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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Crazy but True! Dennis Rodman Hangs with North Korea's Kim Jon Un

What  might've been a great sketch on MADTV back in the with Bobby Peele along with Key & Peele, Dennis Rodman who is on a tour with Harlem Globetrotters in North Korea has struck up a friendship with dictator Kim Jong Un!

Here 's part of the article from ESPN:

"Ex-NBA star Dennis Rodman hung out Thursday with North Korea's Kim Jong Un on the third day of his improbable journey with VICE to Pyongyang, watching the Harlem Globetrotters with the leader and later dining on sushi and drinking with him at his palace.
"You have a friend for life," Rodman told Kim before a crowd of thousands at a gymnasium where they sat side by side, chatting as they watched players from North Korea and the U.S. play, Alex Detrick, a spokesman for the New York-based VICE media company, told The Associated Press.
.....Kim and Rodman chatted in English, but Kim primarily spoke in Korean through a translator, Smith said after speaking to the VICE crew in Pyongyang.

"They bonded during the game," Smith said by telephone from New York after speaking to the crew. "They were both enjoying the crazy shots, and the Harlem Globetrotters were putting on quite a show."

The surprise visit by the flamboyant Hall of Famer known as "The Worm" makes him an unlikely ambassador at a time when North Koreans are girding for battle with the U.S. Just last week, Kim guided frontline troops in military exercises.
North Korea and the U.S. fought on opposite sides of the three-year Korean War, which ended in a truce in 1953. The foes never signed a peace treaty, and do not have diplomatic relations.""

 Read more here

Since there are not many brothas on President Obama's staff, maybe he should involve "The Worm" in creating better realtions with North Korea.

It can't hurt!

The True Kings of Comedy Chris Rock & Dave Chappelle Might Tour?

(Via The Comic's Comic)

"Over the past week, Dave Chappelle has spent several late nights of his most recent trip to New York City dropping in at the Comedy Cellar to work the crowd and work out new comedic material.

Over the past few months, Chris Rock has done likewise, albeit more methodically on the mechanics of a specific new hour-plus of stand-up.

Early Wednesday morning, they performed together. Onstage. At the same time. This was not a dream. This was not a drill. This was real. Rock and Chappelle, onstage together. Riffing off of each other. It was the first episode of a podcast you may never hear. Or the first stop on a fantasy stand-up comedy tour -- a tour that very well might happen sometime later in 2013, if the two comedians could put their business heads and their schedules together. Which they actually began to do onstage right in front of the unsuspecting audience last night at the Cellar." Read more here

If this does happen, this tour could either be great like Jay-Z and Kanye West 's 2012 "Watch The Throne" tour or a total disaster like Jay-Z and R.Kelly's 2004 "Best of Both Worlds" tour with infamous light-man fiasco.

Either way it goes, this comedy tour would be epic!

What do you think?

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New! Redman - Lookn Fly Too (Feat Method Man & R.E.A.D.Y. Roc)

What The??? Tables and Chairs Fly at Tranny Fashion Ball (Video)

Man, I don't what happene,  but who knew things can get rough at the  "Gay and Transvestite Fashion Ball"  in North Carolina!!!

This is  like if "Ru'Paul's Drag Race" had a "Tables, Ladders and Chairs" match at WWE's Wrestlemania!

Thanks to for the video Miss Info and Sandra Rose for the video!

Howard Stern Interviews Alex Jones (2013)

Vegas Odds Says An Olympic Gymnast Will Win Dancing With The Stars Season 16

According to Las Vegas sports book Bovada, gold medal winning Olympic champion, Aly Raisman will be the winner of this season's  Dancing With The Stars.

While Raisman should be the favorite, anyone who watches Dancing With the Stars knows that most of the time, the best dancer doesn't win and there is always been someone who ended being a better dancer than expected near the end (I got my money on D.L. Hughley).

 Although my love of the show has waned over the past few years (devoting 3-4 hours to one show is just too much), I think former General Hospital Aussie Ingo Rademacher (Jasper Jax) will be a contender, Kellie Pickler will be a fan favorite, while Andy Dick will try to keep his Andy Dickness" in check, but will be bounced early anyway.

The interesting will be if former porn star Jenna Jameson will be there to support her former beau Victor Ortiz? 

 Man, I would have loved to see have seen Jenna and Sarah Palin in the same audience last season.

          Las Veagas Odds
  1. Aly Raisman 4/1
  2. Zendaya Coleman 9/2
  3. Ingo Rademacher 11/2
  4. Kellie Pickler 6/1
  5. D.L. Hughley 13/2
  6. Victor Ortiz 13/2
  7. Jacoby Jones 7/1
  8. Dorothy Hamill 10/1
  9. Wynonna Judd 10/1
  10. Lisa Vanderpump 15/1
  11. Andy Dick 30/1
                Cast pairings
  • Wynonna Judd and Tony Dovolani
  • D.L. Hughley and Cheryl Burke
  • Jacoby Jones and Karina Smirnoff
  • Lisa Vanderpump and Gleb Savchenko
  • Andy Dick and Charna Brugess
  • Victor Ortiz and Lindsay Arnold
  • Zendaya Coleman and Val Chmerkovskiy
  • Aly Raisman and Mark Ballas
  • Ingo Rademacher and Kym Johnson
  • Dorothy Hamill and Tristan McManus
  • Kellie Pickler and Derek Hough

Tyler The Creator Goes Jazzy and Crazy on Jimmy Fallon

Looking like a Hip Hop Liberace as he played a grand piano, Odd Future frontman Tyler The Creator debuted two new songs from his forthcoming album "Wolf" (due April 2nd) on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

The Roots joined the piano playing Tyler  on the  jazzy vibe on "TreeHome," with lead singer Coco, then the show kicked into high gear with the song "Domo 23" featuring  the Danish duo Quadron.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Jack White's Hollywood Reporter Interview (2013)

A few week's ago, Jack White was featured on the cover of the Hollywood Reporter's "2nd Annual Music Issue".

Here's a snippet of his interview:

"...White, 37, grew up the 10th child (and "seventh son," as he likes to immortalize himself in song) of a maintenance man and Catholic archdiocese secretary in Detroit. Before Third Man was a record label or studio complex, it was the name of his upholstery business in mid-'90s Michigan, though his oddball tendencies -- he'd write poetry on the inside of the upholstery and make out receipts in crayon -- didn't go over as well as they have in show business.

He formed The White Stripes as a blues-redolent odd-couple duo with Meg White in 1997 and spent most of the years until they broke up in 2011 insisting she was his sister, even after dogged reporters revealed her to be his ex-wife. That's the type of art-project privacy guard he has put up that allows him to deflect a certain type of attention, and journalists who've trekked to visit him through the years remain split on whether he's the world's greatest self-mythologist or as honest and earthy a guy as rock gods and guitar heroes get.

After the Stripes rose to mainstream stardom with 2003's "Seven Nation Army" (a song Baltimore Ravens fans were chanting the riff of at the Super Bowl on Feb. 3), White fell into a rift with the guardians of Detroit's indie scene. Feeling himself permanently tarnished as a sellout there, he eventually set his sights on Nashville. "That was a survivalistic move on my part. I was in a particular pickle of a situation," he explains, when the hometown divide deepened. "Where am I supposed to go? I don't like big cities. I don't like Paris, Tokyo, New York. … I can't exist in those towns; they make me feel claustrophobic and sort of worthless." Neither was he a big fan of the Tinseltown attention he attracted when he was dating Renee Zellweger circa 2004."

Read more

Nice! Kanye West & Kim Kardashian's L’Officiel Hommes Cover (French Magazine)

The spring 2013 L’Officiel Hommes cover was taken by photographer Nick Knight.

Kate Upton Bounces Her Way Onto Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

Friday, February 22, 2013

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Truth! Harlem Residents Blasts New "Harlem Shake"

Last week, I wrote while the new "Harlem Shake" is funny, but it has nothing to do with the the true Harlem Shake dance from the 2000's.

Now Its one thing for a guy in Akron, Ohio to say this, but when you talk to the residents of Harlem, New York about the true "Harlem Shake" and the poorly dance version of today, you gain great insight and video gold!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Must See! The Black Fatherhood Project (2013) (Full)

"First-time filmmaker Jordan Thierry offers context and conversation in this honest exploration of fatherhood in Black America. Through a telling of his own story and interviews with historians, he traces the roots of the fatherless Black home and reveals a history much more complex and profound than is often told. Putting that history into perspective is a dialogue among fathers discussing their experiences, inspirations, and insight on how communities can come together to ensure the power of a father's love is not lost on America's Black children."

Also read: Documentary Filmmaker Jordan Thierry Explores The Legacy Of Fatherhood

Howard Stern Defends Kelly Clarkson Over Clive Davis' Memoir Comments

(Via Huff Post)

".... (Kelly) Clarkson took issue with a very different passage, in which the music mogul apparently writes (in his biography "The Soundtrack of My Life") that she broke into "hysterical sobbing" when he demanded that smash hit "Since U Been Gone" would be included on Clarkson's album.

"Not true at all," Clarkson wrote in a WhoSay post on Tuesday. "His stories and songs are mixed up. I did want more guitars added to the original demo and Clive did not. [Producers Max Martin and Łukasz "Dr. Luke" Gottwald] and I still fought for the bigger sound and we prevailed and I couldn't be more proud of the life of that song. I resent him dampening that song in any way.""

Robin Roberts Returns to Good Morning America

  Watch More News Videos at ABC
  Technology News
  Celebrity News

The 'GMA' anchor starts her first show back after her medical leave.
Robin Roberts' return to TV is just one of many stories highlighting need for bone marrow donors.

Mark Cuban Talks Mavs, Shark Tank and Being Lucky on Howard Stern

The Howard Stern Show- Mark Cuban Interview 02-20-2013

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mackelmore & Ryan Lewis -Thrift Shop Feat. Wanz (Video)

I'm reeeeeaaaal late on this song, but when I first saw it  a few months ago I thought, OK dude is dressed like Kid Rock from 1999 with Eminem's Slim Shady like-lyrics also from 1999 with a slight nod to Nate Dogg and  Busta Rhymes.

Who knew  the Seattle rapper's song  would blow up like it did!!!

Vince Vaughn & Owen Wilson Interns at Google in "The Internship" (Trailer)

I don't know if "The Internship will match the comedic brilliance of "Wedding Crashers" but the chemistry between Vaughn and Wilson still seems intact, which is a good thing.

(Release Date: June 7, 2013)

Write a Caption: Geno Auriemma Pats Kim Mulkey on the Backside

(Via Yahoo)

AP photographer Jessica Hill captured a shot of UConn coach Geno Auriemma patting Baylor coach Kim Mulkey on the backside before the start of the Bears' impressive 76-70 road victory. Everything about the photo is memorable, from Mulkey's stance, to Auriemma's laser focus, to the giggling assistant coaches in the background.

Thankfully, the Connecticut Post's Rich Elliott asked Auriemma about the exchange after the game and got an explanation for the unusual scene. Auriemma clarified it was a lighthearted, harmless moment between two longtime friends.

"She was staring at my butt and she was commenting on it and I said, ‘Really? How about yours?’" Auriemma told the Post. "She went, `Yeah, look at it,’ and I went (slap), 'I’ll teach you a lesson.' And then she started talking about how she only dated Italians her whole life and that she wanted me to set her up with some Italians and I said `The Italians I send to see you aren’t going to date you.’ We’ve had a long and great relationship since, gosh, she was an assistant at Louisiana Tech. It goes back a long ways."

Read more

Chris Bosh Photobombs Chris Paul at 2013 All-Star Game [Photo]

This was the best thing the Miami Heat forward did at the All Star Game over the weekend.

Common Freestyle's on Sway In The Morning for Heather B

Although he's making movies and TV shows now, the Common proves that Hip Hop never leaves you as  he freestyles over Heltah Skeltah’s “Leflaur Leflah Eshkoshka.

Community's Alison Brie Busts Out a Freestyle a Rhyme on Jimmy Fallon

Childish Gambino's Community castmate  continues to improve on the mic. No wonder Quest was crushing on her a few years ago in Rolling Stone.

The Client List's Jennifer Love Hewiit Strips Her Away to "I'm a Woman" (Music Video)

Season 2 Promo
 Commercial song: Simply Irresistible by Robert Palmer
 "The Client List" returns to Lifetime on Sunday, March 10.

Monday, February 18, 2013

New! Mariah Carey “Almost Home” from "Oz, The Great & Powerful"

The Sam Raimi directed flick featuring James Franco, Mila Kunis and Melissa Williams  hits theaters March 8th.

WTF? Vin Diesel Sings Rihanna's 'Stay'

The Fast and Furious star recently posted this Valentine's Day cover on his Facebook page;but you know what? Add a little auto-tunes and probably be just as good as Rihanna vocally.

Beyonce – Life Is But A Dream [Full HBO Documentary]

Thanks to Perez Hilton

NBA All Star Game 2013: Alicia Keys and Ne-Yo


How would you rate their performances?

Magic Johnson Talks About The Death of Jerry Buss on ESPN

The thing that struck me the most about Magic Johnson's comments on the death of Los Angeles Lakers owner Jerry Buss, was not just the love Earvin had for Mr. Buss ( and vice versa), but the fact he was a businessman, who was not really a business man.

Buss came from academia, where you are exposed to different people and different thoughts.

Many team owners today, comes from a place where most people think like them, talk like them and look like them and diversity of thought means ROI and laptops than  sit down Italian dinners and partying like Buss did with Johnson over the years.

Teams are so expensive nowadays that, its hard to find regular, fun loving owners anymore who are more people conscious than money conscious.  

Jerry Buss was  relateable to the players, but  he did not get in their way.

He allowed then GM Jerry West to do his job by not micromanage him, but was savvy enough to target Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe Bryant for the next phase of post showtime Lakers championships.

That's what great leaders do.

You put people in the right place, let them do their job and be there for them in the good times and bad.

Sadly we probably will never see an owner like Jerry Buss again (unless his daughter Jeanie Buss can take the team away from her brother Jimmy), but at least Magic Johnson has learned enough from Dr. Buss  to continues his legacy with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

R.I.P Dr. Busss Also read: LA Times: Jerry Buss dies at 80; Lakers owner brought 'Showtime' success to L.A.

Alabama Shakes Wows with SNL Performances

Hold On

Always Alright

Following lead singer Brittany Howard's  performance on the Grammy's with Mavis Staples and Elton john, The Albama Shakes continues to build buzz with their performance of on Saturday Night Live. Judging by the response on Twitter, those who were not fans or never heard of the "Shakes" are either downloading or buying their debut album at Best Buy right now.

SNL: Christoph Waltz in DJesus Uncrossed'

Saturday Night Live did a pretty good mash-up of  Quentin Tarantino's "Django Unchained", "Kill Bill" and "Inglorious Bastards".

Woah Mama! Christina Hendricks' Johhny Walker Ad (2013)

Mad Men returns to AMC on April 7 at 9 p.m.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

WTF?? Mom Strips at School Assembly

PTA's are soooo different today!

ALBANY, N.Y. — Police say a mother who got on stage and started to strip during an upstate New York school assembly is facing child endangerment and lewdness charges.

Albany police say 24-year-old Aydrea Meaders was arrested at North Albany Academy on Friday morning.

They say school staff told them the assembly was halted and the cafeteria cleared after Meaders began dancing onstage and took off some of her clothes.

She's charged with seven counts of endangering the welfare of a child and one count of public lewdness.

An Albany City Court clerk says Meaders was arraigned Friday afternoon and ordered held on $3,000 bail. She doesn't have a lawyer yet.

The North Albany Academy is a prekindergarten through eighth grade school in the Albany district.

Captain America: Winter Soldier Now Accepting Crew Applications in Cleveland

(Via The Greater Cleveland Film Commission)
"Marvel’s Captain America: Winter Solider, which will be shooting late spring in the greater Cleveland area, is now accepting resumes for local crew positions. 

Local crew members who are interested in working on the film should send their resume to:

This address is for resume submissions for crew only. This is not for actor or extra resumes!! 

As soon as additional information becomes available the Greater Cleveland Film Commission will post it on our website ( and via social media – 

Twitter @Cleveland_Film (#Cap2CLE) and on Facebook."

Little Blue Ivy Looks Just like Her Dad Shawn Carter

(Via OMG/Yahoo)

"In Beyoncé's HBO documentary, "Life Is But a Dream," which premieres on Saturday, the singer shares a touching moment of her with her now-13-month-old daughter.

But 24 hours before the baby’s big debut, a still from the 10-second interaction was leaked on Twitter … and instantly became a retweet phenomenon."

Read more

Funny! The Walking Dead Commercial with Daryl (Extended)

Friday, February 15, 2013

Michael Jordan Conversation : Kobe or LeBron ? (Video)

Who do you think is better?

Glee Music:Will and Emma's Wedding Song "Getting Married Today"

Bonus: Marley and Jake:You're All I Need To Get By" (by Marvin Gaye and Tami Terrell)
 Marvin Gaye with Tammi Terrell: You're All I Need To Get By"
 Method Man feat. Mary J. Blige - I'll Be There For You/You're All I Need To Get By" Which version of "All I Need" is your favorite?

Scandal Music: Stevie Wonder "Don't No Why I Love You" (Fitz/Olivia)

 From the 1968 Stevie Wonder Album "For Once In My Life", the B-side of "My Cherie Amour" has enjoyed new life as "Don't No Why I Love You" was featured in Scandal's Valentine's Day episode ("Whiskey Tango Foxtrot") as President Fitzgerald Grant (Tony Goldwyn) pulled Olivia Pope(Kerry Washington) into the control room for one last White House "briefing".

Thursday, February 14, 2013

This Latest Harlem Shake Dance is Ridiculous But Funny!

When I first heard of the latest version of the "Harlem Shake", I thought that the old dance from the late 2000's which were featured videos from Eve's"Whos That Girl"  to  Diddy's "Let's Get it" had  made a comeback.

Um, no.

This latest version  has a person in a mask dancing poorly by themselves to  Baauer's song "Harlem Shake", then as the beat slows, the video suddenly jumps to a bunch of other rhythm-less people in  masks dancing, (although I dig what chicken is doing below).

Ironically, parts of the dance looks like the Weekend at Bernie's dance that appeared a earlier this decade)

Although most of the videos last for only 30 seconds, they are pretty humorously to watch like the Gradma version below, (she probably has no idea what's going on, but that's what makes it funny).

However,  "Southland" star Regina King, summed it best on Anderson Cooper when she said after viewing  his staff's version that  "Harlem Shake" is definitely for people who "can't dance".

Although I concur with Regina, I will give a nod to  T-Pain's version, which is probably the rhythmic of them all (and he didn't even need auto-tunes to do it!)

Sadly,  the "Harlem Shake" might have jumped the shark already as the Today Show did their version for Valentine's Day. Where's David Gregory when you need him to give  the Today Show staff some rhythm! (Kudos for Al Roker for trying to do best he can, while being the only brother on the set)

Hey Today Show! Watch KSLA News 12's  version of the "Harlem Shake", this is how you do it!

So what's your favorite version of the Harlem Shake or do you think the whole thing is dumb?

Azealia Banks - Harlem Shake (Remix)

Original Version Baauer - Harlem Shake (Full Orginal Version) Watch, some of Harlem Shake videos here: "This Latest Harlem Shake Dance is Ridiculous But Funny!"

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

State of the Union 2013: President Barack Obama's Full Speech (Video)

The most memorable moment of the address came when President Obama said "They deserve a vote" as he talked about the gun violence that affected Newton, Aurora, congress woman Gabby Giffords and Cleopatra-Crowley Pendleton and Nathanial A. Pendleton, the parents of slain chicago student Hadiya Pendleton who were sitting next to First Lady Michelle Obama.

Kate Upton Talks Freezing in Alaska & Penguins with David Letterman

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Nightine: "Swimsuit, Inc.: Big Business for Sports Illustrated"

CBS News: "Reporter Records Gunfight in Dorner Capture Effort"

"CBS reporter Carter Evans records a large gunfight during the effort to capture ex-police officer Christopher Dorner" CBS News

 (Via USA Today) "One sheriff's deputy died and another was wounded Tuesday afternoon during a dramatic gunfight with the man authorities believe to be Christopher Dorner, the fugitive former Los Angeles cop wanted in three murders and a revenge shooting rampage across Southern California. SWAT team later stormed a cabin near the community of Seven Oak, in the Big Bear ski resort area, where Dorner was believed holed up. TV footage showed the structure in flames." Read more

The Top 140 Songs for a Valentine's Day Mixtape

Inspired by Leah Haslage’s Valentine’s Day Playlist, where she listed some great love songs in different categories like "Love Stinks and "Get Your Sexy On", I decided to create the  Valentine’s Day Mixtape with a slightly urban feel to it. 

Ladies, since I'm alone on V'Day feel free to pass along a valentine or two...just don't tell your man!!

Guys, here's a dating tip: Mixtapes don't get you much lovin' if you give it to a lady as a gift.  

However these songs are great to set the mood..just don't use too many songs from the "Break To Make Up" list; musically they are great, but they could be definite mood killers.  

Now that's out of the way, let's get it on! (Which didn't make the list, but is still a classic)

It’s About To Go Down
1.)    Simply Beautiful-Al Green
2.)    I Want You-Erykah Badu
3.)    Moments in Love-Art of Noise
4.)    Bump N Grind- R. Kelly
5.)    Funny How Time Flies-Janet Jackson
6.)    Baby Come To Me-James Ingram and Patti Austin
7.)    One on One-Hall and Oates
8.)    I’ll Make Love To You-Boyz II Men
9.)    Let Me Be Your Angel-Stacy Lattisaw
10.) Inside My Love-Minnie Ripperton
11.) Say Yes-Floetry
12.) Love You Down-Ready For The World
13.) Fire and Desire-Rick James and Teena Marie
14.) Do Me Baby- Prince
15.) Flex-Mad Cobra
16.) Between The Sheets- The Isley Brothers
17.) Red Light Special –TLC
18.)  How Deep is Your Love-Keith Sweat
19.) Fortunate-Maxwell
20.) Soul Searchin-Me’Shell N’Degeocello
21.) Juicy Fruit-Mtume
22.) Whip Appeal-Babyface
23.) Love TKO-Teddy Pendergrass
24.) I Want You-Marvin Gaye
25.) Feelin On Yo Booty-R. Kelly
26.) Lady-D'Angelo
27.) Love Ballad-L.T.D. featuring Jeffery Osborne
28.) Freenk N U-Joedci

Love and Hip Hop
1.)    All I Need –Method Man and Mary J. Blige
2.)    Excuse Me Miss- Jay-Z and Pharrell
3.)    Bonita Applebaum-A Tribe Called Quest
4.)    Doin It-LL Cool J
5.)    21 Questions- 50 Cent
6.)    The Light-Common
7.)    What’s it Going to Be –Busta Rhymes and Janet 
8.)    The Sweetest Thing-Lauryn Hill
9.)    Passing Me By-The Pharcyde
10.) The Prototype-Outkast/Andre 3000
11.) Eric B and Rakim-Mahogany
12.) Give it to Me-Busta Rhymes and Mariah Carey
13.) Luv U Betta-LL Cool J
14.) Splash Waterfalls-Ludacris
15.) Ms. Phat Booty-Mos Def
16.) One More Chance-Notorious B.I.G.
17.) Is it Good To You-Heavy D and The Boyz 
18.) One Love-Whodini
19.) That Girl-Pharrell
20.)  I Want to Know What’s On Your Mind-Eric B and Rakim
21.)Love Sick-Gang Starr
22.)Come Closer-Common and Mary J. Blige
23.)Take You There-Pete Rock and CL Smooth
24.) I Need A Girl Part 2-Puff Daddy, Loon, and Mario
25.) Sexual Seduction-Snoop Dogg
26.) Never Been in Love-Talib Kweli featuring Just Blaze
27.) Mind Sex-Dead Prez
28.) Like You-Bow Wow and Ciara

 Break Up To Make Up 
1.)    Can We Try-Dan Hill and Vonda Sheppar
2.)    Keep Forgettin’-Michael McDonald
3.)    Heart to Heart-Kenny Loggins
4.)    Baby I’m Back-Player
5.)    At This Moment-Billy Vera
6.)    We Can’t Be Friends-Deborah Cox-R.L. from Next
7.)    Lately-Jodeci/Stevie Wonder
8.)    Is This The End-New Edition
9.)    Superstar/House is Not a Home-Luther Vandross/The Carpenters
10.) Tell Me if You Still Care-S.O.S. Band
11.) Where Did We Go Wrong -LTD feat. Jeffery Osborne
12.) Ex-Factor-Lauryn Hill
13.) Broken Hearted-Brandy and Wayna from Boyz II Men
14.) Goodbye Love-Guy
15.) The Hardest Thing-98 Degrees
16.) I’d Die Without You-PM Dawn
17.) Giggolos Get Loney Too-The Time
18.) Nothing Compares 2 U-The Family
19.) It Ain’t Over Till it’s Over-Lenny Kravitz
20.) Hear My Call-Jill Scott
21.) I'm Still in Love-Sean Paul
22.) It's Not Fair-Glenn Lewis
23.) Bringin' on The Heartache-Def Leppard
24.) You Are So Beautiful-Joe Cocker

25.) Against All Odds- The Phil Collins
26.) Come Back to Me-Janet Jackson
27.) I Just Wanna Stop-Gino Vanelli
28.) How Much I FeelYou-Jodeci 
Love is A Four Letter Word
1.)    When I Fall in Love-Nat King Cole
2.)    All I Need-Marvin Gaye and Tami Terrell
3.)    Spend My Life with You- Tamia and Eric Benet
4.)    Lady in My Life-Michael Jackson
5.)    For The Lover in You-Shalamar
6.)    Sara Smile-Hall and Oates
7.)    Before I Let You Go-BlackStreet
8.)    Adore-Prince
9.)    Love Me in A Special Way-DeBarge
10.) Hello/Truly-Lionel Richie
11.) My First, My Last, My Everything-Barry White
12.) Always-Atlantic Starr
13.) Something-The Beatles
14.) Lady-Kenny Rogers
15.) Endless-Lionel Richie and Diana Rosss
16.) So Amazing-Paul McCartney
17.) Joanna-Kool and The Gang
18.) Anything For You-Gloria Estefan and The Miami Sound Machine
19.) Iris-Goo Goo Dolls
20.) Anniversary-Tony, Toni, Tone
21.) You Mean The World To Me-Toni Braxton
22.) Kiss Me-Sixpence The Richer
23.) Nobody Does it Better-Carly Simon
24.) If You Love Me-Brownstone
25.) The Closer I Get To You-Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway
26.) Computer Love-Zapp featuring Charlie Wilson
27.) Jody Watley-Everything
28.) On Bended Knee-Boyz II Men

College Crush Playlist
1.)    I Like It-DeBarge
2.)    Forever My Lady-Jodeci
3.)    If I Ever Fall in Love-Shai
4.)    Slow Jam-Midnight Star
5.)    Differences-Ginuwine
6.)    Anytime-Brian McKnight
7.)    You Don’t Know My Name-Alicia Keys
8.)    Weak-SWV
9.)    Pretty Brown Eyes-Mint Condition
10.) Nobody’s Suppose To Be Here-Deborah Cox
11.) You Give Good Love-Whitney Houston
12.) One in a Million-Aaliyah
13.)  Two Occasions-The Deele
14.) Slow Dance-R. Kelly
15.) Let’s Get Married-Jagged Edge
16.) Saturday Love-Alexander O'neal and Cherelle
17.) Can We Talk/I'm Ready-Tevin Campbell
18.) Next Lifetime-Erykah Badu
19.) Cross My Mind-Jill Scott
20.) Butta Love-Next
21.) Pony-Ginuwine
22.) I Like-Kut Close
23.) Anywhere-112
24.) Joe-I Want To Know
25.) Come and Talk to Me/Stay-Jodeci
26.) All Because of You-Marques Houston
27.) I Get So Lonely-Janet Jackson
28.) All I Do is Think of You-Troop/Jackson 5

 What's your favorite V'Day song?