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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Seattle Seahawks Tries to Woo Lebron James with Jersey

(via IB Times)

".....Pete Carroll, the Seattle Seahawks head coach, responded to James' tweet and asked him if he was "aware of what the League's rookie minimum is?"

"Yeah, more than what I'm making now Coach," James said.

Really? Those endorsements don't cut it anymore? Then James said he was a touchdown maker to Carroll. Carroll offered a tryout. Maybe he was kidding. Anyway, James played hard to get.

Then Carroll tweeted a picture of a LeBron Seahawks jersey Thursday morning. Yeah, he actually had a LeBron Seahawks jersey made. Maybe James will come play for the Seahawks. Maybe Carroll will ship it to him and James will frame it and hang it up and remember that awesome time when some football coach tried to get him to come play for his team even though he wasn't a football player."

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