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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Trailer: The T.O. Show Debuting 7/20 on VH1

Love him or hate him, NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens is a star.

Most sports critics will swear that Owens is bad for the game.

While the former Dallas Cowboy and current Buffalo Bill can be selfish and at times come across as a bit crazy, the fact is that the NFL needs guys like Owens to play the villain, so they can sell tickets, jerseys and beer to keep the ratings high and the stadiums full.

In television, drama creates ratings and Terrell Owens is a true drama king.

On his new VH1 reality show the T.O. Show, the charismatic Owens will probably do the following:

Work Out
Date hot chicks
Feature his charity
Work Out some more
Cry again
Date more hot chicks
(Owens is reportedly dating Sports Illustrated model Jessica White).

While most sports critics will publicly say that they will not watch Owen's show, secretly they will be tuning in each week with a pom pom in one hand and popcorn in another.

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