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Thursday, August 6, 2009

(Video) Mariah Carey on America's Got Talent

A slightly thicker, but still good looking Mariah Carey showed up on NBC's America's Got Talent hosted by her husband Nick Cannon.

The talented diva performed her latest hit Obsessed. The performance was OK, but what was more compelling was the interaction between Carey and Cannon.

For the most part, most people have never seen the Cannon's together.

However, unlike jay-Z and Beyonce, who very rarely show any type of affection on camera, Carey was routinely hugging and caressing the blushing Cannon, who earlier called Carey his soulmate.

It remains to be seen if these two is the next Will & Jada Smith, but as Carey grabbed Cannon's butt as they walked off the stage, they are off to a pretty good start.

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