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Monday, March 31, 2014

Stop Putting Your Feet Up on Panera Bread Chairs and Booths!

Photo: JoyStiq

Call it pet peeve, but I can't take it anymore.

Recently I went to a Panera Bread in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio where I saw yet another patron stretch out and put their scuffed up, dirt shoes on a chair.

Over the years, I have seen customers (including an employee or two) put their feet up on various Panera Bread chairs and or lay across booths like it is a futon; but I'm sure this  happens in not just Ohio, but also across the country in other establishments (i.e. movie theaters, libraries, subway cars!)

Its not an age thing either.

I have seen college students as well as business people do this repeatedly.

Why this is happening?

Is it lack of of home training? A sense of entitlement? Pure rudeness or a lack of common sense?

There has been times where I told people to wipe their seats before they sat down, because I saw someone put their feet on multiple chairs and leave without wiping the chairs themselves.

Why can't the manager walk around politely tell people to put to take their feet off the chairs. If these customers do not like it, they can go someplace else ruin that restaurants  furniture.

Instead of coming up with a new marketing slogan, maybe Panera Bread could put up a sign saying  "No Shirt, No Shoes on Chair and Booths,  No Service"!

I know people should already know this, but far too many people mistake eateries for their homes, which is not just rude but unsanitary.

Am I the only one who feel this way?

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