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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Michael Jackson: Rare Unreleased Tracks from Thriller

For devout Michael Jackson fans, they probably have been listening to these songs for years. But for everyday MJ lovers, these songs are brand new finds.

Legend has it that Jackson finished "Thriller", but decided to scrap half the songs, because he didn't think the album was good enough. It is hard debate him on that, "Thriller" is not only the best selling album of all-time, but it proves how focused Michael Jackson was on achieving greatness.

Below are few of the many tracks that didn't "Thriller" These are not bad songs, in fact a couple of them could have made the album. But at the end of the day, MJ's instincts in 1982 were correct and his shrewd musical ear is why so many fans from around the world will be mourning his passing today, but will be also celebrating his genius for years to come.

Love Never Felt So Good

How this track didn't make the final cut is mystery, "Love Never Felt So Good" might be the best Michael Jackson songs never released. Co-written by Paul Anka, this demo is built solely on MJ's vocals, hand claps, finger snaps and a piano played by R&B crooner Johnny Mathis, (who later took the song after Mike passed on it).

The youthful exuberance and joy in MJ's voice is great reminder that Michael Jackson loved to sing. With a lot of today's stars, I don't know if they love singing...maybe because most of them can't. On this track you can tell that not only did Michael Jackson LOVED to sing, but he LOVED singing this song.

Got The Hots

No one could sing "girl" on wax like MJ did back in his "Thriller" days and the funky seduction of "Got The Hots" is Jackson at his near peak; It is hard to believe this funky ditty didn't make "Thriller".

Co-written by Jackson and Quincy Jones, "Got The Hots" with its Marvin Gaye type vocals and soulful 80's groove sounds like it could've been sampled for on Kanye West's "808 and Heartbreak" album, definitely a lost gem.

For All Time

Allegedly this song replaced "Human Nature". Its hard to bicker with the choice since "Human Nature" is one of MJ's best songs of all time, however "For All Time" is quite a solid tune on its own.


Written by Michael Sembello (who sang "Maniac" from "Flashdance"), "Carousel" is reminiscent of slow jams made by R&B stars like O'Bryan back in the day. But its understandable why MJ passed on the track.

After the Grammy's failed to give him Album of Year for "Off The Wall", Michael Jackson's goal was to make the best pop album ever and if he had too many R&B songs on "Thriller", he probably would have sold a lot of records, but probably would have been overlooked for Album of the Year again.

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