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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Video: David Guetta feat. Kelly Rowland - When Love Takes Over

I came across this new club track from Ms. Rowland on Peter Tong's club show on BBC radio.

Lil Kim On Dancing With The Stars Round 4

Back in the day, when I watched Lil Kim, shake and groove through "Crush and You", I never thought she would be able to do the Argentinian Tango, but last night on "Dancing With Stars " she did!. The Queen Bee earned high marks for her passionate dance and quickly becoming a favorite with the judges.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Fall Out Boy feat. Joe Budden, 88-Keys, Murs - America’s Suitehearts (Remix)

Fall Out Boy feat. Joe Budden, 88-Keys, Murs - America’s Suitehearts (Remix)

Lebron James On 60 Minutes [Full Interview]

CBS reports "Is LeBron James the best player in the NBA? He's only 24 years and promises his best years are still ahead. Steve Kroft hits the hardwood with "King James

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Missed N.E.R.D on Jimmy Fallon?

Pharrell Williams, Chad Hugo and the rest of N.E.R.D. stopped by late Night with Jimmy Fallon to perform a news song "Solider". The song (which featured Lil Wyane) sounds like combination of their hyper track "Spaz" mixed with the classic Ska sounds of Madness.

Since most Hip Hop and R&B stations has turned their backs on the Neptunes, I noticed that Chad & Pharrell has focused on heavily. N.E.R.D.; which is great for their rock fans, but unfortunate for their Hip Hop fans who loved their urban beats.

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Missed Prince on Jay Leno?

The Purple One stopped by The Tonight Show for three nights, performing songs from his three album set "Lotus Flower", which will be released on March 23rd at Target.

Prince - "Ol' Skool Company"

Prince - "Dreamer"

Prince - "Feel Good, Feel Better, Feel Wonderful"

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Friday, March 27, 2009

Lebron James Hits Incredible Shot on 60 Minutes

Cleveland Cavs' King James hit 60 foot shot during his interview on Sunday's 60 Minutes.

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lil Wayne Hot Revolver Extended Version

Its going to be interesting to see if these "Hip Hop and R&B" stations will embrace Weezy's forthcoming rock influenced album "Rebirth" or will they force him to make hip hop remixes.

Making remixes for songs like "Hot Revolver" will no doubt appease the musical ineptness of urban radio programmers, but it will also keep their listeners from embracing a rock element in black music that was prevalent from Little Richard to Parliament to Prince and beyond.

I don't know if "Rebirth (which also features Lenny Kravitz, Avril Lavigne and Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz) will be good or bad, but I give Lil Wayne kudos for at least trying to push his own musical boundaries.

Lil Wayne - Hot Revolver [Extended Version]

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Melanie Fiona - Give It to Me Right Remix - Produced by Kwame

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Common / Erykah Badu / Kanye West @ 2009 South By Southwest

Footage of Common, Erykah Badu and Kanye West freestyling at SXSW 2009’s Fader / Levi showcase event.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mad Men's Christina Hendricks Named to TV Guide's Sexy List

Who's the thick red head on Taye Digg's show?

That's what I asked a friend of mine, the first time I saw Christina Hendricks' on Digg's former UPN show "Kevin Hill".

Although the show lasted for only one season, I thought that the lovely Ms. Hendrick's thickness would keep her out of roles which usually calls for size zeroes.

Thankfully I was wrong, because a few years later Hendricks popped up on AMC's 1960's inspired show Mad Men as the shapely Joan Holloway and the rest is history.

As a man who appreciate curves, Hendricks is more of the norm than the waif like gals seen on the new 91210.

I remember my mom telling me once, the reason she liked Marilyn Monroe was because "she was the only white girl who had a butt", which was true of Monroe and others.

Hendrick's "Man Men" character is an homage to shapely women like Monroe, Jane Mansfield and Jane Russell were female prototypes for Wasp-ish men back in the 50's and the early 60's.

However this version of beauty ended abruptly, when a skinny British model named Twiggy appeared in the late 60's and thin was in (and seems like its still in).

TV Guide's acknowledgement of Hendrick's' curves probably won't change Hollywood's perception that only women size 4 and under are sexy, but here's hoping more sexy thick gals will pop up on TV soon.

If I do have a problem with TV Guide's sexy list, it is that there were not any African American women on it.

Although from a minority perspective, its was nice to see Top Chef Indian beauty Padma Lakshmi on the list list along with Latina Eva Longoria Parker (who was named as the sexiest person on TV), the lack African American women on the list says one of two things:

1.) There were not any sexy African American women on TV, which is impossible (have they seen Wendy Raquel Robinson and Tia Mowry on “The Game” or Audrey McDowell and Sharon Leal on “Private Practice”)


2.) There are so few roles for African American women (and men) on television that TV Guide did not have enough African American women to choose from.

If that’s the case, and it is, not only is this a damning statement for not television, but Hollywood as a whole....but that's different discussion for another day.

See complete list @

Private Practice's Sharon Leal

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2009 January Jones in November 2009 GQ

2010: Christina Hendricks Tires of Talking About Her Hour Glass Body

2010 Esquire Magazines Votes Names Christina Hendricks as The Best Looking Woman in America

2011 Christina Hendricks to TMZ: My Boobs Are NOT a Conversation Piece!!!!

George Lopez To Get His Own Talk Show

Back in the day WTBS was a place for Atlanta Braves baseball and "wrastlin.".

Now as TBS, the channel is quickly becoming a foundation for niche minority programs.

Following the success of Tyler Perry's shows (even though I don't watch them), here comes George Lopez to add some Latino flavor.

Beginning in November, Lopez will host an L.A. based talk show which will air Monday through Thursday nights at 11 p.m.

Like Arsenio Hall, who broke ground as the first was African American to host a late night show 90's , Lopez will be the first Latin American to host a late night program on mainstream television.

While some people may scoff at George Lopez hosting a show, the man is funny and like Hall, has the genuine likability factor that should cut across many demographics.

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Michael Jordan's Cries at His Son's Basketball Game (Video)

Emotion came over Michael Jordan after his son Marcus lead his Chicago high school team Whitney Young over Waukegan for the 4A championship on Saturday.

As Marcus Jordan and his teammates celebrated, Michael Jordan started clapping his hands with tears rolling down his eyes. Although #23 is still a legend, its good to see that on this day, his simply Marcus Jordan's dad.

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Monday, March 23, 2009

Ciara feat. Justin Timberlake - Love Sex Magic

Second single from Ciara's upcoming album Fantasy Ride is produced by Timberlake and co-written by Timberlake.

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Ru'Paul's Drag Race Season Finale Tonight 10PM

Update 3/24/2009
And the Winner is......Cameroooooooon!

Bebe Zahara Benet is the winner of America's next Drag Superstar. The between Bebe and Nina Flowers was nip and tuck, even after the the dance for the life segment, choosing a winner was tough. However, in the end, Bebe won partly because of her dedication to fighting AIDS in her home of Cameroon, plus she looks like Diana Ross from in the 70's. The fans online voted fashionista Nina Flowers "Miss Congeniality" and Rebecca Glasscock was a distant third.

I jumped on board RuPaul's Drag Race few week's ago, when VH1 was re-airing the show from Logo and after that I was hooked.

The show is like "America's Next Top Model" in the bizarro world, but every episode is compelling, trashy, stupid and fun to watch.

Tonight's season finale pits Bebe, Nina Flowers and Rebbecca Glasscock against each other for the crown of best drag queen. All three have different attributes and all three can win, but in the end I think the fashion forward style of Nina Flowers will beat out Cameroon's Bebe and the photogenic Rebbecca.

The one thing that I admired about the Queens on the show is that they are not afraid to be who they are. Too often people are afraid to be their true selves. It could be in relationships, the career that want and life you want to lead, but life is about being true to yourself.

So if a bunch of drag queens can get out there have no fear in wearing make up and dresses, we should be able to have no fear in anything we want to do in our lives as well.

But no tucking man....I still don't know those gals can pull that off without spraining something down there.

RuPaul's Drag Race season finale premiere at 10pm on Logo, followed by a reunion show @ 11pm.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Club Alert! House of House- "Rushing to Paradise"

For true club house fans, they probably heard this song months, but I just came across House of House's "Rushing to Paradise" Friday night when Groove Armada played it on BBC Radio (by the way the new Groove Amada album is called" Black Light").

"Rushing to Paradise" is laid back and soulful, but unfortunately I was only able to find a snippet of the song on their Myspace page.

Keith Olbermann's Special Comment on AIG "ENOUGH!"

on March 19th, Keith Olbermann, host of MSNBC's Countdown gave a special comment on AIG and other financial firms squandering the government's bailout money.

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Missed Jay Leno's interview with President Obama? Go here:

2Pac Look-A-Like Spotted at Lil Wayne Concert

I jumped off the the Tupac Shakur is still alive train around 1999, but crazy videos like this with Pac's double, makes you wonder if Mr. Shakur is still chilling out on some sandy beach in Barbados, laughing at everyone.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

President Obama's 2009 NCAA Men's Basketball Bracket

Take a look at President Barack Obama's March madness bracket. An avid basketball fan and player, the Prez decided that Roy Williams and the North Carolina Tar Heels (UNC) will beat Rick Pitino's Louisville Cardnials to win it all. Personally, I'm leaning towards Pitt beating Memphis, but North Carolina is a solid pick.

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Emmy Rossum in Details Magazine

I always felt that actress Emmy Rossum ("The Phantom of the Opera", "Poseidon") had a provocative side to her, but I wasn't sure until the "Dragonball Evolution" star posed for her latest pictorial in the new issue of Details Magazine.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lil' Kim On Dancing With The Stars (Week 2)

This is for my fellow hip hop fans who are not afraid to admit that they watch DWTS. Lil' Kim is actually a pretty good dancer, I'm just confused why she had so much plastic surgery on her face...allegedly.

Monday, March 16, 2009

New Video: 88-Keys "Stay Up (Viagra)" with Kanye West

Here's the official music video for 88-Keys single "Stay Up (Viagra)" featuring Kanye West, where they play dirty old men.

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Running With Models: Chaos at 'America's Next Top Model' Audition

Running with the bulls? Uh not quite, but imagine a sidewalk filled with freakishly tall good looking women, running in a stampede.

Well that's what happened on Saturday in Manhattan outside of the CW studios for a "America's Next Top Model" casting call.

Everything was cool until until a overheated car stopped in the front of the models and someone yelled "There's a bomb!"

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

March Madness: Need a 2009 NCAA Men's Basketball Bracket?

Printable Brackets

Sammy Davis Jr.'s Widow Altovise Dies at 65

On Saturday March 14th, Altovise Joanne Gore Davis, the widow of Sammy Davis Jr. died following a stroke, she was 65 years old.

For young people, the death of Mr. Davis' wife might not mean much, but for another generation, its another link to the famed Rap Pack disappearing.

A leggy former dancer met Davis in 1967, when they performed in the play Golden Boy".
The duo wed in 1970, adopted a son and remained together until Mr. Davis' died in 1990 following his battle this throat cancer at the age of 64.

As great as an entertainer Sammy Davis Jr. was, he was also a horrible business and since his death, Mrs. Davis had to deal with his IRS and other legal problems that still plagues his estate to this day.

Altovise Davis is survived by her son Manny.

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Friday, March 13, 2009

George Clooney Returns to ER

Last night George Clooney (Doug Ross), Eriq La Salle (Benton), and Julianna Margulies (Carol) joined another ER alum Noah Wylie (Carter) on last night's episode.

Although ER is still a pretty good show, the reappearance of Clooney, La Salle and Marguiles was reminder how great the show was back in the 90's. By the end of episode, I wanted to learn more about Doug and Carol's life in Seattle.

However, given Clooney's current gig as a internationally known movie star, I don't think the Doug and Carol show will not be on NBC's fall schedule.

But they can always make an appearance on Seattle based Grey's Anatomy right?
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Jennifer Love Hewitt is Off The Market

Remember a few weeks ago, when mentioned that Jennifer Love Hewitt's engagement was over? Well if you snooze, you lose and the winner is..... Love's Ghost Whisperer co-star Jamie Kennedy.

Moving faster than David Spade on Heather Locklear, Kennedy confirmed they are dating on Ryan Seacrest's radio show.

I'm not sure why Jamie put their relationship out there, but I can't blame him. If I was in his shoes, I would buy time on network TV like President Obama and broadcast during prime time.

Now let let's see if Kennedy can keep Love because so far, nobody has been able to lock her down.

But I'm sure he'll have fun trying.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

En Vogue on Cover of Jet Magazine

A few days ago, I mentioned that Elsie Neal was supposed to be my second ex-wife.
Today features my proposed first ex-wife Terry Ellis (third from the left).

Ms. Ellis joins her Funky Diva sisters Cindy-Heron Bragg, Maxine Jones and former wayward member Dawn Robinson to discuss their 20th anniversary in the music industry on and off stage in the latest issue of Jet.
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KayneWest Gives a lackluster performance on American Idol

Last night Kanye West "performed" on American Idol.

It wasn't good.

When I first heard that Ye was performing on the music reality series, my first question was why?

His latest album "808 & Heartbreak" has performed well despite mixed reviews from fans and critics alike and his recent tour has garnered raves.

So why would the arguably best selling artist in music today, perform on a show right after Simon Cowell and somewhat lucid Paula Abdul crew booted off southern belle Jasmine Murray.

Who knows? I don't even think he does.

You knew Kanye wssn't into it becuase after he performed (or did he lip sync )"Heartless", he simply walked off the stage without talking to Mr Bright Smile, Ryan Seacrest.

It's not so much that West didn't talk to Seacrest, but the fact he usually gives his all on stage.

This night he didn't.

It's as if Kanye's manager pushed him on stage and told him that he had to perform American Idol to boost album sales....I think the plan backfired.

Interestingly enough, later in the show, the original American Idol (and a thicker looking) Kelly Clarkson popped up, bantered with Seacrest for few minutes and belted out her latest hit "My Life Would Suck Without You".

I'm sure Clarkson would rather not return to the show after achieving post-Idol success, but its the #1 show on television. Why wouldn't she take the opportunity to schmooze a little with Seacrest, perform a song for about three minutes, then reap the benefits on ITunes?

I guess the usually calculating Mr. West didn't figure that out....but at the end of the day did he really need to?

Kelly Clarkson Remixes

Kanye On Idol

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ellen Confronts Diddy On Why He Helped Chris Brown

On a recent episode of her show, Ellen DeGeneres asked Sean "Diddy "Combs why did he let Chris Brown stay in his mansion in Florida. Sean being Sean said "Its My House. I'm Allowed To Give My House To Whoever".

I understand why Ellen asked the question, because Chris Brown allegedly beat Rhianna quite viciously. But Combs should not apologize for giving Brown a safe haven and hopefully given him some guidance, (given Combs track record with women, he should be last one giving Chris Brown advice about relationships, but Diddy has never been accused of striking a woman).

I have stayed away from the whole Chris Brown/Rhianna saga because it has become an overexposed side show, when its really a private matter between Chris, Rhianna and the law.

I will say that both of these young people need guidance, counseling and a rest from Oprah, Entertainment Tonight, TMZ, Star Magazine and everyone else who has weighed in on their relationship.

I don't think Chris Brown is the new Ike Turner nor do I think Rhianna is a wilting flower or a loser as Donald Trump allegedly said.

I think they are two high profile young people engulfed in a toxic relationship.

In reality, they might be better off if they separate from each other and grow as individuals, but reality says the heart wants what the heart wants and unfortunately this might not be the last time we will hear about their turbulent relationship.

Public Enemies (Starring Johnny Depp) [Movie Trailer]

Director: Michael Mann Writer: Ronan Bennett Studio: Universal Pictures Cast: Johnny Depp, Christian Bale, Marion Cotillard Release: July 1, 2009

KiD CuDi - SuperBoo

Here's the unofficial music video for "SuperBoo" by KiD CuDi directed by Tishaun Dawson for featuring The Beautiful Warriors Nazanin, Jessie, Marly, Kaila, Kacie & Jeanette.

LeToya Luckett - Not Anymore

The official music video for "Not Anymore", from LeToya's new album Lady Love. The album will be available online and in stores May 2009.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel on Saturday Night Live

I'm not sure why Saturday Night Live is still on the air. The writing stinks and most of the cast members on the show are not that funny.

Ironically, the funniest person on SNL nowadays isn't even a cast member at all....its Justin Timberlake.

Yeah that Justin Timberlake.

For the past few years, Timberlake would show up to host or do an announced guest spot and he usually ends being pretty funny.

Last weekend, the former N'Syncer popped up again with his long time gal Jessica Biel, (the dude has good taste, I'll give him that).

The sketch wasn't funny, but Biel dressed as Jessica Rabbit was outstanding!

Unfortunately, since SNL does not allow their shows to be posted on YouTube, here's a news spot with the Timberlake & Biel clip.

Listen to the news guy when he says Jessica Biel has "Junk in the Trunk" (or as he said "Junk in that Trunk" yuk yuk).In less than five seconds, this dude totally destroyed a classic term...but I get what he was saying.

Jessica does have a lot of junk back there, so why did SNL make her wear all of that padding? (Sigh)...and that's why this show sucks.

Elise Neal On The Cover of J'Adore

Anybody who knows me understands that Elise Neal was supposed be my second ex-wife.

But since Ms. Neal lives in Los Angeles and I'm in the land of Lebron James , our subsequent marriage and divorced never quite happened.

Imagine my surprise when I saw the lovely Miss Neal gracing the cover a magazine called J'Adore.

In the new upscale urban mag (which also features Tamala Jones), Elise talks about her new online TBS series "My Manny" and her upcoming film "Love Ranch" with Helen Mirren and Taylor Hackford (Ray), where Elise plays a Foxy Brown type character working in a 1970's brothel.

Hmmm, Elise dressed like Foxy Brown, working in a brothel?

Where's that bothel at again?


My Manny

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Q-Tip on Martha Stewart

If you would've told me 15 years ago that Q-Tip and his Boston Terrier would be hanging out with Martha Stewart, I would've said that must be some whacked out sketch on "In Lving Color". But it's true!

The Tribe Called Quest front man recently made an appearance on Martha's show, which is cool beacuse I need to learn some new recipes...but can anybody tell me the best way to iron a curtain without burning it?

Pitbull - I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)

Here is Pitbull's latest video "I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)" from his upcoming album Rebelution.

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Lady Sovereign - So Human

The official music video for Lady Sovereign's second single "So Human" from her forthcoming album Jigsaw.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Ludacris Performs with The Roots on Late Nite with Jimmy Fallon

Its been awhile since I stayed up to watch a talk show after 12:30 am, but I probably need to start Tivo-ing Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

Its not so much Jimmy's interviewing skills, but its all about The Roots and the new spin they put on the late night music scene.

Last night was a great example as the hip hop band from Philly paired up with Ludacris on a medley of songs including "I Do It For Hip Hop".

As much I love DJ's there is nothing like hearing a great band, especially a band that loves Hip Hop.

Beer Pong: Serena Williams vs. Jimmy Fallon

Serena shows off her assets during her beer pong match Jimmy Fallon.

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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Shocker! Dallas Cowboys Release Terrell Ownen AND Roy Williams

I guess Terrell Owens' new VH1 show will now be must see TV for 2009.
Early this morning the Dallas Morning News reported that The Dallas Cowboys released wider receiver Terrell Owens as well as his teammate, safety Roy Williams.

The Williams releasing is surprising, but over the years the hard hitting safety was criticized for being a freelancer who did not follow his defensive assignments.

By cutting Williams, the Cowboys not only saved some money, but are now in the market for a less spectacular, but more consistent safety.

Although rumours of T.O being released has been floating around since the end of the season, it is still surprising was released because he was a favorite of Cowboys' owner Jerry Jones; but even Mr. Jones could not save the talented Mr. Owens.
Many critics will say that Terrell Owens is a bad teammate . A diva-like presence who destroys every team that he plays for; in some ways, the facts do not lie.

T.O has played for three teams: The San Francisco 49ers, The Philadelphia Eagles and The Dallas Cowboys. At each spot, Owens either had a run with the coaches or the quarterbacks (49ers' Jeff Garcia, Eagles' Donavon McNabb, Cowboys' Tony Romo), which would lead to a splintered locker room.

The flip side of this argument is that after Owens leaves these teams, they usually fail to find great success. This was usually because T.O. was the best offensive player on those teams.

Terrell Owens is arguably one of the greatest wide receiver in his generation.
His dedication to staying in shape, practicing and playing hard are unparalleled, and his "Catch a Dream" foundation has done a great job in helping needy families and children, (plus his events brought in a bevy of acting beauties including Elise Neal, Jill Marie Jones, Nia Long, Gabrielle Union, etc.)

But for all his talents and goodwill, Terrell Owens attitude is destroying his legacy.

Although most teams would love to have a talent like Terrell Owens' on their team, the reality is most NFL franchises will probably shy away from T.O.

The Washington Redskins could be an option, but I am not sure the Skins have enough cap space to sign Owens. The New England Patriot's professional structure would be great for Owens, but Patriots coach Bill Bellichick has already reigned in another diva in wide out Randy Moss and I am not sure he wants to handle two..

But the resilient Owens will sign eventually with somebody, but from the Dallas side, the bulls-eye will not only be on Owen's replacement Roy Williams (not the safety), but also Cowboys' quarterback Tony Romo.

This has nothing to do with Romo's relationship with Jessica Simpson, but the fact that the anointed QB has yet to win a playoff game.

Fair or not, Tony Romo has to at least reach the NFC title game to keep the fans and the press off of his back.

If not, Romo might be looking for work in 2010 like Terrell Owens and Roy Williams.

Musiq Soulchild - So Beautiful

Here' Musiq Soulchild's latest single “So Beautiful”, which is the thrid single off of his album "On My Radio" and my favorite track his since " Half Crazy".

Katy Perry - Thinking of You

The official music video for Katy Perry's fourth single "Thinking of You", from her album One of the Boys

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Lil Kim gettin ready for "Dancing With The Stars"

Remember hot Lil Kim was back in the day before the cutting, the augmenting and the skin lightening? Well those days are gone, gone, gone.

Jason Mesnick (The Bachelor) Dumps Melissa and ends up on Jimmy Kimmel

I am not a "Bachelor"guy.

Maybe it's because I am usually not attracted to the women on "The Bachelor" or the fact that ABC never featured a African American "Bachelor", but when it comes to dating shows, I rather watch Flavor Flav give out clocks than a bunch of roses.

But On his Siris XM show, Howard Stern said there was going to be a major twist on the "The Bachelor", so I decided to checked it out.

The twist was, "The Bachelor", Jason Mesnick, dumped the chick he gave the ring to Melissa Rycroft (which was too bad, because she had Latina look about her), for the chick he initially turned down Molly Malaney.

Alright, after a few months away without the cameras, dude realized he had stronger connection with girl #2 than with girl #1. You would think "The Bachelor" would get some kudos for not stringing Melissa along, but since last night's episode, women are blasting this guy online like he is Osma Bin laden.

One woman wrote: "Jason is such a pig. Changing your heart is one thing, doing it on national television is another. AND hooking up with a girl within an hour of dumping your fiancee. UGH. I wish him much unhappiness."– Wrong Heaven

I get it that Jason was probably wrong for dumping Melissa on TV, but ABC probably had him contractually obligated to do everything on TV (which included dumping). TV is all about is all about money and ratings, love is not an option.

So Jason was in a no win situation.

He could either be in a relationship with Melissa and then cheat on her with Molly or another girl or do what he did last nigh,t by ending it fast and be with the person he really cared about, (given Molly's reaction by the end of the show, I think she was happy about the decision).

Who knows if Jason made the right decision by dumping Melissa or if he will find happiness with Molly, but I rather take the shot and be with a woman that I think I am love with than to be with someone that I know will never make me happy.

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RNC Chairman Michael Steele Apologizes to Rush Limbaugh...Why?

I always had a level of respect for Michel Steele, the recently named chairperson for the Republican Party.

Although our political views differ greatly, but I respected Mr. Steele for not apologizing for being a African American in the Republican party.

But after Steele apologized for calling conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh an "entertainer" with an "incendiary”, I not only lost some respect some respect for Mr. Steele, but I also thought that he lost a grip on a leadership position that he worked so many years to achieve.

There is no denying that Rush Limbaugh is an important voice of the Republican Party, but he is by no means the RNC's leader. The reason Mr. Limbaugh can go to a conservative convention and say, "I want Barack Obama to fail" it is because he is not beholden to an office or a party.

Rush Limbaugh is a 30 million dollar-a-year entertaining capitalist.

He knows that if he can effectively say something outrageous at a conservative convention, it could lead to a million plus dollars worht of free publicity; publicity that will not only resonate with his radio audience, but also bring new listeners to his program.

I guess Mr. Steel did not get ole Rushbo's memo

In reality, Michael Steele did not say anything nothing wrong. Rush Limbaugh is an” entertainer” with an "incendiary" talk show and his goal should to move away the RNC away from Rush Limbaugh segment of the GOP.

But by not sticking to his statement and apologizing to Mr. Limbaugh, Michael Steele weakened his position as a leader and unwittingly repositioning Rush Limbaugh as a "political force".

It is too early to tell if Michael Steele's apology helped reassure Rush Limbaugh's audience that he is one of them.

But by apologizing to a piece of the GOP party, he might have lost the rest of RNC pie.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Neo Soul: Dwele - Workin' on It

Dwele's music video for his track "Workin' on It", from his album Sketches of a Man.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Kanye West - VH1 Storytellers (Full Show)

Here's the link to Ye's recent edition of VH1's Storytellers.

The show featured Mr. West performing:
"See You In MyNightmares", "Robocop", "Flashing Lights", "Amazing", "Touch The Sky",
"Say You Will", "Good Life", "Heartless/Pinocchio Story" & Stronger.


Thanks 2 Nahright

Wayne Brady on Jamie Foxx's Foxxhole Radio (Mp3)

I never understood the criticism against Wayne Brady.

Is he funneir than Bernie Mac or Dave Chappelle?

But Wayne Brady carved out out his own niche of being a well rounded entertainer like Sammy Davis Jr., than talking about the same old tired jokes about the hood, race or sex .

Brady popped up on Jamie Foxx's show last Friday on Sirius XM and he went toe for toe with Foxx's crew, who are sometimes funny, but in reality are not nearly as funny as Foxx or at times even Brady. Foxxhole Radio 2-27-09

50 Cent on Howard Stern (MP3)

For anyone who missed Curtis on the "King of All Media's" radio show last week on Sirius XM, here is the mp3 link courtesy of Miss Info.
50 Cent on the Howard Stern Show 5-25-09