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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Rah Rah! Michael Jackson's Daughter Paris is Now a Cheerleader (Photo)

 Paris Jackson, cheers for Buckley's boys basketball team — Twitter
(via TMZ)

"One minute she's a football player ... the next, Paris Jackson is pom-pomming her face off on her prep school's cheerleading squad ... another sign MJ's daughter is as free a spirit as he was.

Paris -- sporting a short new 'do -- hit the hardwood and rooted on the Buckley School basketball team in L.A. yesterday ... while hamming it up for the cameras.

It's just the latest predictably unpredictable move for the 14-year-old ... who was just playing for the school's flag football team in 2011 -- she's kinda like "Icebox" from "Little Giants" ... only WAYY more bad ass"

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