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Monday, October 31, 2011

Amy Schumer Cosmo Pics (Howard Stern)

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Comedian Amy Schumer, who roasted Charlie Sheen and will be seen with Steve Carell in the film "Seeking a Friend for the End of the World" stopped by Howard Stern's Sirius XM show and divulged she did a nude shoot for Cosmopolitan Magazine.

Of course the King of All Media was all over that, so here's a pic from Amy's pictorial.

Check out her official webpage, or follow her on Twitter.

Stand-Up: Amy Schumer - Porn Endings (Amy Schumer's 'Mostly Sex Stuff')


Blogger Chair said...

Amy Schumer is so sexy!

Anonymous said...

I want to fuck Amy Schumer so bad.

Anonymous said...

I'd bang 'er

Anonymous said...

I want to be inside amy

Anonymous said...

I'd bang her, and blog about it lol

Anonymous said...

She's got that Linda Blair thing going on. I'd Bang Her!!!

Anonymous said...

So damn hot!

Anonymous said...

I'd hit that so hard her grand kids would feel it.

Anonymous said...

Sexiest comedienne in the biz. I bang the funny out of her AND blog about it. Love Amy Schumer!

B Randy said...

I would love to fuck the baby-fat right off of her! (kudos to those who get the Showgirls ref.)

Anonymous said...

I concur! There's just something about her! She's far from super model, but I find her sexy as fuck! And FUCK is awful sexy !

Anonymous said...

I'd get her pregnant and stay with her.

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