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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Local: Fox 8 News' Stefani Schaefer Disccusses Her Husband's Condition (Video)

Upadate:  3/25/2013: Prayers for Roger

(Via Facebook)  

"Many of you have been asking for an update on Roger. He seems to be doing well physically... but no significant improvements in terms of him knowing his family or friends or anything about his life. His mom just visited him and she said he did not know or recognize her. He also seems to be having difficulty knowing males from females, even if you give him the names. So, for instance, at night I'll say, "do you want to talk to Siena?" He'll sometimes say "no, Who's he?" We were just with friends in New York for the weekend and we put Roger on speaker phone so we could all talk to him and say goodnight. I know our friends were deeply saddened hearing Roger speak. It sounds like Roger, but it's just not. There's a lot of confusion and words just strung together that have no meaning. It just breaks your heart to hear him talk. As I've said many times in past posts... it is just so hard to process. For me, for our children, for our family and for our friends. As one of Roger's doctors recently told me, "You lost Roger on April 27 the day of the accident. He is and will never be the man you all knew." Yes, tough but realistic words that sometimes family members need to hear. Is there still HOPE? Of course so... and thank God we have such wonderful memories. Just yesterday, for the first time since the accident, we looked at video of Roger from before the accident. He was being his usual funny self.... it made us laugh... and it brought us to tears. We miss that Roger so very much... more than I will ever be able to put to words. But, we are thankful that we still have the "physical" Roger to see and hug. The last few weeks, we've had the difficult task of starting to look at long term facilities. Roger is just not at a level where he could be home. He needs constant supervision and medically still has many issues that are way beyond what we could take care of here. It's heartbreaking and sad to begin this search... as many of you know and have had to do with your loved ones. We are getting close to the year mark of the initial accident... it's hard to believe... but on the other hand, it seems like a lifetime. I thank all of you for your constant support, prayers and love..... I am SO appreciative of ALL of YOU!!! hugs, stef"

Fox 8′s Stefani Schaefer admitted she had “one of those tougher days” as she stood by her husband, Roger, as he recovers from an April accident.
Roger fell 12 feet off of scaffolding at a construction site.
Watch the video above for Stefani’s update.
She also posts on her Facebook fan page.
Keep checking and Stefani’s Facebook fan page for further updates, and please, if you are able, continue to pray for Roger.

See more updates here

(Original story from Fox 8)

"Fox 8 News In The Morning co-host Stefani Schaefer, on Wednesday, visited the Fox 8 set for the first time since her husband Roger was seriously injured in a terrible construction accident nearly three weeks ago. She thanked everyone for their prayers, which she said are definitely working.

Stefani said the accident was so bad that doctors told her, “The fact that he survived the fall is a true miracle.” Roger beating the odds has Stefani convinced that “prayers are being answered.”

“I see your notes on my Facebook page and the emails that you send and the calls to the station. That’s what carried us through. That literally carried us through this,” Stefani said in a message to the multitude of caring viewers. “I can’t thank you enough for your prayers because they have gotten us to this point. I have my husband, and he is alive.”

She said that some days are better than others, but Roger is “a lover of life” and she can sense he is fighting as hard as he can to overcome this. Doctors have told her to prepare for “months and months of ups and downs.” She said she will do whatever it takes, however long it takes, asking everybody to keep praying if they are able.

“The power of prayer is amazing!” she said. “I am seeing miracles every single day with my husband.”

One such miracle happened when a friend asked Roger to give Stefani a sign that he was fighting. She asked him to open his eyes, something Stefani thought was impossible at such an early stage in the recovery process.

“He popped those eyes open,” she said with continued amazement. “It was unbelievable. We were screaming and crying. He was tracking us. It was unbelievable.”

Stefani also announced that she would be returning to work on Thursday, enabling her to save some time off for when Roger begins rehabilitation."

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