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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

TLC's Lisa Left eye Lopez Has Been Dead for 10 Years? :(

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Its hard to believe that Lisa Left eye Lopes has been dead for 10 years.

It seems like only a few years ago when I heard that Lisa died in a car crash.

To me Left Eye is an important figure because she was part of my college years.

A time when La Reid and Babyface's La'Face Records ruled the growing Atlanta Music scene,  Uptown Record's  Sean Puffy Combs was influencing my peers with the rugged hip hop style but soulful music of Jodeci and Mary J. Blige and TLC were a girl group that was never seen before.

Along with T-Boz and Chili, TLC was one part Supreme one part BBD and one part Salt N Pepa.

A concoction of Hip Hop and R&B that still hasn't been seen since:

They were feminine without selling their bodies.

They were sassy without trying ultra independent.

...and through it all, the architect of the group was Left Eye.

Much like how Eazy E led NWA, Left Eye did the same with better rapping skills.

From the music to the attitude to the early Cross Colours inspired clothes, where she ported condoms to promote safe sex, TLC were like no other.

Those days are go now as TLC has been replaced by sexy gals whom have no concept that that wearing overalls (Ain't Too Proud To Beg) and pajamas (Baby, Baby, Baby) in videos can be just as sexy than having a big butt and dancing on a pole.

I miss Left eye...a lot!

Sure she was little crazy during the time she burned former NFLer Andre Rison's home to the ground, but the time before her death, she was growing as a woman.

Much like Tupac before she died, Left eye was on the path finding herself.

Though we will never see her grow into full self, at least we still have her records to love the crazy sexy cool gal she used to be.

What's your favorite TLC song?

TLC - Baby baby baby by welcomeback

TLC - Creep by christelle_v

TLC - Ain't 2 proud 2 beg by welcomeback

Lisa ''Left Eye'' Lopez - The Block Party

TLC - Lisa ''Left Eye'' Lopez - The Block Party by Dante35

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