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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Lee Corso Drops F Bomb on College Game Day Then Apologizes

I'm not going to lie, when Lee Corso said F*ck it on the live TV, I laughed out loud and so did his co-hosts √\Chris Fowler and Kirk Herbstreit and Carl Lewis who was there picking games for his Alma mater The University of Houston.

Corso has turned in TV's favorite grandpa, saying random things at an instant, (this could be due in part to his stroke). But this is why we liked watching Paula Abdul on American Idol and now X-Factor right?

For the sheer craziness as we wait see how she will become unhinged, (In Corso's case  its waiting to to see what crazy mascot head he will put on or waiting for his next grandpa moment)

I was a bit upset that he had to apologize. This is football right? Testosterone in its highest degree? Where foul moth language is used as much on the field as in the stands by the spectators.

Let's not pretend that Lee Corso was on the Disney Channel with Mylie Cyrus picking games. But rules are rules and you can't go around cursing on regular TV without the FCC dropping a big fine on you.

But "C'Mon Man", it was funny.

F*ck it

Lee Corso Drops F BOMB on ESPN College GameDay from G O A T on Vimeo.


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