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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Spittin Hot Fire! LL Cool J 2011 BET Hip Hop Award Acceptance Speech

Now this was an acceptance speech!

Most times when artists get a life time achievement, they thank everyone from God to their agent.

But in this case, James Todd Smith did neither. He actually took out his phone and rhymed his way through his acceptance, which was genius.

It was genius because it reminded me that LL was a lyrical wonder. A battle rapper of all battle rappers.

LL didn't wow with a deep thought like Rakim or  the machine gun fashion of Big Daddy Kane, but LLCool J brought to thing to Hip-Hop.  The future  he set the template of what an artist can inspire to be and and gift to kick your head in with his rhymes.

Dude took on all comers from the Kool Moe Dee to Ice T.He had more comebacks on wax than John Travolta had in the movies.

Sure Mr. Smith is on a hit TV show (NCIS: Los Angeles) and his days of coming back from he musical dead to wow has slowed  down immensely, but LL Cool J's acceptance speech proved what Hip Hop lacks today, but what it can aspire to be tomorrow.

--Kevin Lockett

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