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Friday, August 31, 2012

Obama Tweets to Eastwood: "This Chair is Taken" (Photo)

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See: Clint Eastwood RNC Full Speech 2012, Talks To Invisible Presient Obama

Clint Eastwood RNC Full Speech 2012, Talks To Invisible Presient Obama (Video)

What invisible person would you talk to in a chair?

Nas - Bye Baby

2 Chainz - Birthday Song ft. Kanye West

Whoops! Kent State Foootball Player Returns Punt The Wrong Way (Vdieo)

The funny thing is that the players from Towson actually tackled Kent State's Andre Parker while he was running the wrong direction. They could've had some points from this bone head backwards play!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

"Meet Alex Clare, the voice behind 'Too Close"' (Internet Explorer 9 Song)

(Via USA Today)

"Close" to success: British singer/songwriter Alex Clare's faltering career was revitalized by an unlikely source —Internet Explorer. Clare is the voice of Microsoft's advertising campaign for Internet Explorer 9, which features his hit single Too Close, a melancholy ballad that fuses Clare's soul-tinged vocals with clattering percussion and a dubstep drop. Since the commercial's premiere in March, fans have flooded the Web searching for the mysterious singer behind the "Microsoft dubstep commercial."

...A "commercial" breakthrough: Clare's luck took a dramatic turn with one e-mail. "Last February, I got an e-mail from someone at Microsoft asking permission to use (the song). I said yes, not thinking much more of it. And then it turned into an international hit." In the weeks after the ad's premiere, Too Close sold more than 100,000 digital downloads and made its debut at No. 68 on Billboard's Hot 100 chart. "I was sitting in a cinema and the commercial came on during the trailers," he says. "That's when I realized — wow, everyone's going to hear this song." Soon after, Universal Republic signed Clare to a distribution deal that brought Lateness to American audiences in May."

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Alex Clare - Too Close (Live Unplugged)

Instrumental (Dub Step)

Who Knew? SYTYCD Allison and Twitch Has Been Dating For Two Years!

Update: Twitch Talks About His Marriage Proposal to "SYTYCD" Allison Holker

(Via Dance Spirit)

DS: So how is it even a debate who made the first move? Seems pretty clear that it was Allison!

tWitch: Here’s the thing: If I say hello and she doesn’t even respond…there were lots of those moments! I didn’t know how to read her. Plus, I’m terrible at those things. There will never be a day where I’m like, “Yeah, that girl was feelin’ me.”

Allison: I was nervous! So, anyway, when the Season 7 wrap party came, I knew it was the last night I would see him. I was like, “Geez, I guess I have to be stronger about my moves.” I hadn’t planned on going because I’m a mom and don’t really go out and party. But when he texted to see if I was going, I was ready and in the car! I showed up and people were trying to say hi, but I was on a mission to find this guy. I saw him at the other end of the room, and he pointed and did this little “come here” motion. We went upstairs and danced for three hours straight.

tWitch: We danced the entire night, and we’ve been together ever since.

Read more here It Takes Two: tWitch and Allison’s Love Story

Witney & Twitch - Hip Hop - SYTYCD S9

Finale Version

Cyrus - Solo - SYTYCD 9 (Top 8)

Possibly Maybe - Cole and Allison - Top 8 SYTYCD Season 9 (BJork)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Rachel McAdams and Noomi Rapace Make Out in "Passion" (Trailer)

Rachel McAdams and Noomi Rapace (The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Prometheus) star in this fiendishly clever erotic thriller from master of suspense Brian De Palma.

Monday, August 27, 2012

ESPN 2012 U.S. Open Commercial Song: Frank Sinatra-Can I Steal a Little Love

Al Roker Frozen on "Today Show" For 17 Seconds! (Video)

When I went to church as a kid and I heard our pastor talk about the "Holy Ghost", people would jump up and down from their pews and run through the aisles, but when Savannah Guthrie said it on the Today Show, Al Roker's response was the complete opposite.

Big Al's response was funny and creepy at the same d@mn time!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Today Show: Did Al Roker just call out Matt Lauer for the Ann Curry Fiasco?

Ann Curry & Matt Lauer's Awkward Today Reunion!

Dwele "What You Gotta Do" feat. Raheem Devaughn (from Greater Than One)

Beer Pong with Maria Sharapova and Jimmy Fallon

Booty-Tooch With Tyra Banks on Jimmy Fallon

Skip Bayless Makes Stephen A. Smith Walk Off the Set - Kobe Overpaid?

Basketball Star Tony Farmer Faints After Receiving Prison Sentence

(Via WJW)

CLEVELAND –Tony Farmer, one of the most highly recruited basketball players in Ohio, collapsed in court on Tuesday after receiving a three-year prison sentence.

Farmer plead guilty to charges of robbery, assault, kidnapping and intimidation of the victim, related to an April incident where he confronted his ex-girlfriend, Andrea Lane. The crimes took place at her home near Rockside Road.

As Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Judge Pamela Barker announced Farmer’s sentence he collapsed in court. 18-year-old Farmer remained on the ground for a short time before being pulled to his feet by Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s Deputies.

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Monday, August 20, 2012

True Blood Season 5, Episode 11 Song: Little Stevie Wonder "Sunset"

Sunset (Single Version - Mono)

So there I was watching the "Sunset" episode of True Blood as Russell Edgington was on his way to fairy-land, when the ending credits song boomed onto my speakers.

The wail of the singer was so soulful, I though it was sung by woman today singing like she was from the 1960's.

However, when I used my handy Shazam app to find out what this great new song was, I found out three things:

1.) The person singing wasn't woman singing. 2) It was really from the 1960's 3.) The singer was Stevie Wonder when he was a kid!!!!

Back in 1962, Stevie Wonder co-wrote "Sunset" on his tribute album Uncle Ray"(Charles).

As great as Stevie Wonder is, I sometimes forget how great he was before puberty hit!

Prince Amukamara thrown into ICE Bath by Jason Pierre-Paul NY Giants HAZING VIDEO

HOWARD STERN: Bradley Cooper & Dax Shepard Full Interview

Bradley &; Dax were in to talk about their new movie "Hot & Run".

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Howard Stern Show : Warren Sapp Full Interview

Warren Sapp on almost being drafted by Bill Belicheck and the Cleveland Browns. Coach Bill allegedly said "his d@#$ was hard" at the thought of drafting him, but GM Mike Lombardi would not allow it. Funny!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New York Jets Tim Tebow in Jesus-Like Pose in GQ?


"...Because Tebow is inspiring! He's got heart! He's a born leader of men! All he does is win! Right. I forgot. Here is where the cult of Tim Tebow departs from the world of measurable fact and enters the realm of religiosity, where every one of his accomplishments, no matter how modest—Oh, my goodness, he beat the deeply shitty Miami Dolphins!—gets transformed into evidence of divine Providence, simply because Tebow says it is. Never mind that 75 percent of all football players credit Jesus after every win. Tebow's devout Christianity is devoutier than yours. When he thanks Jesus, Jesus winks back.

This, really, is the root of my beef with Tebowmania: It has nothing to do with football. It's a sales pitch—a sensation built on evangelism, not ability, powered by people who see a chance to turn the NFL into the next front of the culture war. And now that culture war is coming to my team"

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Audio: Police release Chad Johnson 911 Call

Update: Lozada files for divorce from Johnson: NEW YORK (AP) — Evelyn Lozada is ending her 41-day-old marriage to Chad Johnson after the football star was arrested for allegedly head-butting her over the weekend.
Here's the 911 call from Chad Johnson's alleged domestic assault against his wife, Evelyn Lozada, was released Monday.

When I heard had first got together with Evelyn from Basketball Wives, I didn't think it would end well, based solely on Ev's TV behavior of fighting and Chad's love of the ladies.

However,  I didn't think it would end in a domestic abuse case.

Sometimes when we get with someone, no matter if its a man or woman, we don't know their history; But if you do know their history, be warned.

 Its not that they can't change from their past behaviors, but will they?

Lauryn Hill Mugshot

(Via Huffingon Post)

Two months after pleading guilty to not paying federal taxes on more than $1.5 million over three years, singer Lauryn Hill's mugshot has emerged.

The eight-time Grammy award-winning talent faces three years in prison for failure to pay taxes between the years 2005 and 2007. Hill was originally charged in June 2012. According to The Daily Mail, she is currently free on $150,000 unsecured bond and is scheduled to be sentenced on Nov. 27.

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Kevin Durant and James Harden Visits Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

Gabby Douglas and Michelle Obama on The Tonight Show (Video)

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Gotye Turns "Somebody I Use To Know" Covers into "Somebodies: A YouTube Orchestra"

(Via Mashable) "Looks like even Gotye knows his song, “Somebody That I Used to Know,” is an overplayed, viral sensation that has spawned an entire genre of YouTube covers. So the singer decided to acknowledge the hundreds of piano-playing, harp-plucking, and guitar-strumming fans who paid tribute to the catchy tune."

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Steve Harvey Cries After Retiring From Stand Up? (Video)

But he can always come back to the stage right?

Funny But So Good! Hillary Clinton Dancing The Night Away in South Africa (Video)

"Dont Stop Get it Get it"

Randy Travis Post Naked Mug Shot

Mug shot released by the Grayson County Sheriff's Office

DALLAS (AP) — Randy Travis was charged with driving while intoxicated and threatening law officers after the country singer crashed his car and was found naked and combative at the scene, officials said.

A mug shot released by the Grayson County Sheriff's Office shows a battered-looking Travis in a gray T-shirt, with a black eye and dried blood on his face. He later walked out of the county jail wearing scrubs, a University of Texas ball cap and no shoes.

It was the second Texas arrest this year for Travis, who was cited in February for public intoxication.

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What's your favorite mug shot?

VMA 2012 Promo: Kevin Hart, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian "This Is The Moment"

‘Watch The Throne’ Documentary feat. Jay-Z and Kanye West

New Video! B.o.B Feat. Andre 3000 “Play The Guitar”

Sunday, August 5, 2012

New! Aaliyah - "Enough Said" (feat. Drake)

Timbaland Says Drake Shouldn't Do An Aaliyah Record Without Him Or Missy Elliott

"I know they trying to drop some Aaliyah records, but if he do it, it should be with me and Missy. The proper way for him to do that would be for me, him and Missy to be all on the record.  But to put it on his record, would just not be right."

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How do you feel about Drake being on Aaliyah's new record?

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Mike Polk Cleveland Indians’ “What If?” Parody

Olympic U.S. Swimmer Lauren Perdue Turns DownLeBron James For Dinner

(Via NY Daily News)

...USA swimmer Lauren Perdue tweeted that LeBron had asked her to dinner.

Perdue (@LoPerdue) tweeted "Lebron James just invited me to dinner... Um wuuuutttt?!?" She also sent out an Instagram picture of her standing with a horn-rim clad James and the caption "Oh heyy Lebon."

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