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Monday, November 25, 2013

Quick Thoughts on the 2013 American Music Awards

..I know I take shots at Justin Timberlake sometimes, but that drinking song he did  last night was really good!

...JT's  a great performer, I just thought 20/20 Experience  could have  been one great album instead of two decent ones.

...After her early Mariah Carey  like performance, I expect big things from Ariana Grande within the next few years, sweet girl, really good voice.

...Not sure why Bill Mahr gave Rihanna her Icon award (and isn't kind of early for her to get that award already?)
...TLC isn't the same without Lefteye.

.... Mackelemore & Ryan Lewis looks like they have a really good  high energy show .

.... Is it me or is J-Lo more naked now before she had kids.

....Who's next with the lip syncing cat (I see you Cyrus!).

.... Pitbull is a cool dude, but he should have had a  co-host like Sofia Vergara to play with on camera.

....Bruno Mars, Robin Thicke, Daft Punk and Calvin Harris got screwed last night.

....I'm not a fan of new country, but even I know Miranda Lambert is more of a country artist than Taylor Swift at this point.

....Naya Rivera=Big Sean is a lucky man.

...I'm enjoying these Lady Gaga and R. Kelly sex filled performances of "Do What You Want", but it also tells me that Lady Gaga knows that are very few R&B singers have voices as strong as R. Kelly today to her match her equally strong voice.

....Since my Android  is broke, it was kind of nice not tweeting and watching the AMAs without being distracted by the phone.

Did you see what the Governor did on the Walking Dead last night!!

Did you see what Family Guy did to  Brian last night!!

Did you see how that Patriots/Broncos game ended last night!!!

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