz “It’s Nothin”

Warning! Kanye West Erotic Video for Anja Rubik’s ‘25′ Magazine

Austin Rivers hugging Doc Rivers and His Sister Callie (Video)

When Duke's Austin Rivers was drafted by the New Orleans Hornets to play with Kentucky's Anthony Davis, who knew the buzz would also include his sister Callie. Sorry guys, Doc River's daughter is  dating University of North Carolina's Dexter Strickland....however you can see more photos of her here.

Defiant and Justified: Ann Curry's Last Day on Today (Video)

  (Washington Post)
"Ann Curry is officially out as co-host of NBC’s struggling “Today” show — the victim of her insufficiently girlish rapport with show star Matt Lauer.
Curry is now the show’s “anchor at large” and an NBC News national and international correspondent.
“Today is going to be my last morning as regular co-host of ‘Today,’ ” said Curry, tearing up as the “Today” A Team’s 7 to 9 a.m. show wound down with all the on-air gang seated on the couch.
......After all these years, I don’t even know if I can sleep in anymore. . . .But I know whatever time I wake up, I will be missing you and I will be believing in you,” Curry earnestly told co-host Lauer, weatherman/all-around go-to guy Al Roker and news reader Natalie Morales, who were seated with her on the couch.
Roker and Morales delivered canned comments about the show’s important Curry moments.
“You have the biggest heart in the business,” Lauer began after Curry had her say — the kind of lack of candor you usually see in these carefully orchestrated departure announcements.
“The way you care about people comes through in every single story you report,” he continued. “It’s not ‘goodbye’ by a long shot. We will continue to put you on planes, and you’ll be with us at the Olympics, and, most importantly, you’ve made us better, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”
He then appeared to try to kiss her on the cheek, except that she winced/lurched and he wound up kissing the top of her head.
Yup, Lauer’s got his work cut out for him PR-wise, having been the subject of news media reports that he’d wanted Curry replaced.

Check out this Facebook Page:  Matt Lauer Can Suck It!

Chris Brown - "I Don't Like (Drake Diss)"

I hate to see it, but this beef between Chris Brown and Drake has a Biggie/2Pac feel to it which is not good.


Sample lyrics

"“A f-ck ni**a, that's that sh-t I don't like/They throwin' bottles, I'm throwin' models just 'cause I give a Itchbay long pipe,” raps Breezy. “I be singin', he be singin', so it's on, fight/ But hold up, I ain't give a ni**a no green light/ This head up, my bread up, one on one, what you scared, bruh?/ Matter fact, take care bruh, you a pu**y ni**a/ My ni**a Tunechi, yeah that ni**a nice/ Shout out to Nicki, man, that A$$ tight/ Them eyebrows, man, them sh-ts is yikes/ OVO, you overdosed, screamin' YOLO no, I live twice.”

Trey Songz Interview With Tim Westwood

Friday, June 29, 2012

Awwww: LeBron James tells Oprah Winfrey He Was Hurt by Cavs Owner Dan Gilbert 'The Decision' (Video)

During this sneak peak of Oprah with the Miami Heat's Lebron Jaames, Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade, James said that he was hurt by the letter Cleveland Cavs owner Dan Gilbert wrote following LBJ's "The Decision", when left Northeast Ohio for South Beach.

""It was hurtful because I know how much I put into that organization, and every night I'm out on the floor I tried to give it my all and I tried to bring a championship to that city every single night," James said.

While I am sure James was shocked when Gilbert went ham on him with the letter, James himself has to take some part of the Cavs owner's still ridicueld moment. 

Just like Gilbert's letter was unprofessional, The fact that LBJ didn't call Gilbert to let him know he was leaving Cleveland was unprofessional as well, especially since Gilbert did a lot for James' family and freinds as well as spent money trying find players to help Lebron out on the court.

 I know, this is the part will people say, King James didn't have any help, even though they had the best record in the league the final two years of LBJ's career in Cleveland.

During the time Lebron was in Cleveland, he did not recruit players like he did with the Heat and he kept signing short term deals. So if you were a free agent and you wanted to play with Lebron, you would probably pass on the Cavs because you had no idea if King James would stay or go after his three year contract ended.

To be honest, the only party that should really be hurt by this whole process are the fans of the Cleveland Cavaliers, who cheered Lebron with every powder toss and pre-game skits as well as supported him, even when he pounded the ball and he was forced to make a streaky outside shot or  pass to an unsuspecting teammate.

The funny thing is that part of the reason why Lebron was able to win a ring with the Miami Heat was because he dribbled the ball and less and posted up more, moves that the Cavs wanted him to  do but he  hardly did in Cleveland.

Like Lebron, I am also from Akron. 

The fact that I am critcizing him will probably get me run out of the town, but I have to be fair. 

While I am glad that he was able to achieve his dream of a championship ring, Cavs fans are painfully going through another rebuild led by Kyrie Irving and Byron Scott.

So while, LBJ might be hurt by Dan Gilbert's half-cocked letter.

Cleveland fans are hurt that he never bothered to write them one before he left. 

 "Oprah's Next Chapter." Part one the Miami Heat with will air 8 p.m. EDT Sunday on the Oprah Winfrey Network with part two at 8 p.m. EDT July 8.

Kendrick Lamar Freestyle On Tim Westwood

Ew! Channing Tatum And Jimmy Fallon Goes Teen Drag on Late Night (Video)

Check out the Channing's interview with Jimmy Fallon where he discloses he was in Ricky Martin's "She Bang's video.

Tom-Kat is Done! Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes to Divorce

Tom Cruise during happier times jumping on Oprah Winfrey's couch

(Reuters) "Hollywood superstar couple Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are planning to divorce, People magazine reported, citing Holmes' attorney.

"This is a personal and private matter for Katie and her family," Holmes Attorney Jonathan Wolfe told the magazine. "Katie's primary concern remains, as it always has been, her daughter's best interest."

The pair married in an elaborate ceremony in Italy in 2006, and they have one daughter together, 6-year-old Suri." Read more at
Are you surprised?

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Nightline: Katy Perry on Russell Brand and Part of Me 3D Movie

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ESPN: Jay Crawford's First Take Farewell

As much as I like the Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith, the dismantling of the First Take has been abysmal.

What was once a quirky morning show with a debates mixed in, has turned into all debates with very little interviews.

 If the Bayless/Smith combo was in a format like PTI, I'm all for it, but two hours built around Tim Tebow and Lebron James banter is not my cup of tea. With Jay Crawford being shifted  to do  the noon Sportscenter with Chris McKendry, its the last reminder of what First Take/Cold Pizza use to be with him  and his former co-hos Dana Jacobson , fun and refreshing... Now is just slow and repetitiousness with a lot of hot air

So long G-Whiz Jay.

Accidental Classic: Craig Ferguson Performs Show in The Dark

What do you do when your low budget talk show loses its electricity, create one of the best late night episodes.Although Jimmy Fallon receives the most praise, Craig Ferguson and Jimmy Kimmel's shows are equally as impressive; which makes late night viewing three times better (four times if you also include Carson Daly's underrated show at 1:30AM)

Intro with Electricians


Lisa Kudrow Interview

Harvey Weinstein Interview

Jacksons on Fallon: MJ's ‘Motown 25’ Jacket Came from Mom’s Closet?!?!

While on the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon promoting the Jackson's Unity show at The Apollo, Jermaine dropped a bomb that even The Roots' Questlove didn't know that the black sparkly sequined jacket Michael wore performing "Billie Jean "on Motown 25" where he debuted the Moonwalk was actually from their mom Katherine's closet?!?!

Jermaine:  “He didn’t know what he was gonna wear so he went to my mother’s closet... she had this shiny thing that she wore, this black sequin thing and he said, ‘I like that. Can I wear it on the show?’ “That’s what he did the moonwalk in… That was my mother’s throw.”

The only thing more shocking  than that unbelievable piece of music history was how much Marlon Jackson was talking. It was as if he took all that frustration from being in the background and said "This is my time to shine and I don't care if I shut all of y'all out during this interview, including you Tito!"

More from the Jackson/Fallon interview

Whitney Houston and Jordan Sparks "Celebrate" (From the Film "Sparkle")

Produced by R. Kelly

Rick Ross – So Sophisticated (feat. Meek Mill) Video

Oh Snap! Quincy Jones Takes a Shot at Diddy During Spotify Event

Until you do right by me Sean "Puffy" Combs!

"At the Spotify event an audience member asked a question to which Jones chastised people to "learn your craft." Subsequently while speaking with Bruno Mars at the event, Jones said, "P. Diddy wouldn’t know a B-flat [if it hit him]." But he didn’t stop there, Jones took the opportunity to take a shot at Diddy’s many other non-musical ventures, "P. Diddy has a doctorate in marketing…. He’s got clothes companies and Ciroc vodka."

Read more at The Insider

Jimmy Fallon and LMFAO: 'The Spin Class Song'

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Nightline: Justin Bieber, All Grown Up

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Who knew Bill Weir could play "Boyfriend on guitar". Now if he can only strum "Brooklyn Zoo" by Old Dirty Bastard.

Megan Fox’s Pregnant Bikini Body (Photo)

Courtesy of US Weekly

Katy Perry – Wide Awake (Live on Jimmy Kimmel)

Chaka Khan's Suprise Visit on Wendy Williams

Charlie Sheen on Wendy Williams

Miami Heat's LeBron James Receives Standing O Fropm David Letterman Audience (Video)

New Video! Dwele – What Profit

New Video! Lana Del Rey – National Anthem (Starring A$AP Rocky)

New Video! B.o.B Feat. Taylor Swift “Both of Us”

'Watch What Happens: Live': Lap Dance and Lollipops with Denise Richards


Friday, June 22, 2012

New York Magazine: Questlove’s Summer Party Playlist Explained

Songs That Get the Summer Outdoor/BBQ Party Started
1. If I were DJ'n Jimmy Fallon's Yacht Rock Party: "Route 101" by Herb Alpert. (Every August we get our smooth on. It's going on our third year, one of my best parties ever.)
2. If I were DJ'n Brian Williams Clam Bake: "Wind Chimes (Version 2 Tag)" by the Beach Boys. (No one tries to "out obscure song reference" you like B Willie, even if said jam is a bunch of studio jabber ... He'd call me out if I didn't play the mono version.)
3. If I were DJ'n Amber Tamblyn's wedding reception: "I Gotta Chick" by Tyrese featuring R. Kelly and Rick Ross. (Because it's only right.)
4. If I were DJ'n Aziz Ansari's rooftop 'que: "Spend It (Riding Round & Getting It)" by 2 Chainz. (Lactose punch lines are the in thing this year.)
5. If I were DJ'n Penn Badgley and Zoe Kravitz's Williamsburg backyard potluck: "Occapella" by Lee Dorsey. (It's mostly 1972 with these guys.)
6. If I were DJ'n Prince's vegan-only after-party: "The Engine in Me" by Graham Central Station. (Good bass work gets his motor running.)
7. If I were DJ'n the Fela Returns to Broadway (did I just leak an exclusive?!?!) preshow BBQ/postshow/after-party: "Beast of No Nation." (Fela's last and greatest groove ... Throws 'em off every time I spin it, like "how'd we forget THIS ONE!?!?!")
8. If I were DJ'n Mick Jagger and L'ren Scott's evening 'que: "I Don't Know Why" by Delroy Wilson. (Riddems riddems roots all night long.)
9. If I were DJ'n Oprah's Fish Fry: "Rock Creek Park" by the Blackbyrds. (This is my version of giving her a free car. If I was given a half-hour more, I swear her and Gayle would be re-creating the subway Bboy battle scene from Beat Street.)
10. If I were DJ'n Mayor Michael Bloomberg's Garden Party: "Beware" by Louis Jordan. (Jazz with a financial cautionary tale on the side.)
10a. If I were DJ'n Mayor Michael Nutter's Jam? (Remember, I did start out a Philadelphian): "Rapper's Delight." (Trust me, Nutter's true calling is being an MC; check YouTube for the one and only Mike Q.S.T. performance of this song.)
11. If I were DJ'n Andy Samberg's Summer Jammy Jam: "Uptown Girl" by Billy Joel. (Don't let that digital short bravado fool you, he knows video choreography like the back of his hand.)
12. If I were DJ'n Drake's BBQ, I'd rock Drake for all five hours out of fear that he'd walk out on me again for not playing his music.
13. If I were DJ'n Amy Poehler's UCBbque, I'd spin "Summer Nights" by John Travolta and Olivia Newton John. (Because come on now ... who can resist a chance to re-create this scene if played in public?)
14. If I were DJ'n Janet Jackson's beachfront party, I'd play my versions of her brother's Off the Wall album just so I can watch the slow, "Wait ... how'd he get this?!?!?" look she slowly gets anytime I play 'em.
15. If I were DJ'n for my girlfriend and her best friends, I'd just let 'em take over the turntables, 'cause I gotta deal with this woman every day.

Samuel L. Jackson Spoofs Nikki Minaj's "Beez In The Trap" for BET Awards

Hmmmm: Miami Heat's Chris Bosh Champagne Celebration (Photo/Video)

New! Nas - Accidental Murderers (Ft. Rick Ross)

Flo Rida-Let It Roll Part 2 Featuring Lil Wayne (Bonus Track)

Kim Kardashian Discusses Her Relationship with Kanye West to Oprah

Fiona Apple - NPR All Things Considered (interview), June 2012

Mark Cuban VS. Skip Bayless

Cleveland Weatherman Can't Help But Show His "Heat" Frustration

David Letterman Heckles Justin Bieber Over Tattoo

6 Year Old Kid Really Hates the Miami Heat

I think this was me in  after the third quarter of game five as I watched the Heat destroy OKC in Northeast Ohio. LOL

Post Championship: LeBron James On Stage With LMFAO at LIV Raps Along to 2 Chainz

Thanks to Complex Sports

Also Read:  Gabrielle Union, Savannah Brinson & Adrienne Bosh Celebrate After Miami Heat Championship Win

Another clip
Lebron James and Dwyane Wade celebrate Miami Heat Championship with DJ Irie & LMFAO

Thanks to

Gabrielle Union, Savannah Brinson & Adrienne Bosh Celebrate After Miami Heat Championship Win (Photos)

See more pics at TheYBF.Com

Video: Fiona Apple: "Every Single Night"

Funny But Smart: 'Dating Dos and Don'ts:' Tips for Teens in the 1940s


Thanks to The Atlantic

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Jimmy Fallon Chokes Up While Talking About Reading Rainbow to Levar Burton

Pretty cool interview, where Levar Burton introduces his Reading Rainbow app, The Roots plays the "Roots" mini series theme song and Fallon not only sings the Reading Rainbow theme Burton but also tells the Enterprise star how the PBS show changed his life

Was Cynthia McFadden Flirting with Kenny Chesney on Nightline?

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You Make The Call.

D’Angelo to Perform on the BET Awards 2012

 BET has announced that D'Angelo is set to perform at the 2012 BET Awards. This marks his first televised performance in 12 years, and comes on the heels of several international comeback shows (July 1st at 8 p.m.)

....Earlier in the month, the 38-year-old was the special guest of ?uestlove at the Bonnaroo Music Festival. "I wanted him to see that,"  The Roots drummer told the Associated Pressafter the show."That's a green light. Me doing it wasn't like running out of jam partners. Me doing it was basically showing him 'Look you re missed yo don't even realize how much you are missed,' hoping that this will be the adrenaline boost that will finally get him to turn his record into a label. It's done, it's brilliant. I played on it. I know it's brilliant. Now it's just time to let his kids go and show it to the world. That' what I'm here for."

Jack Osbourne Discuss His Bout with MS on The Talk

Jack Osbourne discusses his recent diagnosis with multiple sclerosis and how he's been coping with the news: "Honestly, I am fine. That's the toughest thing with this disease, it's so unpredictable."

Jack Osbourne is joined by his fiancé Lisa Stelly to discuss how they are dealing with his recent diagnosis as a couple. Lisa says, "We are trying to stay positive. We have a little girl to look after."

Jack Osbourne reveals he was recently fired from a job due to his MS diagnosis: "The company that hired me didn't think I could handle the job. Don't tell me what I can and can't do."
For more information on MS, visit

Kate Upton and Jimmy Fallon Do The Cat Daddy

Kate Upton GQ Cover Shoot (Video)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Burning Love's Natasha Leggero Kneels in Front of Matthew Mcconaughey on The Tonight Show

Although Chelsea receives the most press, Leggero might actually funnier and sexier than the E! late night host.

Preach Off: Cedric the Entertainer VS. Jimmy Fallon

Cedric the Entertainer made an appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to promote his new series, The Soul Man on TV Land. The two decide to have a “preach-off" where the topics included Google, paper versus plastic, the legalization of marijuana, and 50 Shades of Grey.

Beer Pong: Michelle Pfeiffer Vs. Jimmy Fallon

HOWARD STERN: Smashing Pumpkins Billy Corgan's exclusive performance of "Toni

Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins does an exclusive performance of "Tonight, Tonight" for Howard Stern. His new album "Oceania" is available at

Breaking Dawn — Part 2′ teaser trailer: The Volturi are after Renesmee

Waka Flocka Flame Performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ (Video)

“Rooster In My Rari”

“I Don’t Really Care.”

HOWARD STERN: Octomom Nadya Sulemon rides the Sybian!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Charlie Sheen Post Anger Management? "I’m done with this business"

(Via New York Times)

".....Q.Do you have a plan for what comes after “Anger Management”? Would you like to be spending more time with your kids?

A.Absolutely, absolutely. When I’m done with this business it’s just going to be about soccer games and amusement parks. And when this ends, I’m done. This is my swan song.


A.Yeah, man, I’ve been doing this 30 years. And there’s a lot more out there to do than make-believe, you know? I mean, I’m grateful. I’ve got a dream life as a direct result of television, you know? But at some point you just get tired of wearing somebody else’s clothes, saying somebody else’s words and working in somebody else’s space. I’m also aware of the fact that you don’t get these kinds of shots in the same lifetime. You’re only supposed to have one hit show, unless you’re Kelsey Grammer."

Read more at the New York Times

Dark Knight Rises- Nokia Trailer

Special trailer for The Dark Knight Rises that was released by Nokia. Preview shows never before seen footage.

Cedric the Entertainer Wants to Have "Sex Wichoo" (Video)

Cedric The Entertainer is R&B singer-turned-preacher, Boyce "The Voice" Ballentine, in The Soul Man. Sex Wichoo is the song that made him an R&B legend! 'The Soul Man' premieres Wednesdays at 10PM/9C starting in June.

Fiona Apple Performs and Discuss Her 2000 Rose Meltdown with Jimmy Fallon

Anything We Want

Fiona performs Paul McCartney’s “Let Me Roll It” in honor of the Beatle’s 70th birthday yesterday.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Bling Author Erica Kennedy Has Died at the Age of 42

(Via The Root)

"Erica Kennedy, an author and blogger best known for popular novels Feminista and Bling, has died. She resided in Miami Beach, Florida and was 42 years old at the time of her death, according to a family member. Additional details on the circumstances are not available yet.

A former fashion publicist, Kennedy started her writing career as a special correspondent for the New York Daily News. She went on to write about fashion and entertainment for magazines such as Vibe, In Style, Paper and Elle UK, according to her website.

In 2004 she published a satire on the high stakes world of hip-hop with her debut novel Bling, which went on to become a New York Times best-seller. Five years later she released her second novel, Feminista, a story about smart, modern women. Fellow author Rebecca Walker interviewed Kennedy for The Root in 2009."

If there was a blueprint of a woman I would marry it was Erica Kennedy. Funny, smart, beautiful and creative, she will be missed --Kevin Lockett

Read: What Is a 'Feminista,' Exactly?

Read:  Bassey World: In Which I Babble About Where I’ve Been and Talk About My Friend Erica.

Drake-Chris Brown Brawl: Drake will reportedly be arrested???

Update: Spurs' Tony Parker sues NYC nightclub for $20 million over alleged eye injury

(VIa CNN) San Antonio Spurs guard Tony Parker is suing a New York City nightclub for $20 million over an eye injury he claims he suffered on a night singer Chris Brown and rapper Drake were also present in the club.

Parker claims he suffered "a corneal laceration of the left eye and other injuries" at the W.i.P. nightclub during the overnight hours between June 14 and June 15, and the injuries left him "unable to attend to his usual duties and vocation," according to the lawsuit.

The owners and operators of the club couldn't be immediately reached for comment Friday.The suit cites media reports in alleging "an altercation" between Brown and Drake, though Drake's representative has maintained that the rapper wasn't involved "in any wrongdoing of any kind" that evening at W.i.P.

....Parker was "sitting at a separate table, apart from Drake and Brown," the suit said. "As a result of the altercation at the club that night, (Parker) was caused to suffer severe personal injuries."The suit alleges that the owners and operators of the nightclub were "negligent in permitting Drake's entourage and Brown's entourage to be in the club at the same time despite known tension between the two" and contends the owners failed to provide "sufficient and efficient security.

Read more

"....The New York Times reports that the investigation is still ongoing as of Friday. The fight between Brown, Drake and their entourages resulted in five people getting injured. Brown had a giant cut along his chin from the bottle and tweeted a picture of the injury, which has since been removed. His girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, suffered a concussion and one of his bodyguards head was sliced open. An Australian tourist was also injured and needed 16 stitches in her scalp.
The Associated Press is also reporting that San Antonio Spurs star Tony Parker claims that he was injured in the melee. Parker, who has joined the French basketball team in Paris to prepare for the Olympics, told the press that he won’t be able to play for a week. He said he is wearing a “therapeutic” contact lens and went to an emergency room once he arrived in Paris on Friday. “I was with my friend Chris Brown and me and my friends took some punches, so I'll be missing the start of the French team because I can't do anything for a week except keep the lens in and then take drops,” he said.
Another twist in the story occurred on Saturday when sources told The New York Post that NYPD plans on arresting Drake and charging him with reckless endangerment for his role in the fight. Although early reports suggested that Drake did punch Brown first, eyewitnesses have said that another person through the bottle at Brown that caused the mayhem to explode.
In addition, Drake’s rep says that he left before the fight even broke out."

Footage Of The Chris Brown and Drake Fight In NYC Drake Throws Bottle At Chris brown

New Song! Yelawolf-Happy Fathers Day (Audio)

Nas Performs “Daughters” on ‘106 & Park’ (Video)

New! Melanie Fiona Feat. J. Cole “This Time” (Video)

Big Sean and Justin Bieber Performs As Long As You Love Me on The ‘Today’ Show

Casey Abrams – “Midnight Girl” (Video)

Remember Casey Abrams from American Idol, when he almost passed out when the judges saved him a a couple of seasons ago? Well dude is back, but he now dude looks like Cat Stevens.


Olly Murs – Heart Skips a Beat – The Tonight Show (VIDEO)

Currently on tour with One Director, the X-Factor UK runner up has gained a strong following in the US with his R&B/Reggae style.

Jimmy Fallon Becomes A Zombie ...and Wii U Console Rules! (Video)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

George Zimmerman's Wife Shellie Zimmerman Arrested (Mugshot/ Photo)

(Via  )

Shellie Zimmerman, the wife of Trayvon  Martin suspect George Zimmerman, was arrested on one court of perjury on Tuesday, June 12, 2012. 
Zimmerman was reportedly taken from her residence in Seminole County and sent to jail.
Bond was set at $1,000 and it's believed that Shellie Zimmerman is in the process of being released.

Here is a Shellie Zimmerman Mugshot Photo as well as the relevant court documen

Continue reading at Shellie Zimmerman Mugshot Photo, Arrest Document: Zimmerman Wife | NowPublic News Coverage

Wow! Nas Going To Hang a Jay-Z at the 2002 Summer Jam (Video)

(Via Miss Info)

"We all know the story by now (or should know). During the height of Jay-Z and Nas’ beef, Esco wanted to execute a mock Jay-Z lynching at Summer Jam ‘02. He even went as far to have a life like doll of Hov made. But after Hot97 denied him the opportunity to do what he wanted, Nas flipped out and went over to Power 105 for a live rant against the station, Angie, Flex, Jay, Cam, Nore, etc. Well, long story short, the lynching never happened and the whole incident became rap folk lore forever. While it’s been pretty much confirmed over the years that Nasir really was going to go through with it, this video clip really puts the icing on the cake. Props to that foolB.Dot/RR for posting this gem."

Redman In Ice-T’s Something From Nothing: The Art Of Rap (Video)

Monday, June 11, 2012

Paris Jackson Reveals She Suffers Bullying on Oprah's Next Chapter

DJ Jazzy Jeff and Mick Boogie Summertime 3 (Mixtape)

Get the whole tape as a free download here,

Will Smith Returns with the "Summertime" 2012 Remix With DJ Jazzy Jeff And Mick Boogie

Get the DJ Jazzy Jeff and Mick Boogie Summertime 3 Mixtape here

50 Cent Sits Down with Oprah on ‘Next Chapter’

Oprah's Next Chapter | Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson... by Ashley_Miller_3

Oprah's Next Chapter | Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson... by Ashley_Miller_3

Howard Stern: Extra's Maria Menounos on DWTS, Abusive Doctors and Choking? (2012)

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Maria Menounos was already pretty good interview for Howard Stern when dragged out the fact that the Extra host was treated inappropriately by a male doctor; But once Maria's boyfriend of 14 years, Kevin Undergaro stepped in the room, all bets were off as the Kevin and Maria discussed their relationship which included Maria's contact with Dancing With The Stars partner Derrick Hough, cheating and choking during sex.

By far one of the best interviews in Howard Stern Sirius XM history.

Here's some clips

Watch: Maria Menounos and Her Boyfriend Kevin Returns to Howard Stern (2013)

Transcript (via Mark Friggin)
Maria Menounos Visits. 06/11/12. 8:15am
After the break Howard came right back and had Maria Menounos come in. Howard said she was on Dancing with the Stars recently. Howard said she really is good looking. He said he didn't get her look at first but now he thinks she's hot and sexy. Howard said he didn't always know that. He said he got it when he was in the hall talking to her a few months ago. He said that it never hit him before that.
Howard said that Maria says that she's so uptight about her body that she won't have a baby because she doesn't want the doctor to see her vagina. Maria said she's serious about that. She said she has had issues with doctors who have been violating. She said that she hates going to doctors. Howard asked why she was laughing saying that. Maria said she doesn't know but it's not funny. She said that she seems to laugh when things are bad. She said she was almost kidnapped once and she laughed. Howard that's a pretty heavy thing. He asked what the doctors did to her. She said that she didn't want to get into it. She said they have just been inappropriate. She said they examine areas that don't need to be examined. She said they've done worse. Howard asked if the dentist goes to work on her teeth and they say ''nice tits.'' She said that's not it at all.

Howard said Maria is very attractive and he can see why a man would want to see her. Howard asked what this doctor did to her. Maria said she had a problem with her throat and they will examine her areas that they don't need to check. Howard asked if he rubbed her vagina. She said that she doesn't even remember. Howard said he's trying to figure out if this was a physical or something. She said it really wasn't. She said that it was a throat issue and he had her get totally naked.

Maria said that she was told to go to this doctor and it was a dude who told her to go. She said that it's happened more than once too. Howard asked for more details but Maria didn't seem to want to get into it. Howard asked if the guy gave her a full exam down below for a throat problem. Maria said that's what it is. She said she was very young and Kevin was in the waiting room and she started screaming. She said that he couldn't hear her from where she was.

Maria said that she thinks that you have to find a doctor who you're comfortable with. She said that he did touch her down there. Maria said she talked to her doctor and she has a phobia about them. She said that she went to the doctor in France and she refused to take her clothes off. Howard said it sounds like many of them have abused her. Maria said she talked to her doctor about it and she told her that she's heard the men doctors talk about women after they see them and she wouldn't go to a male doctor herself. Maria said she did have problems with it and it's not bullshit.

Howard said Maria is incredibly attractive. Howard said she was almost naked on Dancing with the Stars. Howard said she must love showing her body. Howard said she appears to be an exhibitionist. Howard said she was so happy when she lost that bet and had to wear a bikini in Times Square. Maria said she was mortified. She said that she has heard Howard talking about some of this stuff and she can't believe that he doesn't get this.

Maria said that when she goes to Miami the photographers show up and they're on them the whole time. She said that she may change where she goes. She sad people hate her on the beach now because they have so many photographers. Maria said that they will tell her that if she poses for them that they'll go away. She will do that just to get them to go away.

Howard asked Maria what she wants with her career. He said she's on Extra and she's on Dancing with the Stars so what does she want? Maria said she's trying to do everything she can. Maria said that being Greek means you love to live. She said that she wants to be a race car driver and try everything she can.

Howard said he gets the feeling she's bad in bed. He said if she's afraid to show a doctor her vagina then she must be bad in bed. Maria said that doesn't trickle over into bed.

Howard asked Maria if she had any dance experience at all before going on Dancing with the stars. She said she really didn't. Howard said he finds that hard to believe because she's so good. Maria thanked him for that. Howard said he didn't think the show had many ''stars'' on it because Maria seemed to be the biggest one.

Howard asked Maria if she thinks she was voted off because women are jealous of her looks. Maria said she doesn't think it's that. Howard asked if she really wanted to win the show that bad that she had to email her friends. She said they did that. She said if Howard asked her to vote for him then she would have done it.

Howard asked why they don't allude to the fact that she has a boyfriend on the show. Maria said it was weird but she didn't ask them to do that. She said that Kevin thought it was weird that they didn't put him on camera. Howard said he would be livid with her if he was her boyfriend. Howard said she was very sexual with this dance partner she had. Howard said she kissed him on the mouth in a very sexual way. Howard said if his wife carried on that way he would have left her. Maria said that's the way it looks but it's not the way it really is. Howard asked if she had a crush on that guy. Maria said she didn't. Howard asked if she fucked that guy Derek. Maria said she absolutely did not.

Howard asked Maria if she felt his hard cock. Maria said ''no-wah'' to every question. Howard said he saw the dance she did where she kissed the dude. Maria said it was nothing. She said that it was just a friendly kiss. The Howard TV guys had the kiss on the monitor. Howard said he would be so out of there if she was his wife. Maria told Howard that she and her partner planned that kiss and she asked Kevin if he was okay with it. She said that he knew it was coming.

Howard asked Maria if she supports Kevin and his family. Maria said she does not. She said that he does his own thing and makes his own money. Howard asked where he is. Maria said that he's there. Howard said he likes Kevin because he's honest. Maria said she's honest too.

Howard had the guys bring Kevin Undergaro in. Maria asked Kevin if he's ever been attracted to anther woman. Kevin said he has. Of course. Maria asked Kevin to clear up the liar part of this discussion. Kevin said that she is good in bed.

Howard asked Kevin if he felt good about the way she was implying she was having an affair with Derek. Maria said that they were rehearsing for 10 hours a day. Howard said even the judges noticed how it was. Howard asked Kevin if it did drive him nuts. Kevin said the hardest thing for him is having people watching him watching her and Derek. He said if he was in his 20s it would have driven him mental. He said that so many people come on to her and he thought he had no shot with her from the beginning. He said he has to make his peace with the fact that if she's going to leave, she's going to leave. He said he could try and control her but that's not going to work. Kevin said that she is a good girl and she's his best friend. He said that he doesn't want her looking back in her life and getting angry with him. Kevin said she's kissed guys in movies too so he's okay with that.

Maria said that she and Derek had fun with the whole thing. Kevin said that he doesn't feel that the line was crossed and even if it was, he'd rather not know. Howard asked if he has to leave the lights out so he doesn't see her vagina. Kevin said she's not that way with him.

Kevin said that Maria gets upset when the doctor comments on how she looks while he's examining her. Kevin said that when she goes to the gyno it turns into a whole production. Kevin said he stands in the room now with her. He said that he will do that with all of them if she's with a male doctor. Kevin said he would stay out of the way and let them do what they need to do but it freaks Maria out.

Maria said that when she gets freaked out she freezes up. She said that the doctors would touch her and say how something looks and it's not right. Kevin said that they are taught to respect those people and that's what they did back then. He said that now they've grown up and they know better.

Maria said she was very young and she just wanted to forget it back then. She said now she would probably get physical. Kevin said he would go in and smack the guy and that would upset Maria now.

Howard asked Kevin why Maria won't marry him. Kevin said that he wants the big wedding and Maria wants the small thing on a friend's boat. He said that they don't see things the same. Howard said if he was Kevin he'd just marry her in Vegas or something.

Howard said he heard that Maria was attracted to Tim Tebow. Maria said she met him going into a party and she was introduced. She went over and wanted to do the Tebow thing with him. Howard said he read that Tebow had eyes for her. Howard said she could probably be with her Tebow. Kevin said she's with her bum instead. Howard asked Maria who she would fuck, Derek or Tim Tebow. Kevin answered for her and said it was Derek. Maria said that she knows Derek very well so it would probably be him. She said she knows this is going to get spun into something crazy. Howard said no one really cares.

Howard asked Maria about some of the people on Dancing with the Stars and if she thinks some of them are tools. Maria wasn't saying anything bad about them. Howard said that one guy called Melissa Gilbert a bitch. Maria said she didn't see that. She said that her dad told her about that but she didn't see it.

Howard asked Maria if she liked wearing the skimpy outfits and showing off her body on that show. Maria said she didn't wear anything skimpy. Kevin asked if she remembers what he said to her last night. Maria didn't remember. Kevin said he talked about how hot and skinny she was last night. He said he was working all weekend on something. He said he started and he's doing after shows for a bunch of TV Shows. He said they have a big deal with Bing now. He said they do after shows for all of your favorite TV shows and they cover America's Got Talent and things like that. He said they have over 200 hosts and a couple of TV studios they work out of.

Howard asked if they play doctor and patient in bed. Maria said he will do that and it freaks her out. She said that when they go to the doctor they will play it in the office and she'll freak out.

Howard asked if they did any role playing last night. Kevin said that they did missionary last night. He said that they just found out that his little guys swim in circles. He said that they were thinking about having a baby and they found out his sperm are dumb.

Maria said that it's very empty there without Robin. Howard said she's there, she's just not there. Maria told Howard his Letterman appearance was epic. Howard asked Maria if he could get her if he was single. Kevin said he thinks he could. Howard asked if he'd be treated like ever celebrity she's met and she'd tell him that she's with Kevin. Kevin said he thinks that she can become really good friends with people she has chemistry with.

Howard said maybe he could take her out alone to dinner if he was single. Maria said she would be really nervous with the way he just said it. She said she would go out to dinner but it would be a friendly thing. Howard said he'd ask to kiss her just to be funny. Maria said she'd have to call Kevin about that.

Kevin said Maria did an event with James Garner. Maria said that he stuck his tongue down her throat. Maria said she turned her heard. Kevin thought that she should have kissed him longer. Kevin said she should do that with William Shatner too.

Howard said Maria must get hit on all the time. Maria said no but Kevin said that it's all the time. He said that he doesn't talk to anyone about this. He said that Derek is one who hit on her. Howard said he knew it. Howard said she was carrying on with him like crazy and it was like a romance. Kevin said that he's just being honest and she was having fun flirting with him. Howard said that was very cruel to do to Kevin.

Maria told Kevin to be honest. Kevin said he got upset on the last night. He said that Maria didn't even say goodbye to them when the show was done. He said he got Maria's mom and dad together. He said Maria just ran off to New York with Derek. He said he had to call Maria and tell her not to be rude to her own parents. He said he sent her a harsh text about the situation. He said they were working aroudn the clock for her and she was short with them.

Kevin said that Maria doesn't focus on this show when she comes on. He said that this is a problem he has with her. He said that Howard prepares for his Letterman appearances. Howard said he sits and watches Letterman while he's preparing. Kevin said that Maria was watching Dancing with the Stars tapes before this show. He said that she was watching herself with Derek. Maria said she hadn't seen that one at all and her friend was there so that's what they were trying to watch. Howard said she's in love with her performance and she had to watch herself before coming in.

Howard said this guy Derek is a dancer and he has to calm down. He said that they were so upset when they lost. Maria explained why she got upset with Kevin and her parents that night. She said they didn't even see her parents. Howard asked if she had a good time on the plane with Derek. Maria said she just went to sleep. Howard said he heard that she put her head on his shoulder and slept there. Maria said that's not what went on.

Howard asked Kevin if Maria takes this stuff seriously. Kevin said she does take some things seriously. He said that she won't take this show seriously. Maria asked how she's supposed to prepare for this show. Howard said she could think about some fun stories to tell. Maria said you just have to be honest and open when you're on Howard's show. Howard said Beth always has 2 or 3 stories she can tell on the shows she goes on.

Howard asked Maria if she ever got wet dancing with Derek. She said no. Howard asked if she had any dreams about him. Maria said that's possible. Kevin asked if she thinks about Derek when he's inside of her. Maria couldn't believe he was asking her that.

Howard asked Kevin if he thinks that he has to work really hard in bed. Kevin said he does want to please her. He said that he's kind of the wife so his job is to please her. He said it's not hard to get her going. Howard asked if he will lick her asshole. Kevin said he thinks he's done that. He said he won't stop until she's pleased. Kevin said that he has to hang on as long as he can. He said he has to think about other things so he won't finish. He said he has to think about heinous things to stop himself from cumming. Maria didn't know that.

Howard said he has to put a picture of Benjy over Beth's face or he'll cum too soon. Maria told him to stop it. Howard said he knows it's weird. He said Beth has tape marks on her face from it. Maria said she's going to email her and ask if that's true. Howard said all men should get the Benjy mask. Kevin said that's a good idea.

Howard asked Kevin if he thinks that Maria has ever cheated on him. Kevin thought about it and said that he doesn't think so but this Derek thing would be the only one he'd be suspicious of.

Howard asked Maria why she never thanks Kevin when she makes her speeches on Dancing with the Stars. Kevin said he's asked her not to do that. He said that he came out of the light because of Howard. He said for 12 years he was in the darkness. He said he likes his private life. Now he gets calls from people asking for interviews and he says no to them all. He said that he loves Maria unconditionally and he wants her to be happy so if she's not happy with him she'd want her to leave him.

Howard asked Maria who she finds hot. Maria said that she doesn't really find anyone hot. Kevin told her to stop it.

Gary came in and asked if she has a lot of guys hitting on her every day and she doesn't even know it. He said he knows some women who get free ice cream every day and they don't know it's because they're hot. Kevin said she doesn't even realize it. He said she's getting a lot of attention and guys will laugh at her jokes all the time even when they're not funny. Kevin said he's told her that it won't last. He said that she has to prepare for that for the rest of her life when that goes away.

Howard asked Maria what she's wearing. She had little shorts and a little shirt on. Howard said it was fantastic. Howard asked if she lost weight on Dancing with the Stars. She said she gained weight but lost sizes because she gained muscle. Howard asked if she'll go get dancing lessons from Derek. Maria said she might train with a woman. She said that it might be weird to go to Derek. She said she stays in touch with him though. She said she is friends with him. Kevin said they get offers for Maria and Derek to make appearances. Maria said she would do that. Howard asked Kevin if he checks her phone for messages. Kevin said that won't help him. He said he'd rather not know. He said you either do it or don't do it.

Howard asked if Derek is a bore. Maria said he's not a bore. Howard asked what they text about. Maria said they have been in each other's lives for so many hours a day. Howard said he's in Fred's life all the time and they don't text. Maria said she doesn't know. Howard asked to see her phone. She said they were texting about something but she forgets.

Howard really wanted to see what she texts about. Maria said that's embarrassing. Maria didn't want to get her phone. Kevin told her to get it. Howard said he could just read what Maria says. Maria went to get her phone. Kevin said she looks good. Howard said he can't believe he fucks her. Kevin said it is pretty awesome.

Maria came back with the phone and she was going through her texts. Maria said she was going through Kevin's texts. Howard told her to give him the phone. Howard asked if Derek has ever sent her a picture of his cock. Maria said ''No-wah!''

Maria came over and showed Howard the texts. Howard said she really smells good. He asked to see her belly button piercing. Maria was shaking. She said he makes her nervous. Howard read the texts. It was a lot of ''Wow'' and ''Hahaha'' and ''love it.'' Howard read that she tried to Facetime him. Kevin said that's because they were apart for 4 hours. Maria took the phone away. Kevin told her to let Howard clear the air.

Howard said that she won't even let him see. Kevin said it makes it look worse. Maria said she let Howard see it but she's boring.

Maria read her responses to Derek and they were just short one liners. Maria read some of the longer ones. Howard asked why she doesn't go out with girls instead of guys. She said she does that too.

Howard asked Maria if she had a bra on under that outfit. She said she did have panties and a bra on. She said she always wears panties.

Howard asked Kevin what kind of weird things he gets into. Kevin said he doesn't need to go there. He said that it's been a great run for him and he'd die happy if he got hit by a car tomorrow. Kevin said he sees her as a 10 and he doesn't even think he deserves her.

Howard said Maria is on Extra every night. Howard asked if she's gotten any offers from doing Dancing with the Stars. Maria said she hasn't. Kevin said they have gotten a bunch. He said the exposure is fantastic. He said she's just having too much fun. He said that's what her life is about. He said that she takes this ride for granted. Maria said she wants to do everything she can and that's why she's doing what she's doing.

Howard asked Maria why she has to Facetime with Derek. Kevin said he doesn't even Facetime with her. Maria said he doesn't even have an iPhone. Maria said she does it all the time with her friends. Howard said he'll do it with her if she's naked. She said she'd have to get permission. Kevin said he'd be fine with that. He said that with the legends he's fine with it.

Maria asked Howard if he would let Beth Facetime with a legend. Howard said no way. Kevin said that's because Howard is the legend.

Howard told Maria to give Kevin a raise so he can get an iPhone. Maria said he doesn't even want one because he doesn't want to deal with the typing. Kevin said he wrote Maria's last book. He said he wrote the whole thing with Maria. He said that they have a beauty book they want to do and Maria said they like his voice so she's fine with him writing it. Kevin said he wanted to get an office trailer to work in to get the writing done. He said Maria's response is that he does fine writing at the food court at the mall. Maria said he loved writing there and he would tell her to come see him there in his new office.

Howard took a call from a guy who said that he works in the medical field and this guy told him that he never passed up an opportunity to get a woman naked no matter what she came in for. Kevin said that's so gross. Howard said they're dudes. That's what dudes do. Maria said that she always brings up priests when she argues about this. She said they're just as bad.

Howard gave Kevin and Maria a plug for and then took a call from Ham Hands Bill who asked if the doctors ever licked their fingers after examining her. Maria just said ''Eww'' to that. Bill also asked if Kevin tickles her when they're having sex. Maria said that's not sexy.

Another caller asked Kevin if Maria likes being choked. Kevin said she does but Maria told him that she's going to stab him if he answers this. Howard said he wouldn't choke her. He said he'd be freaked out by that. Kevin said that he doesn't like it either. Howard asked why she likes it. Kevin said she only likes it at that moment. Maria said she does not. Howard asked if it's a rape fantasy. Maria said that it's not like that.

Maria tried changing subjects and asked Howard about being a judge on America's Got Talent. She said that Howard has been in a cave so long that he's seeing the beauty of the world. Howard said they edit that show heavily too. He said that they bring 2 days down to one hour. Howard said he is very blunt with his comments at times. He said that he thinks that they might be taking some of his good moments out. He said he knows it's hard to edit the show though. Maria said that she thinks the live shows are going to be great. She said she never watched the show before Howard was on. She said that the promo completely sold her on watching the show. Maria said she knew she was going to watch it as soon as she knew Howard was going to be on but the promo was great.

Howard asked Maria about being choked again but she asked them to not talk about it. Kevin kept going and said he doesn't want to hurt her so he's freaked out by it. Howard asked how hard he chokes her. Kevin said it's not hard, it's just enough. Maria asked Howard to stop. Howard kept going.

Maria said she doesn't like it. Howard said she must if Kevin is saying she likes it. Kevin said she's giving him the eyes to shut up. Howard asked if she likes being called names too. Kevin said no. Howard said she only likes to be choked. Kevin said he thinks it heightens the climax. Robin said she's never tried that. Howard asked if they do it every time they make love. Kevin said it's like 90 percent of the time. He said he doesn't like doing it. He said she does like being grabbed firmly on her breasts. He said she moves his hands there and that's what he does. Kevin said he got into so much trouble last time they were on. He said she didn't want to bring him today. Kevin said they've been together for 14 years and they're grown adults. He said it's not that big of a deal. Howard said he has learned a lot today. He said he has to process it all now. Maria said she could see Howard's head spinning.

Howard gave Maria and Kevin some plugs for their stuff. Howard gave Maria a plug for her book ''The EveryGirl's Guide to Life'' and and Kevin also mentioned that he's @Undergaro on Twitter.

Howard asked Kevin if Maria is bad at blow jobs. Kevin said that she's not very good. He said he can live without that though. He said he likes just looking at her. Kevin said that he doesn't even get hand jobs. Maria said it's time to end this. Kevin said that he has told Maria that he could go to work and she could leave work. He said that she runs right back to work when he tells her all of the stuff she'd have to do aroudn the house. Howard said he learns more about Maria every time she's on the show. He said she's very hot.

Kevin told Howard about the millions of dollars people are making in Hollywood doing things like Maria is doing. He said she's made it and she's got a great thing going on. He said she just needs to appreciate it. Maria said she odes appreciate it. Howard said he learned that Kevin can fuck her and choke her but he can't get a blow job. Kevin said she's a nice girl too.

Howard wondered if he would stay with her if she was disfigured in a car accident. Maria said that Kevin would still love her so that's why he's the one.

Howard asked Kevin if he has ever tried anal. Kevin said he has but he wasn't able to get it in. Howard asked if he's too big. Maria told him to stop it. She was going to leave. She took her headphone and mic off so she could go kiss Howard goodbye. Then she came back and told Kevin to stop it. Kevin asked if she ever asked for anal in the past year. She said she has not. Howard said there's no shame in it. Howard said that Kevin looks like he has tried it. Kevin said he hasn't. Maria said that he's just messing with her on purpose. Howard said he says he's done anal. Maria said he's just messing with her. Kevin said that they haven't been with anyone else so they can discuss these things.

Howard said Robin has done it. Maria said when she wants to explore it she'll call Robin for some advice. Howard said Fred's mom even does it. Howard said it must be so dirty and wild.

Howard asked to see Maria's shoes. She showed him and said that she has fractured feet and she still wore heels. She said that she broke them on Dancing with the Stars.

Howard said that Brooke Burke isn't very good as a reader on Dancing with the Stars. Maria said she's amazing. She said so is Tom (Bergeron).

Kevin told Howard that he took Maria to an audition a few years ago and Brooke Burke told Maria that she didn't have to stay because they were done auditioning. He said she was very nice to Maria. Kevin said she's hot too. Howard said Maria is hotter. Kevin laughed. Howard said that's just the way it is. Howard said he is a judge. Maria asked if he likes being a judge and if he would leave radio to do that. Howard said he would. Maria said doing radio is like part of his life. Howard said it's really not. Maria said she would have to deal with a basket case if he did leave radio. Howard wrapped up and went to break a short time later.