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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Podcast: The Digital Life with Kevin Lockett #1 : TV 20's Leah Haslage

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Lockett Media takes a another bold step in its growing multi-media empire (OK its an empire with a small "e", but you get it) by launching the "The Digital Life with Kevin Lockett" podcast.

Basically the podcast is everything that I like: pop culture, digital media and talking to interesting people.

For episode #1, TV20 Cleveland's Leah Haslage is first up to bat.

Now if you are a reader of "Music is My Soul" blog, you recognized Leah's name from" Top 140 for a Valentine's Day Mixtape" and other posts.

When it comes to pop culture and inspiring me to take my  blogging thing to  a higher level, Leah is one of the best around. So I figured it was fitting that she would be my first guest (I'm still going to lock you down one day for an interview Kerry Washington).

Currently, Leah is part of the City of Cleveland's television station, TV 20 where she handles social media and  hosts the music and fashion program "Listen Up" as well  their "90 Day Weight Loss Challenge."

Throughout the interview, Leah and I  talked about a variety of things from how Murphy Brown and Oprah Winfrey influenced her media path, her feelings if Lebron James came back to the Cavs as well as me still  trying to wrap my head around her belated Christmas present to me which is an impersonation of the rapper Drake (it's long story).

In any event, the first "Digital Life of Kevin Lockett" podcast is off to great start and I hope all you stay along for the ride for future episodes.

If you have any interview ideas or people in the pop culture and/or social media world I should try to contact leave me a comment or hit me up on Twitter @KevinLockett, or

So now  as Bane would say, "Let The Games begin"!

The Digital Life with Kevin Lockett Episode #1 : Leah Haslage

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