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Monday, September 26, 2011

Real Housewives of Atlanta's Kim Zolciak Getting a Spin-Off?

According to Huffington Post, Bravo is gearing RHOA's Kim Zolciak up for a new series:

“Originally the show was to be five African American women but after Bravo met Kim, they insisted she be part of the cast,” an insider tells told the Huffington Post. “Kim is a game-changer. She was the first housewife to release a single ["Tardy for the Party"] and just like Bethenny [Frankel], she fell in love and got pregnant while taping the show. She’s the perfect choice for the next lady to get her own show.”

I haven't  watch RHOA since the first season, but its interesting that none of the African American leads are getting a spin-off.    Sure Kim is "game-changer", but I think most fans would say that Nee Nee Leakes  is the #1  "game changer" on the show.

What do you think?

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