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Sunday, October 31, 2010

David Guetta feat Kid Cudi - Memories (Video)

Kid Cudi - "Erase Me" Late Night With David Letterman

Community's Alison Brie on Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

Kanye West - The Joy (Feat. Pete Rock, Jay-Z, Charlie Wilson, Curtis Mayfield & Kid Cudi)

Baraka flocka flame- Head of the state

Rihanna - SNL Digital Short - Shy Ronnie & Clyde

Rihanna - SNL / Saturday Night Live - Only Girl in the World

Rihanna - SNL / Saturday Night Live - What's My Name (SNL)

Darn you Matt Kemp!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Foreign Exchange "Thank You For Listening (A Short Film)" [Part 1]

Denise Comments on Charlie Sheen on Howard Stern (Interview)

(Via USA Today)

Charlie Sheen's ex-wife Denise Richards has so far stayed out of the fray regarding his hospitalization and psychiatric evaluation early this morning. Richards was on Howard Stern's radio show around 8:30 this morning – "Hmm what could he possibly ask this time?!?!" she tweeted – but she didn't directly mention the incident. Here's an excerpt from the conversation:

Richards: Well, I came here with my daughters. It's their first time in New York. He's off this week. I came in a couple of days early before promoting the [new TV] show and he wanted to come along.

Stern: No kidding? And everything's hunky dory?

Richards: Yeah, I guess you could say it's hunky dory (laughing).

Stern: Is it really? Is it really comfortable?

Richards: It's been a very eventful trip.

Richards did go into details with Stern about the demise of their three-year marriage and some advice she has for her ex. "Charlie is a very unique, colorful individual. A lot of men look up to him. Personally, I think he should stay single and live the bachelor life forever, and I think he'd be a happy man," she said.

For his part, Stern tried to set Richards up with a new man. "You know who just got single, I'm going to set you up with, David Arquette," he joked.

A Fake Bearded Ron Artest Appears On Jimmy Kimmel Live! (Interview)

Charles Barkley - Interview - Late Show with David Letterman (2010)

New* LeBron James Nike Commercial "Rise" (Should I) NBA 2010

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Who Will Be Conan O'Brien's First Week's Guests on TBS?

 Nov. 8 (debut show)  Seth Rogen and rocker Jack White.

Nov 9  Tom Hanks and "30 Rock"'s Jack McBrayer with Soundgarden.

Nov 10  "Mad Men" star Jon Hamm

Nov 11. Michael Cera and "Modern Family"'s Julie Bowen.

Can't wait for the new show? Check out the Team Coco Website:

Glee's Dianna Agron Responds to GQ Photos Controversy

On her blog "Dianna Agron, but you can call me Charlie" , Dianna Agron( Quinn) reponds to the criticisms GQ photo shoot, which also included castmates Corey Monteith and Lea Michele:

" I’d like to start by saying that these are solely my thoughts on the November issue of GQ and the controversy that has surrounded its release. I am not a representative of the three of us, the show, or Fox, only myself.

In the land of Madonna, Britney, Miley, Gossip Girl, other public figures and shows that have pushed the envelope and challenged the levels of comfort in their viewers and fans…we are not the first. Now, in perpetuating the type of images that evoke these kind of emotions, I am sorry. If you are hurt or these photos make you uncomfortable, it was never our intention. And if your eight-year-old has a copy of our GQ cover in hand, again I am sorry. But I would have to ask, how on earth did it get there?

....I am twenty-four years old. I have been a pretty tame and easy-going girl my whole life. Nobody is perfect, and these photos do not represent who I am. I am also not the girl who rolls out of bed with flawless makeup and couture clothing. I am most comfortable with my hair thrown on top of my head, in sweats, laughing with my friends. Glee is a show that represents the underdogs, which is a feeling I have embraced much of my own life, and to those viewers, the photos in GQ don’t give them that same feeling. I understand completely.

"....For the record, I don’t personally have any problem with the raciness of these photos. The thing that irks me is that the women in these photos were made to strip down to their bras and panties so that they could hang on the sole guy in the photos — who is not only fully dressed, but dressed in LAYERS of clothing. While I understand that GQ is a men’s magazine, it just seems skeevy (and sadly typical) that the women have to be stripped down and sexualized while the guy stands fully dressed in the middle with a big smile on his face. But, again, these are my personal opinions."

Read the full post here:

"Decision Points" President George W. Bush's Book on his Presidency Drops on 11/9

Bobby Brown Performs "My Perogative" w/ The Roots on Late with Jimmy Fallon

Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon Perform 'History of Rap' with The Roots (Video)

From Sugar Hill Ganngs' "Rappers Delight" to Tribe Called Quest's "Award Tour" to Jay-Z's "Empire State of Mind" and everything in between, Timberlake, Fallon and The Roots take the Late Night audience on a musical journey.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The NY Governor Debate: Jimmy McMillan from the Rent Is Too Damn High Party!

Forget Democrats and Republicans, how can I join this party! Thanks to Steeve Spearman for the clip.

Scream 4 - Trailer Official

Glee's GQ Photos: Too Racy or Overreacting?

The Parents Television Council are up in arms about the Glee GQ photo shoot where they are dressed scantily clad clothing. Now look, this is not a Miley Cyrus situtation, both Lea Michelle and Dianna Agron are above the legal limit  (both are24 years old) and Glee is not a Disney show, its on Fox.

Anybody who watches Glee know its not "Leave it Beaver". They slyly tackle issues that many times families do not want to talk about and uses puns and jokes that reminds you that you are not watching "That's So Raven".

Former "Patridge Family" teen idol David Cassidy went through the same thing when he posed with his shirt off on a Rolling Stone cover back in the 70's, while Elvis Presely couldn't be seen below the pelvis when he was on Ed Sullivan.

Its very easy for PTC memmbers to  point their fingers at TV and say you're wrong, you should think about the kids. But do these parents actually talk to their children?

If they did, they would be amazed by the type things that most kids say to each other things that would even make 20 somethings Lea Michelle, Dianna Agron and Cory Monteith (who is also pictured) blush.

So what do you think. Are these photos too racy?

Shakira on Lopez Tonight (Video)

Shakira  teaches George Lopez how to dance LOCA!

Shakira Performs "Loca" on Dancing With The Stars (Video)

Jackass-3D Cast Plays Stun Gun Roulette on Lopez Tonight!

Sneak Peak: Kanye West – Runaway Movie

Willow Smith - Whip My Hair (Video)

Kanye West Interview On Ellen Degeneres Show (Video)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Jakass 3D's Nude Rolling Stone Photo

In this week's Rolling Stone (with President Barack Obama on the cover), the fellas from Jackass recreates photographer's Herb Ritts iconic Rolling Stone "Hot Issue" shot of some of 90's top supermodels  (including Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell). No offense to the prez, but that would've been one funny cover!

KiD CuDi & Kanye West Goes Jimi Hendrix Meets 80's Hair Band on "Erase Me" Video

Erykah Badu Says Hip Hop is Turning Into "Pop Techno" on Twitter

Recently, Erykah Badu went on a rant tweeting about Hip Hop on her feed

How y’all gone stand by and let our music turn into pop techno cornball ass music. We don’t own our music no more. Come to think of it, did we EVER own it? when I say own our music , I’m not talkin bout the artist I’m talkin bout the people … let me be quiet. I wanna hear from the young people? easy for me to complain about this techno-pop cause i have a taste for something else. but how do u feel? These rappers ought to be shame of they damn selves, I’m talkin bout the mc’ s rappin over this pop techno music. I believe in pimpin the system but got DAMN! not like this.
#pop-technosongs. I like the idea of no distinction in race when it comes 2 music, but SOULkeepers, U dont give up the boom bip and the hump 4 the payday. I love house and techno as a side dish .But now it’s served as the main course AND that’s ALL u gone get. like chittlins in the back house. I love music PERIOD. just not ready to say goodbye to the boom bip and the hump .. kinda painful for my generation to see. just strange 2me. Yes, no1 wants 2B poor again. artist have2 sacrifice integrity of the music sometimes 2 make ends meet. this is understood.but gotDAMN now. if you’ve never tasted good p*ssy your satisfied with ass hole. (that’s terrible ain’t it .) lol

Thanks for Rap Radar for compiling the tweets.

Jay-Z The Hits Collection, Vol. 1 Tracklist

Thanks to Rap Radar!

Disc: 1

1. Public Service Announcement (Interlude)

2. Run This Town (Feat. Rihanna & Kanye West)

3. ‘03 Bonnie & Clyde (Feat. BeyoncĂ©)

4. Encore

5. I Just Wanna Love U (Give It 2 Me)

6. Izzo (H.O.V.A.)

7. D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune)

8. 99 Problems

9. Empire State Of Mind (Feat. Alicia Keys)

10. Dirt Off Your Shoulder

11. Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem)

12. Show Me What You Got

13. Roc Boys (And The Winner Is)…

14. Big Pimpin’

Disc: 2

1. Young Gifted and Black

2. Pump It Up (Freestyle)

3. My President Is Black (Remix)

4. Go Hard Remix (Jay-Z, Kanye West & T-Pain)

5. Most Kings (Feat. Green Lantern)

Hennessey Artistry presents The Roots, Eve and Erykah Badu

Thanks to Miss Info!

'Back to the Future' Reunion w/ Michael J. Fox and Leah Thompson

The View: Whoopi & Joy Behar Walk Off Stage During O'Reilly Interview

Rihanna - What's My Name ft. Drake (Audio)

Rihanna - Only Girl (In The World) Video

Sean Diddy Combs - Interview - Late Show with David Letterman (October 2010)

Jenny Wade Talks Guns, Trucks and Method Man with Craig Ferguson

Melyssa Ford's Latest King Magazine Cover (Winter Issue)

Finally, Melyssa Ford has come back to King Magazine!

Rick Ross - I'm Not A Star (Video)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Esquire Magazine Sexiest Woman Alive 2010 is.....Minka Kelly

Following in the footstpes of Christina Hendricks, Kate Beckinsales and Halle Beerry The former Friday Night Lights star and current squeeze of New York Yankees is Esquire's lastest "Sexiest Woman Alive".

Who is your sexiest person alive?

'Sesame Street's' Grover spoofs Old Spice in 'Smell Like a Monster'

Raheem DeVaughn -"Bedroom" (Video)

Directed by Tabi Bonney (Cool Kids Forever).

Eminem - 60 Minutes Interview (Full Video & Behind The Scenes)

Friday, October 8, 2010

"Real Love" by Macy Gray feat. Bobby Brown (Video)

Faster Trailer (Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock)

The Tourist Trailer (Angelina Jolie / Johnny Depp)

Jimmy Fallon and Diane Lane Plays Total Iceholes on Late Night

When Jimmy Fallon first started out on Late Night, I thought some of his games were a bit corny. Lately he has found a groove, including Total Iceholes, where Ms. Lane really really got into it.

I wonder how her hubby James Brolin feels about her kissing Jimmy after every shot? (Lucky dude)

Mary J Blige Featuring Swizz Beatz - Fancy (Original Pre-Drake Version)

When I watched Mary J. Blige, Swizz Beatz and Drake perform "Fancy" on teh MTV Awards, I thought it would be cool if Mary and Swizz made their own version. Who knew that they actually did, here's the pre-Drake version.

I say release it!

Willow Smith feat Nicki Minaj - Whip My Hair [ Remix ]

127 Hours Trailer (James Franco)

Directed by Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire)

Anderson Cooper Interviews Eminem on 60 Minutes Sunday! (Video)

Eminem- "No Profanity In My House"

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Nicki Minaj & Perform Check It Out On Late Night With David Letterman

Go Go-Unit!!! Chelsea Handler and 50 Cent Hooking Up?

(Via Showbiz Spy)

"Chelsea Handler is dating rapper 50 Cent — according to a new report.

Insiders say the pair — who were photographed looking romantic at a New Orleans bar on Sunday — apparently “hookup” whenever they’re in the same town.

“It’s been going on awhile,” a source told Us Weekly magazine.

“It’s more of a hookup thing — whenever they are in the same town.”

Handler split from Animal Planet star Dave Salmoni, her boyfriend of about two months, in September. 50 briefly dated actress Vivica Fox in 2003, and has a son, Marquise, 12, with ex-girlfriend Shaniqua Tompkins."

James Franco Candy Magazine Drag Cover

I'm a fan of James Francom, but sometimes dude scares me. What do you think of Frano's Candy cover?

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Kanye West Ft. Kid Cudi, Pusha T, John Legend, Lloyd Banks & Ryan Leslie "Christian Dior Denim Flow"

Mariah Carey -Oh Santa

Merry Christmas II You, on Nov. 2

The Floacist From Floetry (Feat. Musiq Soulchild) - Forever

CNN‘s “Connector Of The Day: Diddy Talks About the Sucess of Sean John

Diddy Rocks a Kilt in Scotland???

The biggest crime isn't the kilt but lip synching his performance.

Wayne Brady & Mike Tyson - Every Little Step (Comedy Spoof)

Late Night With Jimmy Fallon; Water War with Christopher Meloni

Part 1

Part 2

Dame Helen Mirren vs.Jimmy Fallon in Beer Pong

Eminem - No Love ft. Lil Wayne

Sample: Hadaway's What is Love

Haddaway - What is Love
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Drake - Show Me A Good Time Late Night With David Letterman Live