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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Eulogy to The Beastie Boys Adam Yauch (RIP MCA)

When I awoke to the news that Adam Yauch aka MCA died this morning, I was in disbelief.

Yet another icon from my "Wonder Years" of the 1980s is now gone.

Yauch's death like Heavy D has had a greater effect me now than when I was younger.

When 2Pac, Kurt Cobain and Biggie Smalls died in my 20's, it really sucked because I was a fan of their music and I felt like a part of my musically soul passed away as well.

But their deaths were part of horrible situations:

Big and Pac were shot and Cobain killed himself.

When Aaliyah and Lefteye died in my 30's, I felt the same musical loss but once again, both of these talented performers died tragically in a crashes, one  in a plane and another in a car.

When Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston passed, the loss was further deepened, but due to their misuse of prescription and hard drugs, the feeling was that they might have lived if they only could have saved themselves.

However, Yauch's death by Cancer and Heavy D's by a heart failure were different.

Both died of natural causes.

Not by a gun, a crash or drugs, but they died naturally which is the scariest of all.

When you are younger, you think you and your friends and family will be around forever.

That myth went away when my mom passed away during my adulthood.

When my mom died, I forever knew tomorrow was no longer promised and we have no idea when it will be time our time to go.

Adam Yauch's death further reinforced my thoughts of imortality because  I am at an age where more of the people I grew up listening will soon pass away  as will my friends, more family members and one day myself.

Although Adam Yauch died too young at a ripe age of 47, how many of us can say that we have left a legacy behind?

This is not say that you need do some extreme skiing or try to become the next Steve Jobs (although there is nothing wrong with that) but we should embrace everyday to make ourselves and our surroundings abetter:

So try new things.
Make new friends.
Eat new dishes
Visit new places.
Trying a new career.

Pushing yourself find out who we really are; just like Adam Yauch did going from a frat boy rapper to a person who not only cared about the world, but also leaving behind a musical legacy that led him and fellow Beasties to the Rock and Roll of Fame and Hip Hop Honors.

I know trying live life to fullest everyday is not easiest thing to do and far often we yet the complexities of life overtake our dreams and goals of grandest life....but the best way you can live a life like Adam Yauch is Strive To Become A Better You.


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