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Friday, November 25, 2011

Horrible! U.S. Reporter Mona Eltahawy Detained, Sexually Assaulted In Egypt

(Via Daily Mirror)

"...Speaking to CNN last night, she said: 'Right now I have my left arm is broken and my right hand is broken. This is as a result of a brutal beating by the Egyptian riot police who surrounded me.
'I was taking pictures and covering events on the front line, between the confrontation between protesters, police and military.

'A group of riot police surrounded me, they beat me, rained their sticks down on my arms and that's why they broke because I was trying to protect myself.
'They also sexually assaulted me. I was groped all over my body, I lost count of the number of hands that tried to get into my trousers.

'They dragged me to the Ministry of the Interior by the hair, called me all kind of insults. It all hapened in about seven or eight minutes, and that was the crescendo of it all.
'But then I ended up spending between 10 to 12 hours in detention, first by the ministry of the interior and then by military intelligence."

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