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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Yeah or Nay! VH1's Black Ink (Trailer)

Get More: Black Ink Crew

When I heard that VH1 was going to have a show about African American tattoo artists, I was pretty excited. At last I thought,  VH1 might be moving away from drama filled world of bitter ex-wives, b-level rappers, girlfriends and jump offs, oh my!

 Ehhh….not quite.

 Where I thought "Black Ink Crew" would follow the model of Miami Ink, where people would told their  stories why they are getting tatted, I immediately got hit with more drama.

 It's not like Miami Ink and L.A. Ink, did not have their share of drama with Ami and Kat Von D, but most of the time, the person being tatted was the story; and get this, their stories were touching without anyone throwing a punch or screaming at the top of their lungs.

 I'm  sure "Black Ink Crew" will have some touching stories, but I guess VH1 couldn’t help themselves from showing African-Americans, especially women without issues.

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