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Monday, October 31, 2011

History of Rap Part 3: Jimmy Fallon, Justin Timberlake, Nile Rodgers and The Roots

Justin Timberlake & Jimmy Fallon : Medley hiphop... by tartenpion333

Walking Dead Shane and Otis Ending Scene

This clip messed my head up the whole night. Not since I saw the zombies eat the horse during the first season, I have been so captivated and so sickened. This show is great!!!!

Amy Schumer Cosmo Pics (Howard Stern)

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Amy Schumer Stops by David Letterman and Jimmy Kimmel

Get "Inside Amy Schumer" On The Howard Stern Show
Amy Schumer Broke Up With Dolph Ziggler Because Their Sex Was Too Athletic

HOWARD STERN: Comedienne Amy Schumer talks about death threats after Charlie Sheen Roast

Full Interview with Howard Stern -August 2012

Comedian Amy Schumer, who roasted Charlie Sheen and will be seen with Steve Carell in the film "Seeking a Friend for the End of the World" stopped by Howard Stern's Sirius XM show and divulged she did a nude shoot for Cosmopolitan Magazine.

Of course the King of All Media was all over that, so here's a pic from Amy's pictorial.

Check out her official webpage, or follow her on Twitter.

Stand-Up: Amy Schumer - Porn Endings (Amy Schumer's 'Mostly Sex Stuff')

Friday, October 21, 2011

Jay-Z & Kanye West’s Watch the Throne Tour (Trailer)

New! Ludacris Featuring Gucci Mane-Shake N Fries (Stream)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Rolling Stone Playlist: Cee Lo: Southern Hip-Hop

1. "We Want Some Pussy" | 2 Live Crew, 1986
It was provocative, but I'm wild and loose, so I can appreciate their honesty.

Listen: Cee Lo's Top Southern Hip-Hop Songs
2. "Space Age Pimpin'" | 8Ball and MJG, 1995
I call these guys ghetto griots. They came from Memphis and became our first representatives of real Southern rap.

3. "The Piz" | Kilo, 1991
Kilo was an Atlanta pioneer. He introduced that "boyz in the hizzle" slang.

4. "Action" | Poison Clan, 1992
They were very vocabulous, full of analogies and wordplay.

5. "Feel The Bass (Speaker Terror Upper)" | DJ Magic Mike and the Royal Posse, 1989
The hardest and deepest bass you've ever heard. If you had a Granada or a Caprice Classic, with the Cerwin Vega speakers, it was rock & roll to be offensive with the bass. It was a hood way of saying, "Fuck you."

6. "Sho Nuff" | Tela, 1996
This is a skanky song with a nice, slow, sexy groove. It definitely was a crowd-pleaser in strip clubs like Nikki's.

7. "Watch for the Hook" | Cool Breeze feat. Outkast, Goodie Mob and Witchdoctor, 1998
This one is fast and hard – an East Coast kind of vibe. If there was any competition between those of us on this track, it was just friendly competition. Because everyone was rhyming so differently.

8. "Stay Fly " | Three 6 Mafia, 2005
I love how DJ Paul and Juicy J produce something so angry and urgent. And that beat! It's a sample of [Motown singer] Willie Hutch that they turned into something just tribal.

9. "Cell Therapy" | Goodie Mob, 1995
I'm very proud of this song. Busta Rhymes was in the same studio as us and said, "Hey, bubbas, I want to bless you all with some knowledge. Read this book." It was a copy of [conspiracy-theorist tome] Behold a Pale Horse. I must say we were heavily influenced by it. I think Goodie Mob helped usher in a new consciousness for Southern music, and this song was a part of that.

10. "B.O.B." | OutKast, 2000
This was just... mega. That image, that intensity, that urgency, that groove. It was like Afrika Bambaataa's "Planet Rock" but with more of a youthful feel to it. All of us working at the time in Atlanta grew because of Outkast's success.

Styles P Feat. Rick Ross & Busta Rhymes - Harsh ( Video)

Col. Gaddafi Killed: Cellphone Video Footage (Warning)

Watch: Warning! The video at this link is pretty disturbing: Cellphone footage

Read: Col Gaddafi killed: no mercy for a merciless tyrant

Mac Miller - Frick Park Market (Video)

New! Buddy - "Awesome Awesome" (Prod. by The Neptunes)

Perez Hilton Talks Oprah, Lindsay Lohan and Grinder Dating on Howard Stern 10-19-11

Howard TV: Perez Hilton wants to see High-Pitch Mike's P....

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

T.I. Talks Prison, Marriage and a New Book on Howard Stern

New Mixtape: Estelle ‘AOM: The Prequel’ (Stream)

New! Britney Spears - Criminal - Official Music Video


"Britney Spears' posh but incredibly mean English boyfriend asks his lovely girlfriend, "Why don't we see that pretty little face of yours?" at the beginning of the "Criminal" video. That remark sets off a chain of events that will certainly leave Britney fans watching the Chris Marrs Piliero-directed ("I Wanna Go") video on repeat.

As Britney and her abusive beau make their way out of the party, with him yelling at her for standing up for herself as he flirted with other girls, they come across Britney's real-life boyfriend, Jason Trawick, who is playing one really hot bad guy with a heart of gold. The boyfriend slaps Britney, and Jason comes to her rescue, setting into motion their very hot — and very naked — love affair."

Read more

Shia LaBeouf Attacked In Drunken Bar Fight

When keeping it real goes wrong

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ESPN: "Magic Johnson pokes fun at LeBron"

(Via ESPN).

"...In an on-campus speaking appearance Saturday at the University at Albany, N.Y., Johnson poked some fun at King James' fourth-quarter playoff troubles during the NBA Finals, according to multiple media reports...

....It all started when Johnson... was asked which of his accomplishments he would prefer as his lasting legacy.

"That's easy: Putting people to work in minority communities," Johnson said. "There's going to always be great players in basketball. There's going to always be guys who win championships in the NBA, except LeBron ..."

That drew a loud mix of applause, laughter and shouts from the audience, to which Johnson replied "Don't be mad!"

And at that moment, Magic couldn't resist some fun at LeBron's expense. He did point out that he was kidding -- but the zingers kept coming, one after another.

"Everybody's always asking, 'Who is better between Kobe (Bryant) and LeBron?' I'm like, Are you kidding me? I'm like you're kidding me ... Kobe, five championships; LeBron, zero."

"I love the young man though. I know he's going to get better in the fourth quarter this year.""

Read more

New! Nas – Nasty (Video)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Friday, October 14, 2011

Paramore: Monster [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

We're going to start something new here with blog: rankings. See that little fella up above with the thumbs, from time to time this widget will appear and I would really like to know if you like a particular song or video with whatever I'll use the wideget. Please feel free to leave comments as well.


Kevin Lockett
Music is My Soul

Cobra Starship: You Make Me Feel... ft. Sabi (Video)

New! David Guetta - Without You Ft. Usher - (Video)

I like, but not love "Without You"   by David Guetta and Usher; with so much Euro-dance songs all over he place, it makes me wonder how longer with this era last.

Bust Just when I want tot throw dirt on the genre, I hear a song like Cobra Starship's "You Make Me Feel" and I can't help but to sing along. So as long as they are more good songs than bad, Euro-dance will be here for a awhile

--Kevin Lockett

LMFAO - Sexy and I Know It (Video)

When I saw this video, I thought I was having a dream.

No way I'm a seeing dudes wearing banana hammocks thrusting in front of my TV screeen?!?!

There's now way I see a guy sunbathing  guy with a robot head and Ron Jeremey thrusting on screeen. I must've had some bad mushrooms on my pizza...right?!?!

Uh wrong,the LMFAO was able to dodged the censors with another energetic video,which makes 'Right Said Fred's I'm so sexy seem like a skit from Sesame Street.

Oh by the way, what's up with Wilmer Valderrama in the video? I haven't see him since that Lindsay Lohan was a bit normal and that "Yo Mama" show on MTV back in the day. 

Maybe his boy Kutcher, could hook him up with a gig a pizza guy "Two and Half Men".

--Kevin Lockett

Nikki Minaj "W" Magazine Cover

Read: Nicki Minaj Is Beautifully Regal On November's W Magazine (PHOTO)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Seattle Seahawks Tries to Woo Lebron James with Jersey

(via IB Times)

".....Pete Carroll, the Seattle Seahawks head coach, responded to James' tweet and asked him if he was "aware of what the League's rookie minimum is?"

"Yeah, more than what I'm making now Coach," James said.

Really? Those endorsements don't cut it anymore? Then James said he was a touchdown maker to Carroll. Carroll offered a tryout. Maybe he was kidding. Anyway, James played hard to get.

Then Carroll tweeted a picture of a LeBron Seahawks jersey Thursday morning. Yeah, he actually had a LeBron Seahawks jersey made. Maybe James will come play for the Seahawks. Maybe Carroll will ship it to him and James will frame it and hang it up and remember that awesome time when some football coach tried to get him to come play for his team even though he wasn't a football player."

Read More

Yahoo News: Lady Gaga’s ‘girl-next-door’ early years

Call me crazy, but I thought Gaga was cute chick back in her high school days. I'm cool with her costumes today, but Stefani Germanotta was pretty nice looking.

Am I wrong?

See more pics here

Spittin Hot Fire! LL Cool J 2011 BET Hip Hop Award Acceptance Speech

Now this was an acceptance speech!

Most times when artists get a life time achievement, they thank everyone from God to their agent.

But in this case, James Todd Smith did neither. He actually took out his phone and rhymed his way through his acceptance, which was genius.

It was genius because it reminded me that LL was a lyrical wonder. A battle rapper of all battle rappers.

LL didn't wow with a deep thought like Rakim or  the machine gun fashion of Big Daddy Kane, but LLCool J brought to thing to Hip-Hop.  The future  he set the template of what an artist can inspire to be and and gift to kick your head in with his rhymes.

Dude took on all comers from the Kool Moe Dee to Ice T.He had more comebacks on wax than John Travolta had in the movies.

Sure Mr. Smith is on a hit TV show (NCIS: Los Angeles) and his days of coming back from he musical dead to wow has slowed  down immensely, but LL Cool J's acceptance speech proved what Hip Hop lacks today, but what it can aspire to be tomorrow.

--Kevin Lockett

Hi Rihanna! : Shady 2.0 Cypher BET Hip Hop Awards ’11

Cypher: Yelawolf, Joe Budden, Slaughterhouse, Shady Crooked, Ortiz gets on through affirmative action, Royce Da 5’9” and some dude named Eminem.

Bonus: Chris Brown & Friends Cypher

BET Hip Hop Awards ’11: Rebel Without a Pause—Lupe Fiasco

Wearing a Occupy Wall Street t-shirt, Lupe pops up on stage with Erykah Badu wearing a burka??? If Ms. Badu ever had a reality show called "Oh...that's just Erykah," i'm watching it!!!

Heavy D Performs His Greatest Hits @ 2011 BET Hip Hop Awards Awards

The Hevster with trademark glasses, fancy footwork and DJ Eddie hits the stage performing a string of his classics, including “Nuttin’ But Love,” “Is It Good to You,” and “I Want Somebody and “Now That We Found Love," but not with Aaron Hall and Guy, but Tyrese.

Tyrese is a great singer, but it wasn't the same without the new jack swing of AH.

I remember back in the day when the debate was who was better Arron Hall or R. Kelly?
Umm, I wonder who won that debate?

New! Nas featuring Rick Ross – It's A Tower Heist

Nas featuring Rick Ross – It's A Tower Heist by Hypetrak

Nicki Minaj Meets ‘Super Bass’ Viral Stars Sophie Grace & Rosie on Ellen

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

Funny! I Got The Moves Like Jabba

To be an internet sensation,all it takes is a camera,a great idea and some fancy editing skills. Funny take on Star Wars and Maroon Five's "Moves Like Jagger"

New! Jessie J Domino (Video)

I thought this track sounded a litttle bit like Katy Perry, super hitmaker Dr. Luke produced it.

Jessie J Domino official video by Wed_Suc

Demi Lovato performs Lil Wayne's "How To Love" for VH1's Top 20 Live.

Skrillex-First of the Year (Call 911) Equinox

This video is crazy good musiclly and visually!

First Of The Year (Equinox) - Skrillex from Juan Carlos Ivancevich on Vimeo.

Patrick Stump w/ Lupe Fiasco -This City

Patrick Stump - This City ft. Lupe Fiasco from Roman Bilik on Vimeo.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bootsy Collins, Biz Markie, Erykah Badu, The Roots Mark Mothersbaugh & Yo Gabba Gabba! On Jimmy Fallon’

“We’re Gonna Party Today,” a dedication tribute to the late Sugar Hill Records founder Sylvia Robinson.

Esquire Magazine Names Rihanna Sexiest Woman Alive

(Via Esquire)

".....Twenty-three years after being born poor in Barbados, eight years after being discovered there by a producer on vacation, six years after being signed by Jay-Z, two years after being savagely beaten by her former boyfriend, the asshole Chris Brown, nine months after releasing an album that has yielded three number-one singles, she emerges from the dressing room in full regalia and walks out into the big void under the stands of the Izod Center. She's wearing the bikini. From here, about six feet away, you can see that it's encrusted with dozens of small stones of various colors. It must weigh twenty pounds. It's not as shiny up close. It's chunky. It looks like a pain to wear. Like it might chafe."

Read more:\
Do you agree that RiRi is 2011's sexiest? Who do you think is sexy?

New! Beyoncé - Countdown (VIDEO)

Beyoncé - Countdown (OFFICIAL VIDEO) [HD 720p] by Henrietta-Aime-Fumer_Tv

Pregnancy hasn't slowed down Bey as she wows in this multi-layered video for "Coutdown", which uses Boyz II  Men's countdown from "Uhh Ahh" as part of the the hook.

However, Beyonce has got into a bad habit of stealing the look of Euopean videos without giving them credit as in the case of Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker that inspired Beyonce's "Countdown".

Rosie O'Donnell's Girlfriend Michelle Rounds (Howard Stern)

Monday, October 10, 2011

NY Post : "Christina Aguilera shocks fans with disheveled on-stage look"

(Via New York Post)

"Christina Aguilera's disheveled appearance and obvious weight gain took fans by surprise at the Michael Jackson tribute concert in the UK over the weekend, according to Radar Online.
Audience members gasped when the songstress appeared on-stage Saturday night dressed in a tight-fitting, one piece corset at the "Michael Forever -- The Tribute Concert" in Cardiff, Wales.

The skimpy outfit had her fuller figure on full display. Paired with a voluminous and unkempt hairdo, the look was a vast departure from the toned and sexy physique she showed off in her 2010 film "Burlesque."
Christina Aguilera's disheveled appearance and obvious weight gain took fans by surprise at the Michael Jackson tribute concert in the UK over the weekend, according to a report.But despite the blowzy style, Aguilera's powerful pipes still wowed the crowd, especially when she sang the Charlie Chaplin-composed "Smile" -- one of Jackson's favorite tunes -- as well as her rendition of Jackson's own "Dirty Diana."

Kreayshawn on 'Last Call with Carson Daly'

Hard Knock TV: Common talks New Album, No I.D, Kanye, album

VH1's Greatest 100 Songs Of The 2000's (Full List)

What's your favorite song from the 00's?

100. Sisqó – “Thong Song”
99. Carrie Underwood “Before He Cheats”
98. 3 Doors Down “Kryptonite”
97. Shaggy “It Wasn’t Me”
96. Pussycat Dolls (Feat. Busta Rhymes) “Don’t Cha”
95. James Blunt – “You’re Beautiful”
94. Daughtry – “It’s Not Over”
93 OK Go – “Here It Goes Again”
92. Flo Rida (Feat. T-Pain) – “Low”
91. Creed – “With Arms Wide Open”
90. Mystikal – “Shake Ya Ass”
89. M.I.A. – “Paper Planes”
88. Fountains of Wayne – “Stacy’s Mom”
87. The Darkness – “I Believe in a Thing Called Love”
86. Aerosmith – “Jaded”
85. Macy Gray – “I Try”
84. Linkin Park – “In the End”
83. D’Angelo – “Untitled (How Does It Feel)”
82. Matchbox Twenty – “Unwell”
81. Bruce Springsteen – “The Rising”
80. Lil Jon & the East Side Boyz (Feat. Ying Yang Twins) – “Get Low”
79. Enrique Iglesias – “Hero”
78. Plain White T’s – “Hey There Delilah”
77. Nickelback – “How You Remind Me”
76. T.I. ft Rihanna – “Live Your Life”
75. Gavin DeGraw – “I Don’t Want to Be”
74. Chamillionaire (Feat. Krayzie Bone) – “Ridin’”
73. Nelly Furtado (Feat. Timbaland) – “Promiscuous”
72. Jet – “Are You Gonna Be My Girl”
71. Colbie Caillat – “Bubbly”
70. Chris Brown (Feat. Juelz Santana) – “Run It!”
69. Evanescence – “Bring Me to Life”
68. Ludacris (Feat. Shawnna) – “Stand Up”
67. Leona Lewis – “Bleeding Love”
66. Snoop Dogg (Feat. Pharrell) – “Drop It Like It’s Hot”
65. Aaliyah – “Try Again”
64. Jennifer Lopez (Feat. Ja Rule) – “I’m Real (Murder Remix)”
63. Andrew W.K. – “Party Hard”
62. Avril Lavigne – “Complicated”
61. Kelis – “Milkshake”
60. Ke$ha – “Tik Tok”
59. Justin Timberlake – “Cry Me a River”
58. Jason Mraz – “I’m Yours”
57. Mary J. Blige – “Family Affair”
56. DMX – “Party Up (Up In Here)”
55. The Killers – “Mr. Brightside”
54. Norah Jones – “Don’t Know Why”
53. Blink-182 – “All the Small Things”
52. Shakira (Feat. Wyclef) – “Hips Don’t Lie”
51. Natasha Bedingfield – “Pocketful of Sunshine”
50. Taylor Swift – “You Belong With Me”
49. Lady Gaga – “Bad Romance”
48. Kings Of Leon – “Sex On Fire”
47. Christina Aguilera, Lil’ Kim, Mya, Pink – “Lady Marmalade”
46. Kid Rock & Sheryl Crow – “Picture”
45. Eve (Feat. Gwen Stefani) – “Let Me Blow Ya Mind”
44. Red Hot Chili Peppers – “Californication”
43. Katy Perry – “I Kissed A Girl”
42. Train – “Drops Of Jupiter (Tell Me)”
41. R. Kelly – “Trapped In The Closet”
40. Fall Out Boy – “Sugar, We’re Goin Down”
39. Adele – “Chasing Pavements”
38. Miley Cyrus – “Party In The U.S.A.”
37. Britney Spears – “Oops! … I Did It Again”
36. *NSYNC – “Bye Bye Bye”
35. John Mayer – “Daughters”
34. Janet Jackson – “All For You”
33. Johnny Cash – “Hurt”
32. Maroon 5 – “This Love”
31. Amy Winehouse – “Rehab”
30. Gwen Stefani – “Hollaback Girl”
29. Foo Fighters – “Best Of You”
28. Madonna – “Music”
27. Usher (Feat. Lil Jon and Ludacris) – “Yeah!”
26. The White Stripes – “Seven Nation Army”
25. Nelly – “Hot in Herre”
24. Missy Elliott – “Get Ur Freak On”
23. Pink – “Get the Party Started”
22. Alicia Keys – “Fallin’”
21. Jay-Z – “99 Problems”
20. Britney Spears – “Toxic”
19. Destiny’s Child – “Bootylicious”
18. Christina Aguilera – “Beautiful”
17. Coldplay – “Clocks”
16. Beyoncé – “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)”
15. U2 – “Beautiful Day”
14. Gnarls Barkley – “Crazy”
13. Green Day – “American Idiot”
12. Black Eyed Peas – “I Gotta Feeling”
11. Rihanna (Feat. Jay-Z) – “Umbrella”
10. 50 Cent – “In Da Club”
9. Mariah Carey – “We Belong Together”
8. Jay-Z (Feat. Alicia Keys) – “Empire State Of Mind”
7. Justin Timberlake (Feat Timbaland) – “SexyBack”
6. Kanye West (Feat. Jamie Foxx) – “Gold Digger”
5. Kelly Clarkson – “Since U Been Gone”
4. Eminem – “Lose Yourself”
3. Lady Gaga – “Poker Face”
2. OutKast – “Hey Ya!”
1. Beyoncé (Feat. Jay-Z) – “Crazy In Love”

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Breaking!! Apple says Steve Jobs has died


"Steve Jobs, the mastermind behind Apple's iPhone, iPad, iPod, iMac and iTunes, has died in California. Jobs was 56.
The homepage of Apple's website contained a full-page image of Jobs with the text, "Steve Jobs 1955-2011."
Jobs co-founded Apple Computer in 1976 and, with his childhood friend Steve Wozniak, marketed what was considered the world's first personal computer, the Apple II.
Industry watchers called him a master innovator -- perhaps on a par with Thomas Edison -- changing the worlds of computing, recorded music and communications."

Read more:

What was your favorite Apple invention?

Also read Steve Jobs is Dead: What Will Your Legacy Be? (Eulogy)

Eddie Murphy Might Return to SNL This Weekend?

Following the word that Eddie Murphy will host the next Oscars, word from New York is that Velvet Jones might return to Satruday Night Live.

According to the New York Post's Page 6 "Work is going on behind the scenes for Murphy to pop up on the NBC show when his “Tower Heist” co-star, Ben Stiller, hosts Saturday night, we’re told. Murphy’s hosting the next Oscar telecast, which happens to be produced by “Tower” director Brett Ratner."

Murphy hasn't been back to Saturday Night Live since 1984.

A feud erupted between Murphy and SNL creator Lorne Michaels, when David Spade took shots at Murphy's career back in the day.

But let's be honest, if Lorne Michaels was still in charge when Eddie Murphy was on SNL, there would be know way that Murphy would have dominated the show and probably would have stunted his comedic growth, (Sorry Kennan Thompson, but make sure you talk to Eddie about his "Half" routine from"Raw before you get married).

Time will tell if Murphy will be seen on SNL, but it would be a welcome return.

What was your favorite Eddie Murphy skit on SNL?

New! Willow Smith ft. Nicki Minaj - Fireball

New! Nola Darling – STFU (Start The Riot) (Video)

New! 9th Wonder – Make It Big (Video)

9TH WONDER - MAKE IT BIG from Pricefilms on Vimeo.

Playboy Club Cancelled: I’m Not Surprised

Earlier this week, NBC cancelled the Playboy’s Club with Eddie Cibian, (this dude just can’t catch a break first it was Invasion, then CSI Miami.)

The show wasn’t bad, but it should have been a cable, but NBC wanted their own version of Mad Men.

That’s all well and good, but to be honest, I don’t care how Emmy’s Man Men wins, he 60’s ad exec drama pulls in just under 2.4 million viewers on AMC. Ironically, the top rated rate show on AMC is Walking Dead, which averages about 3.5 million, but I don’t expect any shows with Zombies on the peacock anytime soon, (although it seems like NBC is rub by zombies).

So if you are a NBC exec, why would you think your 60’s inspired drama will have more ratings than the 2.5 million of the top rated 60’s inspired drama? (zombies have to be making this decisions right?)

The Playboy’s Club would’ve had a better chance if it was featured on NBC’s sister cable outlet Bravo, but since Bravo is all about housewives now, it wasn’t a good fit, (James Plimpton where are you?!?)

To be honest, I think the Playboy’s Club can still work, all you have to do is go to AMC, scrap the originally idea and focus on Hugh Hefner’s beginnings at Playboy.

Thanks to Borders mass liquidation, I‘ve been reading "Mr Playboy: Hugh Hefner and the American Dream".

 If a smart producer would just focus on Hef’s career from the time he launched Playboy in the 1950’s to right before the sexual revolution of the 1960’s that show would be just as captivating as anything on Mad Men, (the spin-off show could be sold Showtime, because the Hef’s life in the 1970’s was even wilder.)

But who I am right?

I’m just a pop culture blogger in Akron, Ohio. I can’t be nearly as smart as those zombies…I mean execs at NBC right?  

Did you watch the Playboy’s Club? What did you think?

Also read:  Check out The Walking Dead Online Series

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Big Sean -Dance (A$$) [Remix] (Ft. Nicki Minaj)

New! Ney-Yo Strip Club

Hank Williams Jr. Obama/Hitler Comment was "Misunderstood"

"Some of us have strong opinions and are often misunderstood. My analogy was extreme – but it was to make a point. I was simply trying to explain how stupid it seemed to me - how ludicrous that pairing was." says Williams.

What do you think?

ESPN Pulls Hank Williams Jr for Comparing Obama... by MaDmOnkyKungFu

Bidding War for 2Pac Sex Tape

(Via TMZ)

"Two porn companies are going head-to-head in a ferocious battle to buy the rights to the Tupac Shakur sex tape ... and TMZ has learned the first bid is well into 6-figures.

Sources close to the person in possession of the tape tell us ... neither company has actually laid eyes on the footage ... but both sites are serious about acquiring the rights.

TMZ has confirmed ... one of the potential buyers is a site called -- and honcho Corey Price tells us the site has made an official offer to pay $150k for the tape.

According to sources, the person in possession of the tape believes the offer is "way too low" -- and is willing to hold out for more money.

We're told the seller has been in contact with a second, unidentified porn site, which has vowed to to beat the current offer -- but only if it can screen the footage first.

As TMZ first reported, the footage was shot in 1991... and it features the late rapper receiving oral sex from a woman while rapping, drinking and smoking a blunt at a house party.

Monday, October 3, 2011

HBO: How To Make It In America: S 2 EP 09 I'm Good: Music

Martin Solveig - Big In Japan (ft. Dragonette)
Song plays while Ben and Cam are in Japan

Big In Japan (with Dragonette ; feat. Idoling!!!) by martinsolveig

Spank Bot-Bump
Girls Dancing at Studio

Breakbot - Baby I'm Yours (feat. Irfan)
Song Plays as Crisp Pop up store

Breakbot - Baby I'm Yours (feat. Irfane) - HD from Ed Banger Records on Vimeo.

Avicii - Levels (Original Mix)
Ending Scene Credits

See the full list here: