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Monday, June 28, 2010

Reality TV! Chris Breaks Down at Cries During BET Awards's Michael Jackson

Its been a tough year for Chris Brown. Following his public disgrace for beating his ex-girlfriend Rihanna, Brown's career has been in the toilet. His latest album performed poorly, his tour did even worse and weeks ago, Brown was not allowed to enter England due his domestic abuse case.

However, this might all change soon.

During his surprise tribute to Michael Jackson during the 2010 BET Awards, Brown strated crying as he tried to sing Jackson's mega-hit "Man in The Mirror". The tears seemed genuine on TV and even moreso backstage. Accrding to Hollywood Life:

"In addition to his onstage meltdown, the REAL waterworks occurred backstage, can exclusively report. “This night saved my life, and my career. Thank you for everything,” he told pal Ray J backstage. The men hugged twice before Chris started welling up once again. Our eyewitness adds that his tears were genuine, and he seemed both relieved and elated to finally have his career back on track."

During any type of scandal, where an artist or athlete is looked upon as a pariah, there is always a watershed moment, where starts to support that person. Although Chris Brown will also be looked upon as the man who beat Rhianna, his meltdown at the BET Awards will probably lead to more opportunites and assistance from artists and executives who did not want to be associated with him.

But everyone at some point deserve a second chance and it seems like Chris Brown's second opporunity began last night in front of millions to see.

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