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Monday, January 7, 2019

How To Start Social Media Marketing Agency In 2019: ( Tai Lopez SMMA Live Webinar)

★★ SMMA 2.0 - Tai ~ When it comes to being wealthy, there’s not really just one secret. The reality is, there’s a hierarchy of things you have to do. And some are more important than others. Think of it like making chicken noodle soup. There are a lot of steps to making it, like boiling the water or adding spices. But when you break things down, the 2 most important things are the chicken and the noodles. The same concept applies to make an income. Some would argue a college degree is the most important thing. I don’t 100% agree with that concept. Most of the wealthiest people in the world don’t have a degree. In fact, a large proportion of the Forbes list dropped out of college. Good grades aren’t the secret either. Being an A+ student doesn’t mean you’ll be rich. If you don’t believe me, check out the book The Millionaire Next Door. Many of today’s wealthiest people don’t even have the highest IQ. What about being born rich? Surely that’s the secret, some would think. I disagree with this as well. Being born into wealth is only one of many ways. Take me, for example, I wasn’t born rich and I was raised by a single mom because my dad was in prison. Yet, against the odds, I built multiple million-dollar businesses from scratch. When it comes to building wealth, here’s what I learned. This is one of the secrets taught to me from my first mentor, Joel Salatin, that’s continued to help me today. I’ve used what I’m about to tell you to make more than $50 million (and counting). You won’t find this secret in school. The reason why is because teachers can only teach to the extent of what they know. And since most teachers have a hard time making money, they’re not going to have the best money-making advice. Here’s the secret, simplified into one simple word: focus. You might think you already know about focus, but I promise that 99.98% of people reading my email, don’t truly understand it. It’s funny because this word is so simple, most people don’t realize its power. Basically, here’s the meaning behind focus. Everything about your life you’re not happy with comes down to focus. Don’t like the amount of money in your bank account? That’s a focus problem. Charlie Munger refers to focus when he says “assiduity”; sit your ass in a chair until you do something. What I’m going to talk about takes that a bit further. It’s what I call “the eye of the tiger”. Here’s a crystal clear example. Imagine you’re a tiger hiding behind a bush, waiting for the right antelope to walk by. The first antelope looks too fast to catch, so you wait. The second is protected by a pack — which you know you can kill, but you continue to wait to conserve your energy. The third is too small. And even though you’re hungry, you let it pass by. At this point, many would think you’re foolish. They’d even call you lazy. But in fact, what all wealthy people have in common, is this eye of the tiger type of focus. It’s a matter of waiting for the right moment... for the perfect-sized antelope to come by. This advice contradicts the work-as-hard-as-possible mentality. What I and other wealthy people know is that it’s OKAY to be lazy sometimes. Bill Gates once said he’d actually hire a lazy person to get the job done. The reason why is because they’d find the easiest and simplest, way to do it. Consider this concept as you’re going about your day today, David. No matter where you’re at in life right now, know that things can change. All it takes is the focus. Anything is possible. P.S. On the flip side, when the right opportunity comes — you better pounce fast. Because if you don’t, someone else will. P.P.S. One of the BEST opportunities right now for building wealth today is explained, step by step, right here. ★★ SMMA 2.0 -

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