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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Justin Tiberlake Talks Return to The Studio in "I'm Ready" Clip

While its the new song with Jay-Z and Beyonce that had Twitter buzzing last night, Justin Timberlake did drop some new material this week....but it was just him talking about his return to the studio.

Clips is interesting, but for JT fans, its probably not enough. Since Timberlake's film career never exploded the he way he probably thought it would, its good to see him back making music again.

The ironic thing i s that when Timberlake released Future Sex Sounds in 2006, he was still the only Justin around the charts. Once he took his musical sabbatical, young Bieber jumped from YouTube to the Billboard charts and quickly became a star.

If the former Nsync-er and his producer Timbaland still has anything up music left up their sleeves, Timberlake easily take his Justin crown back.

 If not, at least he made two great albums.

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