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Thursday, February 28, 2013

The True Kings of Comedy Chris Rock & Dave Chappelle Might Tour?

(Via The Comic's Comic)

"Over the past week, Dave Chappelle has spent several late nights of his most recent trip to New York City dropping in at the Comedy Cellar to work the crowd and work out new comedic material.

Over the past few months, Chris Rock has done likewise, albeit more methodically on the mechanics of a specific new hour-plus of stand-up.

Early Wednesday morning, they performed together. Onstage. At the same time. This was not a dream. This was not a drill. This was real. Rock and Chappelle, onstage together. Riffing off of each other. It was the first episode of a podcast you may never hear. Or the first stop on a fantasy stand-up comedy tour -- a tour that very well might happen sometime later in 2013, if the two comedians could put their business heads and their schedules together. Which they actually began to do onstage right in front of the unsuspecting audience last night at the Cellar." Read more here

If this does happen, this tour could either be great like Jay-Z and Kanye West 's 2012 "Watch The Throne" tour or a total disaster like Jay-Z and R.Kelly's 2004 "Best of Both Worlds" tour with infamous light-man fiasco.

Either way it goes, this comedy tour would be epic!

What do you think?

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