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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mad Men's Christina Hendricks Named to TV Guide's Sexy List

Who's the thick red head on Taye Digg's show?

That's what I asked a friend of mine, the first time I saw Christina Hendricks' on Digg's former UPN show "Kevin Hill".

Although the show lasted for only one season, I thought that the lovely Ms. Hendrick's thickness would keep her out of roles which usually calls for size zeroes.

Thankfully I was wrong, because a few years later Hendricks popped up on AMC's 1960's inspired show Mad Men as the shapely Joan Holloway and the rest is history.

As a man who appreciate curves, Hendricks is more of the norm than the waif like gals seen on the new 91210.

I remember my mom telling me once, the reason she liked Marilyn Monroe was because "she was the only white girl who had a butt", which was true of Monroe and others.

Hendrick's "Man Men" character is an homage to shapely women like Monroe, Jane Mansfield and Jane Russell were female prototypes for Wasp-ish men back in the 50's and the early 60's.

However this version of beauty ended abruptly, when a skinny British model named Twiggy appeared in the late 60's and thin was in (and seems like its still in).

TV Guide's acknowledgement of Hendrick's' curves probably won't change Hollywood's perception that only women size 4 and under are sexy, but here's hoping more sexy thick gals will pop up on TV soon.

If I do have a problem with TV Guide's sexy list, it is that there were not any African American women on it.

Although from a minority perspective, its was nice to see Top Chef Indian beauty Padma Lakshmi on the list list along with Latina Eva Longoria Parker (who was named as the sexiest person on TV), the lack African American women on the list says one of two things:

1.) There were not any sexy African American women on TV, which is impossible (have they seen Wendy Raquel Robinson and Tia Mowry on “The Game” or Audrey McDowell and Sharon Leal on “Private Practice”)


2.) There are so few roles for African American women (and men) on television that TV Guide did not have enough African American women to choose from.

If that’s the case, and it is, not only is this a damning statement for not television, but Hollywood as a whole....but that's different discussion for another day.

See complete list @

Private Practice's Sharon Leal

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