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Thursday, February 14, 2013

This Latest Harlem Shake Dance is Ridiculous But Funny!

When I first heard of the latest version of the "Harlem Shake", I thought that the old dance from the late 2000's which were featured videos from Eve's"Whos That Girl"  to  Diddy's "Let's Get it" had  made a comeback.

Um, no.

This latest version  has a person in a mask dancing poorly by themselves to  Baauer's song "Harlem Shake", then as the beat slows, the video suddenly jumps to a bunch of other rhythm-less people in  masks dancing, (although I dig what chicken is doing below).

Ironically, parts of the dance looks like the Weekend at Bernie's dance that appeared a earlier this decade)

Although most of the videos last for only 30 seconds, they are pretty humorously to watch like the Gradma version below, (she probably has no idea what's going on, but that's what makes it funny).

However,  "Southland" star Regina King, summed it best on Anderson Cooper when she said after viewing  his staff's version that  "Harlem Shake" is definitely for people who "can't dance".

Although I concur with Regina, I will give a nod to  T-Pain's version, which is probably the rhythmic of them all (and he didn't even need auto-tunes to do it!)

Sadly,  the "Harlem Shake" might have jumped the shark already as the Today Show did their version for Valentine's Day. Where's David Gregory when you need him to give  the Today Show staff some rhythm! (Kudos for Al Roker for trying to do best he can, while being the only brother on the set)

Hey Today Show! Watch KSLA News 12's  version of the "Harlem Shake", this is how you do it!

So what's your favorite version of the Harlem Shake or do you think the whole thing is dumb?

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