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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Death of an Underrated Diva: Loleatta Holloway

(Via The Guardian)

Loleatta Holloway, who has died aged 64, leaves behind a legacy as the finest diva in dance music history. The sheer power of the notes her lungs expelled turned mere singing into an emotional tempest, huffing and puffing until she blew the house down.

Her most famous track is Love Sensation, whose vocal line and jazz-inflected pianos were sheared off and airlifted into Black Box's Ride on Time; Holloway successfully sued them for their shameless unauthorised sampling. She smiled more favourably on Mark Wahlberg, reusing its vocal hook when appearing with him on Good Vibrations, and making his Marky Mark take on jacking house surprisingly credible.

Listening to Love Sensation today, or its excellent Shep Pettibone re-edit, the level of emotion is still shocking. Holloway sounds on the brink of madness, romping over a demented melodic topography and constantly unleashing her secret weapon, an almost polyphonic yell that acts as a war cry for love's constant battle. Compare her to, say, Fergie, submerged under digital trickery or colourlessly emoting when not; Holloway is a woman whom you suspect would never meet you halfway on anything.

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Loleatta Holloway - Love Sensation

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