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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Esquire Magazine Names Rihanna Sexiest Woman Alive

(Via Esquire)

".....Twenty-three years after being born poor in Barbados, eight years after being discovered there by a producer on vacation, six years after being signed by Jay-Z, two years after being savagely beaten by her former boyfriend, the asshole Chris Brown, nine months after releasing an album that has yielded three number-one singles, she emerges from the dressing room in full regalia and walks out into the big void under the stands of the Izod Center. She's wearing the bikini. From here, about six feet away, you can see that it's encrusted with dozens of small stones of various colors. It must weigh twenty pounds. It's not as shiny up close. It's chunky. It looks like a pain to wear. Like it might chafe."

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Do you agree that RiRi is 2011's sexiest? Who do you think is sexy?

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