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Monday, June 4, 2012

HOWARD STERN: Jenny McCarthy on Sex, Austism, Oprah, Jimmy Carrey and Dating a Chicago Bears Football Player

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Jenny McCarthy on Howard Stern (2013)
Howard Stern Interview: 2012
Jenny McCarthy returned to the Howard Stern Show discussed a variety of topics including Oprah, Autism, sex, dating Jim Carrey and Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher to maybe making out with Jenna Jameson and Mary McCormick to Steven Segal's casting couch and hosting of "Love In The Wild" on NBC.

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Jenny McCarthy Visits. 06/04/12. 7:05am
After the break we heard a ''Brutal Master'' bit featuring Will the Farter. Fred also played Eric Clapton's ''Cocaine'' with clips of Robin singing along to the song.

Howard came back and sang along with Robin's singing. Howard said that Jenny McCarthy is there to promote her new show ''Love In the Wild'' that premieres this week.

Howard said that Jenny is dressed pretty hot. Robin asked if Jenny is doing another Playboy shoot. Jenny said she is. Howard said Jenny is one of the most beautiful women. Howard said that she said she would bang him years ago. She said Howard turned her down. She said this was pre-Beth too. She said she's single again. Howard said it just wasn't meant to be.

Howard said he read about Jenny's first husband who said she was such a freak in bed. Howard asked what those things are. Jenny isn't afraid to bring another woman into bed. Jenny said he may have said that they got really good at what they do in bed. Howard asked if he can be very blunt. Jenny said he can. So can she. Howard asked about the sex thing and Jenny told Howard that choking on a cock is what she's talking about. She said she loves doing that too. Howard said he defies her to try and choke on his. Jenny said that she has studied what the good BJ givers have done. She said she learned deep throat tricks and things like that. Jenny said she learned to swallow it and cup the balls and things like that.

Jenny asked if she should hold back on what she talks about. Howard said it's too late. Howard asked if she drinks soda all the time. She said she doesn't but she's having his can of coke for the first time in like 20 years.

Howard asked Jenny about going down on a man if she will tell the guy what to do if he's doing it wrong. Jenny said she might make suggestions like fingering her at the same time you're eating her out. She said she will ask the guy what he wants too. Howard asked if she's offended when a guy tells her that she's doing it wrong. She said she hasn't heard that in a really long time.

Howard said most women are really bad at oral. Jenny said she thinks that she's really good and she could conquer it. Howard said he thought he didn't like blow jobs but he's had a couple that were very memorable because they were so good. Jenny said they have to multi-task and they have to know how to do it. Howard said some women really get into it.

Jenny said she has a secret about her blow jobs. Jenny said there's something that she uses that tastes like watermelon and it's really good. She said that it makes you want to suck it and bite it. She said it lubes it up too.

Howard asked if she was a freak in bed then she must bring girls home with her. Howard asked how she keeps from getting jealous. Jenny said she's not sure why guys would be insecure about that. Howard said he's not sure that the girl isn't going to leave him. Jenny said many women need a cock in them and they can't have just a woman.

Howard said they're going to talk about Jenny's new show today. He said he always felt that she was a great guest on the show but then the change began. Howard said it was very abrupt. Howard said they call it the Autism years. Howard said he's glad he missed those years. Howard said she became an Autism expert. Howard said he felt that she hooked up with Jim Carrey and he's an A-list guy and she must have said to herself that she had to change her image. Jenny said that it wasn't Jim, it was Autism that changed her. She said she didn't think that she could ever tell a joke again. She said her son was diagnosed with Autism and it was a very dark period in her life.

Jenny said she did 3 years of books and going aroudn touring and talking about Autism. Howard said she abandoned him. Jenny laughed. Jenny said he's so wrong. Howard said the last time she did the show was aroudn the time she met Jim. Jenny said it was when she was out promoting her autism books. Howard said she went into the whole Oprah Winfrey thing. Howard said she's only back because Jim and Oprah left her. Jenny said she's happy again. She said she's so much happier now. She said she's very happy without Jim. Howard asked if he's a dark guy. Jenny said that as she gets older she sees things more clearly. She said that Jim has talked about how he's a sad guy. Howard said he's annoying and it must be hard to be in that relationship. Howard said he lived in his car with his parents and he has issues. Jenny said we all have issues but yes, Jim did have issues. She said it was a struggle for him.

Howard said Jim is a man who enjoys women and he's into the darker side. Howard said he's just one of these guys he pictures as being freaky. He said that he figured that's why he liked Jenny. Howard asked if she ever brought a woman home to him. Jenny said that never happened. She said the relationship got kind of separated toward the end. She said she needs a lot of sex. She said she has to masturbate at least once a day. Sometimes it's twice. She said she will stay in bed and have 3 hour orgasms. She said that's when she's vibrating herself. She said she's not kidding about that either.

Jenny said in all the years she was there she never got on that vibrating thing (The Sybian). Howard said he should have had sex with her when he had the chance. Howard said maybe his penis wouldn't have been enough for her. Jenny said she works with Kegle exercises and she thinks it would have been fine and Howard would have loved it.

Howard asked if it's true that Jim Carrey set up a $50 million trust fund for her. Jenny said that's not true and she's pissed about that story. She said she basically walked out with what she had when she went into that relationship. Howard said if he was Jim he would have given her some money. Jenny said if he had offered money she would have asked him to give it to her to put toward her son's schooling. She said that's very expensive. Jenny said that she didn't get any money. She said that Jim doesn't even see her son. She said that she's kind of upset about that too.

Howard said you'd think that Jim would stay in touch because he did develop a father-like relationship. Jenny said her son still asks about Jim and it's pretty much weekly. Jenny said she hasn't been able to talk to Jim directly but she does send messages to him. Jenny said that she does play Jim's movies for her son and she tells him that maybe some day he'll come around.

Jenny told Howard about speed dating and how she's had a bunch of them. Jenny said that the guys were unbelievably bad. She said they were horrific. jenny said the guys were narcissistic or they'd make her pay for dinner. Jenny said that they'd borrow her make up to cover up a zit and things like that. She said she just dated a bunch of guys and didn't have sex with them. Now she's dating a football player. Howard said he's a big deal from what he's heard. Jenny said he's on the Chicago Bears and she's very happy with him. She said she just introduced her son to him last week. Howard said she has to stop that.

Jenny said that she has only introduced her son, Evan, to two guys over the past 10 years. She said that if she likes someone she'll get to the second date and then if she still likes them then she'll go on another date and then she has them take a blood test. She doesn't like condoms so she likes to have the blood test done. Jenny said that she has used the calendar method and she's used that her whole life and it's worked. Howard said he wouldn't want to get her pregnant. Jenny said she won't have anymore kids. She said she can tell Howard that she won't have another kid. She said she got her tubes tied, but not really. Howard asked if she would have an abortion. Jenny said she wouldn't but the calendar method works for her.

Howard asked if she has anal only when she's ovulating. Jenny said she makes sure she has plenty of pull out time if she's having sex. She said she can tell when she's ovulating within the minute it starts. Howard asked if this guy she's dating is going condom-less. She said he is. Howard asked if she's in love. Jenny said she really, really, really likes this guy. Howard said he thought she was done with famous guys. jenny said she's done with actors. She said she's not done with DJs.

Howard asked if he can use a condom with her. Jenny said he can but she'd rather have her cum drip on his balls. Howard said that's hot. Robin asked how she could go 3 years without talking like this. Jenny said she's both people. She said that she can be dirty and be the good mom. Howard said she let Oprah change her life aroudn. Jenny had a deal with Oprah and she got dropped. Howard said he thinks that Oprah dropped her because she broke up with Jim Carrey. Jenny said that's not fair. Howard said she did dump them for Jim. Jenny said that's not what happened.

Jenny said she was in the deal with Oprah to do a Syndicated show with her. She said that they wanted to switch her show to just be on OWN and she walked away from the deal. Jenny said that's when she went to NBC.

Howard said he doesn't think that women can relate to Jenny. Jenny said that she's written 8 books. She said that they can relate. Jenny said that she did that show Singled Out and people thought she couldn't relate. She said she has stayed a team player for the chicks and the books show that.

Howard asked if it was true that the girls in high school hated her guts. Jenny said that is true. Howard asked if the girls lit her hair on fire. Jenny asked if he was trying to make her cry. She told Howard that the girls in school were horrific. Howard said that's a traumatic experience. Jenny said she had a full Aquanet hair style back then. He said it's not shocking that they lit it on fire. Howard said it would be really hot if she went to a catholic school and they tied her up and things. Jenny said she's saving some of that for her next book. She said that some of that stuff will come out.

Howard asked if there was any sexual abuse at the school. Jenny said there wasn't. She said that there is plenty of other stuff that went on that Howard will enjoy reading about.

Howard said Jenny wanted to write a book with him. He said he's never talked about that. Jenny said that they're both very open and honest and she thought that they could have had a good time writing a book together. Howard said he thought he was too busy to write the book. He said Jenny was cool about it. She told him that he'd write it all so he told her that he's not going to let her use his name to write it. Jenny told Howard to just think about it. Jenny said Howard is busy with his fancy TV show. She's going to be following him now. She said they start on Tuesday with ''Love In the Wild.'' Jenny said it's kind of like Survivor and a dating game mixed together.

Howard asked jenny if she dresses sexy in the show. Jenny said she does. She said she decided what to wear on the show and they were kind of caught up in the cleavage she was showing. She said that they do need ratings so she's going to wear what she thinks she should wear. Jenny said she spent a month in the Dominican Republic and she thought it was going to be great. She said they had to drive 4 hours to location and people were getting sick and it was pretty awful. She said that it was hell down there. She said she didn't get laid down there but she did make out. She said she was told not to sleep with any of the contestants and she thought that wasn't fair. She said that she got it on with someone in the crew at the wrap party. She said that she may have touched the outside of his wiener. She said there was no sex though. Jenny said that she was single at the time.

Howard asked Jenny if she has brought any women into bed with the new guy. She said she hasn't. She said that she's comfortable with her own tricks at this point. She said that

Jenny told Howard how great her BJs were and that led to him wondering what broke her and Jim up. Jenny said that she did love Jim and she knew when it was time to end it. Howard said he was so happy when it did end. He said he didn't like her being with him. Howard said he may have been a little jealous. He said he loves his wife but he didn't want her with Jim. Howard said the worst part was that she didn't come on the show and share. jenny said she was very sad and she didn't want to talk about Autism with Howard. She said she'd rather talk about blow jobs.

Howard asked Jenny about the Autism thing and if he's cured. Jenny said he's not ''cured'' but he is ''recovered.'' Jenny said that they have proof that this works and she can't believe that doctors say there is nothing they can do. Jenny said she's still doing talks about Autism but she's also doing the new TV show and things like that. Jenny said she still has a relationship with Oprah and she was very nice the whole time.

Howard asked Jenny if she's wearing panties today. She said she isn't. She said she was thinking about maybe doing a Sharon Stone with him. Howard asked if she's fully shaved. She said she isn't. She said she's going to be in Playboy and that issue comes out in two weeks. She said she has the whole 70s bush in there though. Howard said he'd have her take that whole thing off if she was his girlfriend. Howard asked if she's the cover girl fro that month. Jenny said of course she is. She said that she doesn't have any clothes on other than her gloves. Howard said he should have shot that. Jenny said he should have. She said when she turns 50 and thinks about doing it again maybe Howard can do it. Howard said he won't want to do it when she's 50. He said his camera doesn't work for 50.

Howard said Jenny looks fantastic. He said there's nothing wrong with her. Robin said it really would have been great if Howard had shot it. Jenny said it would have.

Howard asked Jenny about Steven Seagal trying to seduce her. Jenny said this story has been out before and it's been overplayed. She said she was playmate of the year and she was asked to do an audition for Under Siege 2. She said she went to an office to audition and there were about 30 other Playmates and porn stars there. She said that Steven told her they saved the best for last. Jenny said that he told her that he had spent a lot of time in Asia doing kung fu stuff. Then he told her that the role would require nudity. She said it did not and he argued with her. She said that he told her that it was off camera nudity. Howard laughed and asked if that's really what he said. Jenny said it is. She said she gave him a horrific performance and then Steven asked her to lower her dress because he couldn't see what she looked like. Jenny said she started to cry and told him to buy her Playboy video. She said he told her not to tell anyone about this when she walked out. Jenny said she told the story the first chance she got. Jenny said she would never sleep with someone to get anywhere in the business.

Howard asked Jenny about the story Jenna Jameson told about her having sex with her. Jenny said that story was not true and she never would have done that. She said that Jenna called her to tell her she was sorry for telling that story. Jenny said that Jenna was trying to tell a good story on the show and it just wasn't true. Jenny said she didn't have sex with Jenna but if she ever had the chance maybe she would have.

Howard asked when the last time was that she had sex with a woman. Jenny said she can't remember. Jenny said she isn't sure if she's even good at it.

Howard asked if Jenny has ever had a blood test come back from a guy who had something funky come up. Jenny said there have been guys who say that they haven't gotten the test back and things like that. She said she says goodbye to them immediately if that happens.

Howard said that Jenny went to Tom Cruise's wedding. Howard asked how that was. Jenny said it was fun and weird. She said that Tom is one of the nicest guys in the business. She said that he is a fucking nice guy and Kate is a super nice girl. Jenny said that she never went into that Scientology thing though. Howard said he'd love to know what went on with Jenny and Jim. He said he would love to find out. He said it must have been something really wacky.

Jenny said she and Mary McCormack have become really close. She said she actually made out with her one night. Howard said he believes that. Jenny said she doesn't remember where that happened. She said Mary is one of the nicest and coolest people. She said that she is such a granola hippie loving spirit. Jenny said she sat next to her at a function they were at and they hit it off immediately. She said they've been friends for like 3 years now. Howard said Mary didn't tell him that.

Howard said he's glad that she's back on the show. He said if she gets involved with another high profile celebrity then she can dump them again. Jenny said that she needs a great lead in so she hopes that his show pulls in the audience. Howard gave her a plug for her new show and told her not to dump him again.

Howard asked how long she took to let Jim into her pants. She said she's usually about a two week person. She said that's about how long it was. Howard said Jenny started doing a Jim Carrey impression when she'd be on shows when she was with him. He told her to watch some of her old interviews to see. Jenny said that when you're with someone you do take on some of their mannerisms. Howard said he's glad she's back with him. He said it's about time. He said he wishes he was able to see her making out with Mary McCormack.

Howard gave Jenny another plug and said her show premieres tomorrow night after his show. Howard said she'll be on at 9. Howard said he's not sure what the right plug is. Jenny said the show is 2 hours so it must be on after. Gary said he just checked and it's on from 9-11pm.

Gary said that JD was telling him that this was the greatest interview ever. He said JD wanted him to get a banana in there for her to talk about the BJ thing. JD said she's like the hottest chick ever. He said he wanted to know more about the oral stuff. Jenny said she'll give Beth some lessons. Howard said Beth does just fine. JD told Jenny he loves her as he was walking out. Howard went to break a short time later.

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