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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Go Get'em! Demi Lovato Blasts Critics Over Healthy Weight

When I was watching the VMA's the other night, I saw Demi Lovato pop up looking healthy and nice. But alas, there are some people who actually blasting Lovato for new shapely "thickness".

""Guess what? I'm healthy and happy, and if you're hating on my weight you obviously aren't," Lovato, wrote on Twitter.

One the pressures of Hollywood is the staying thin, but the most iconic beauties of all-time was not a stick...that would be Marilyn Monroe.

My mom use to say she liked Marilyn because "she was a white girl with a butt" (um, I concur mom).

Marilyn's healthy body shape was probably one of the inspirations of Christina Hendricks iconic role as Joan Holloway role on Mad Men, which was a coup for Hendricks who isn't a size two.

I really don't have anything against thin gals.

Kelly Ripa is rail thin but sexy and even though Kerry Washington is slimmer now than she used to be, she is still flirty, healthy  and curvy.

There's nothing wrong being size 2, just as long as if the person is happy with the image they see in the mirror.

 For Demi Lovato it seems like her mirror is just fine.

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