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Friday, May 24, 2013

Bummer! A&E Cancels ‘Intervention’

Probably one of the few reality shows on TV and actually means something, A&E recently announced that they cancelled the reality series "Intervention" after 13 seasons (the final five episodes will be aired starting Thursday, June 13 at 9 PM).

Here's the thing, I know A& E is making a lot of money with "Duck Dynasty" and that's fine, but if I  want to see a bunch of dudes with beards, I will pull up  ZZ Top's  video for "Sharp Dressed Man" on YouTube.

Reality shows like "Intervention" and the now re-canceled "America's Most Wanted" are more than just TV shows,  there are weekly public service announcements.

 "Intervention" allowed you to see how addictions harmed not only individuals but also  families from all walks of life.

There is  a no way, you can walk away from that show and not feel good if the person who recovered or sorrow if they relapsed.

As Duck Dynasty continues to be A& E's #1 show, it will be interesting to see how the network's "REAL" reality shows like "The First 48" and "Beyond Scared Straight" will fair.

Much like how Bravo  has gone from an engaging show like "Inside The Actors Studio" to Real Housewives of Willacoochee," the future of reality shows with depth are a dying breed.

 Here's hoping another network will see the viability of a show like "Intervention" and pick it up, because I can't take another housewife fighting or a listen to a southern uncle than I need subtitles to understand.

What do you think about reality TV, becoming less reality based? 

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