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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Favorite 2012 Video: SebastiAn's "Embody"

We're just about a quarter into 2012 and I think I came across my second favorite.

My favorite video so far this year is Neon Hitch's Love You Betta, only because she's hot and she somehow shee made  stripping and tar sexy....but for sheer entertainment, SebastiAn's "Embody" is not only a great visual piece of filmmaking but it also has a thumping, groovilicious beat to go along with it.

Dude did I just say groovilicious?

Anyway, I came across the video on MTV's early morning AMTV show clubland.

For a channel that has virtually turned its back on videos during the day, MTV's early morning video blocks of AMTV and AMTV2 are must see TV where you can see everything from Rick Ross to Avicii.

For person like myself who enjoys club/house/dance music, but doesn't exactly know where to find it, AMTV's Clubland is a good place to start.

Now I'm sure club purists like my buddy DJ Stout XTC, would say that AMTV does not scratch the surface of the many  great club and house music artists out there today,but for me,  AMTV: Clubland is a good primer to investigate more artists, (check out DJ Stout XTC's House Music Radio show Beat Matrix here at WRUW FM).

The one thing I like about club/ dance music videos is that they don't care what the video premise is, they just like experimenting with the art form and pushing its limits of creativity.

Part of the reason is that they have limited budgets to shoot a video, but in many ways this actually helps because club artists don't have to satisfy the music execs to makes something that's appeals to the masses.

So if Swedish House Mafia has a pack a dogs "Save The World" cool and if SebatiAn just has a kid dancing all over the place in the video for "Embody" that's even cooler.

Sure, on paper, a dancing kid doesn't sound like much, but when you add the visuals and the music, you want to watch "Embody" over and over.

This what the music video use to mean back in the day.

Thank goodness I can still DVR elements of  MTV's yesteryear greatness for a few hours right before I watch the Today Show every morning.

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