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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mad Men Christina Hendricks Excited Play Lois Lane in New Superman Cartoon

(Via Showbiz Spy)

"The Mad Men actress — who is known for her elegant style — had a very distinct look when she was a teenager and admits it meant her beauty was often overlooked.

“I was a goth and a little punk in high school. I had knee-high Doc Martens, a leather jacket, black, purple and red hair and black lipstick,” Hendricks said.

“So no-one was saying, ‘You beauty! Yeah, get her in the magazines.’ ”

The 35-year-old beauty explained she had a “tough” time at school and chose to keep her head down to avoid getting into fights with her classmates.

“It was a tough high school, although I thought it was quite fashionable. You got a real mix of social and financial backgrounds among the students, which caused tension. There were lots of fights and violence and it was just not a nice place to be,” Christina explained.

“I tried to keep my head down and avoid conflict. The way I looked caused a little bit of conflict but I was really just trying to set myself apart.”"

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