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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Game Of Thrones: Season 2 "Cold Winds" Tease

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Shaun said...

When the series first started, I was overwhelmed with all the people they introduced in that episode. Little did I know how many of them they would kill off in one way or another through the first season. At least now we can be introduced to all new characters this season, so we can see them also meet an unspeakable demise. Joffrie can be put on a pike at any time; I wouldn’t mind that one bit. That’s the one bummer about not reading the books prior to the series, I don’t know what is supposed to happen next. Now I don’t want to read the books until after the series, just so I can critical of it after the fact and enjoy the series that HBO is giving us. With 3 months left until Season 2 starts, I think I should watch season 1 again to refresh myself on the show. The nice thing is HBO has the whole first season still up so I can access it through my DISH remote app on my iPad on demand any time I want. Since I work nights at DISH the on demand will come in handy since HBO posts every show after it airs, I can stay caught up during season 2.