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Saturday, April 11, 2009

11 Year Old Hangs Himself Because Of Bullying: This Must Stop!

Last week,Sirdeaner L. Walker 11 year old son, Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover hung himself after he endured another day of taunting at the New Leadership Charter School in Massachusetts.

Growing up, I was a victim of bullying and teasing and unfortunately, some of those scars are still with me today.

However, it seems since I was a kid, bullying has gotten so bad that more kids feel that their only option is to kill themselves.

This has to stop!

If you a see a kid being picked on help them.

Yell at the kids who is doing the bullying and help the kid being the taunting.

Tell them that its okay that they are different.

Tell them its okay that they don't wear the same clothes like everyone else

Tell them that they are more of leader because they don't follow anyone in a group.

Tell them that they have so much to give to the world that it doesn't matter what other kids think.

Make sure you tell their parents or teachers what's going on with the child, (too often kids keep their thoughts and feelings to themselves).

If kid's confidence is damaged, take them to counseling or find groups and/or activities where the child can excel, (a lack of self esteem is one reason why some of kids commit suicide).

Find activities to raise their confidence, which will hopefully lead to their long term success.

There is no reason why another child has to die because some insecure child thinks its OK to pick on someone who isn't cool or tough.

Life is far too much of a gift to lose...I only wish that Sirdeaner Walker's son Carl was still here to hear these words.

--Kevin Lockett

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