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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Details of the Steve McNair and Sahel Kazemi Murder Suicide

Here is a recent update of the murder of former Tennessee Titan and Alcorn State quarterback Steve McNair and his companion Sahel Kazemi:

Breaking news from Yahoo News:
Police confirmed that Steve McNair's 20-year-old girlfriend killed him before turning the gun on herself.

Police believe McNair was asleep on a sofa at a condominium he rented with a friend when Kazemi shot him in the head. She then apparently shot him twice in the chest before shooting him again in the head and then shooting herself.

She sat next to his body and tried to position herself to fall into his lap when she died. She did, but her body slid to the floor and ended up at McNair's feet, Serpas said. The gun was found underneath Kazemi.

Interviews with friends indicated Kamezi was becoming increasingly distraught over events in her life, including financial problems.

Detectives also learned that Kazemi recently found out about another young woman she thought McNair was romantically involved with and even followed that woman home, though she did not confront her.

Update: 7/8: According the Flordia Times Union, two weeks ago, Kazemi and McNair planned a trip to Las Vegas. Kazemi flew to Nevada but McNair never showed up. Specualation is that Steve McNair was pulling away from the affair.

According to USA Today, Kazemi's ex boyfriend Keith Norfleet uploaded a rap song on called "Cold Casket" based on the Eminem track "Benzino Dis". The lyrics describe the killing of an older man.

Update 7/6: WAPT News reports that on Sunday, the family of Steve McNair were by detectives that McNair was killed in a murder suicide on Saturday.

McNair's family said that they had never heard of Kazemi.

According to the New York Daily News, his wife, Mechelle Cartwright was reportedly not aware McNair was having an affair until his murder.

The family said that a public memorial service will be held Friday at 6pm in McNair's birthplace in Mount Olive, Mississippi. Instead of sending flowers, fans can make donations to the Steve McNair Foundation

Update 7/5: Autopsies were performed on both victims. Steve McNair was shot four times: twice in the head and twice in the chest. Sahel Kazemi was shot once in the side of the head. McNair was found seated on a couch in the living room. Kazemi was on the floor, close to McNair.
A semiautomatic pistol was recovered from under Kazemi's body. It was not initially visible and was discovered late in investigation of the crime scene.

The two died sometime in the early Saturday hours and had been dead for a number of hours before they were discovered.

ATF is tracing the ownership of the pistol, and police are working to interview its owner. Aaron said the evidence at the scene is consistent with the gun recovered.

Steve McNair apparently met the 20-year-old at Dave & Buster’s restaurant in Nashville where Kazemi worked as a waitress.

Friends said McNair and Kazemi had been dating over the past several months.

Steve McNair married Mechelle in 1997 and they have four sons; Junior, Steven, Tyler and Trenton.
The sister of Sahel Kazemi says she was a young woman who wanted to have fun and couldn't have hurt anyone — not herself, nor anyone else.

Kazemi told her sister that McNair was in the process of divorcing, but there are no court records shows there is not a divorce pending in Nashville. However, McNair's house is for sale.

Kazemi's family believes a third person was involved.

McNair's death has been ruled a homicide. The Metro Police Department has not yet classified Kazemi's death and expect it will be several days before her death is classified.

McNair was seen at Blue Moon Lagoon Bar and Loser's Bar into the early-morning hours of Saturday.

There were no signs of forced entry. A key was used by Wayne Neeley to get into the apartment. McNeeley discovered the bodies. He walked into the kitchen and did not see blood until he walked walked back from the kitchen.

Police are checking surveillance cameras in the area.

A witness said Kazemi's Cadillac Escalade was already at the condo when McNair arrived.

Police are planning to interview Kazemi's ex-boyfriend.

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