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Friday, November 13, 2009

Why is Sirius XM Still Charging My Canceled Account?

I use to love Sirius XM.

I use to love listening to Howard Stern, the old school Hip Hop channel Backspin, Jamie Foxx's Foxxhole radio, etc. But once the recession, I had to cancel my beloved Sirius XM.

I thought everything was cool, it wasn't .

Three months ago, I was checking my bank statement, when I saw a Sirius XM charge.

I called them, asked to speak to the manager and it was eventually resolved.

Flash forward to November 12, 2009 and it happened again.
I was checking my bank statement and that it was, another Sirius XM charge, (the kicker is two weeks ago, Sirius XM sent me an to come back. The deal was decent, But I didn't do it).

If this has ever happened to you , I like to hear your story. Go to my Facebook fan page: Sirius XM Charged My Cancelled Subscription and tell me if you ever had a problem with Sirius XM.
Maybe we can do something to stop Sirius XM from doing this to their customers.

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