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Thursday, February 20, 2014

So Funny! 20 Years Ago Martin Lawrence Banned From 'SNL' for Monologue

(Via Yahoo)

"It was 20 years ago Wednesday that Martin Lawrence hosted "Saturday Night Live" for his first — and last — time.

The comic's opening monologue, a critique on feminine hygiene that included recommendations for the "unusual use of Tic Tacs, Certs, and Stick-Ups room deodorizer," as the New York Daily News put it back in the day, prompted hundreds of complaint calls, howls from NBC affiliates, and an on-the-fly editing job by "SNL." (Only East Coast viewers watching the Feb. 19, 1994, show live saw Martin's routine in its entirety; the offending portion was deleted for the tape-delayed broadcasts and subsequent reruns.)"

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