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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Smart or Desperate : T.O."s Tweet to The New York Jets for Work?

Terrell Owens took social media job hunting to the next level when he contact the New York Jets for a job:
Some people are saying T.O. looks very sad tweeting for a chance to play in the NFL again, but in actuality, players and their agents do this all time. However, most of the time, this happens behind closed doors withut millions to see.

Would Owens be an asset to the 2-3 Jets?

Of course.

Terrell Owens is still in great shape and could help the Jets who are currently at disarray and are 2-3 and still the midst of the tiresome Sanchez v. Tebow debate.

However with his past repuation and advanced age, sadly the NFL might have sailed on the future Hall of Famer

What do you think of T.O’s tweet? Bold or sad? 

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