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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Funny! Miley Cyrus: From Disney to Twerker (Video)

 The funny thing about this whole Miley Cyrus deal is that she's in her early 20's.

 That's the age usually that go wild because, you are an adult, not a responsible one at times, but you are an adult. . I got no problem with the twerking and the crazy on stage antics.

As long as she doesn't drift in Amanada Bynes/Lindsay Lohan crazy land, she'll be fine. I think some people forget how crazy they were in their 20's. I did some dumb things in my 20's and I saw people do things back then that I can't print for legal reasons in this post!

However they grew out of it and most are pretty respectable workers, parents and spouses.

 It just took time, mistakes and experiences to grow to person they are today and the same will happen for Twerker Cyrus when she can no longer twerk or when her kids find an old video of their mom shaking her ass in front of Robin Thicke during the MTV Awards.

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