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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Flashback! Eric Roberson | Musicians at Google

 (Via YouTube)

This video is the full set. For individual songs & interview:
1. "Change For Me" (The Vault 1.5)
2. "Dealing" (Music Fan First)
3. Improvised song with audience
4. "Shake Her Hand" (Mister Nice Guy)
5. "Couldn't Hear Me" (The Vault 1.5)
In conversation with Ryan Loren:

Two time Grammy-nominated artist Eric Roberson visits Google NYC for an exclusive acoustic performance followed by an interview with Ryan Loren (40:20) in honor of Black History Month.

More Info
- Eric Roberson - vocals
- Ian McColly - guitar
- Official Site:
- YouTube Channel:
- Label: Blue Erro Soul

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