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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Justin Timberlake Talks Jessica Biel & Britney Spears in July Vanity Fair

Timberlake with co-star Mila Kunis in "Friends With Benefits"

On Britney Spears: “We were two birds of the same feather – small-town kids, doing the same thing,” he explained of the union, which reportedly ended after Britney dumped a heartbroken JT. “But then you become adults, and the way you were as kids doesn’t make any sense. I won’t speak on her, but at least for me, I was a totally different person… I just don’t think we were normal; there was nothing normal about our existence. We spent way too much time being the biggest thing for teenyboppers. I wish her the best – that goes without saying. We haven’t spoken in nine or 10 years.” Read more

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