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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Maria Menounos and Her Boyfriend Kevin Returns to Howard Stern (2013)

When it comes to couples, Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner, along with  Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon usually comes to mind when it comes to entertainment couples who really seem like  being with each other.

Another couple that should be added that list, is Extra host Maria Menounos and her boyfriend of 15 years Kevin Undergaro, whom have become one of the best repeat guests on the Howard Stern Show in recent years.

Much like Will & Jada Pinkett- Smith were open about their relationship,  including sex last decade, Maria and Kevin are in that same category.

The only difference is  Kevin is the one usually forcing the sex and relationship talk, while lovely Maria cautiously plays along, (when she's not yelling at Kevin to stop, laughing like a goat or saying nooooo-uhhh).

Here's hoping their future reality show will not destroy their relationship, because thanks to Howard Stern, Maria and Kevin has some of the best couple's therapy  talk on air.

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Bonus II:  Maria Menounos Gets Her Own Reality Show 

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