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Monday, December 12, 2011

Questlove Talks Love for Alison Brie; Told Jay-Z To Go to Harvard in Rolling Stone

(Via Rolling Stone)

".....After a DJ set on a recent night in LA, he heads up to Hollywood to meet his friend Sasha Grey, the porn-star-turned-Entourage regular......They're standing on the sidewalk being snapped by paparazzi and deciding where to get food when Thompson gets a text from Community star Donald Glover: Did I just drive past you? He says he's on his way to a party and that everyone should come. But Thompson doesn't know if he's up for it; the party is at actress Alison Brie's house, and Thompson has a major crush on her. "That girl is my Kryptonite," he says. "She's gonna have me talking like Back to the Future: 'I'm your density.'" She's been on Fallon before, but he was too nervous to talk to her."

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