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Monday, March 25, 2013

James Franco Talks Spiderman, Anne Hathaway, Milk and Sping Breakers on Howard Stern

In a wide ranging interview, James Franco talks about his whole career from "Freaks and Geeks" to Spiderman (he lost the role of Peter Parker to Toby Maguire) hosting to actors Oscars to playing Alien in "Spring Breakers" (Franco didn't talk about General Hospital, but I don't think Stern is a soap fan). He even talked about going back to and now teaching film in college.

Overall, Jame Franco is an overall great Howard Stern guest because he follwed the "Bradley Cooper model" of discussing anything and everything, while not getting himself in trouble...but be warned, the "Oz The Great" actor is a bit long winded, so it takes awhile for Franco at times to make his point.

For acting geeks, However, Stern's interview with the Spring Breakers star (which is says is his role of "Alien" is his favorite)  is great study of an actor like Johnny Depp, whom has become successful on his own terms and still continues to do so.

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